How Useful And Reliable Are These Sources In Essay Example
How Useful And Reliable Are These Sources In Essay Example

How Useful And Reliable Are These Sources In Essay Example

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  • Published: July 19, 2017
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World War One began in 1914 and ended in 1918. Women’s lives were majorly affected during the war. My function is to happen out if the lives of adult females were greatly affected by the First World War. During the war since most of the work forces were off contending. the adult females were needed to remain place and run things so that the economic system would non wholly fall apart. Womans had to take over men’s work to guarantee that the occupations were fulfilled this was a immense measure for most adult females as before all that they knew was house work and how to look after the childs. The following beginning explains the rewards and jobs adult females had whilst working. Source A5. is utile to me because it tells me how much adult females earned in th


e weaponries mills and whether or non they liked it. In domestic service adult females did non like the work. but when they started to work in such topographic points like the weaponries factory some changed their heads and really enjoyed it. ‘I started on hand-cutting shell fuses. we worked twelve hours a twenty-four hours apart from the journey forenoon and dark. as for rewards ; I was really good off gaining ?5 a week’ . Source A5 was written by the memories of women’s lives that were altered by the war the chief write being Mrs H. Felstead. These memories are shown in the ‘Imperial War Museum’ for the populace. This beginning is dependable because it states when it was written and who wrote it. However the beginning might non be wholly dependable because th

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memories of the adult females may hold changed since so ; I think that beginning A5 could besides be biased in some manner or another. The intent of this beginning is to demo what it was like 1914-1918. Source A7 links in with beginning A5 because it is besides speaking about rewards in the First World War. Source A7 is dependable to me because of what is written in the verse form. it was about the weaponries mill in 1917. The beginning might non be wholly dependable because there is a opportunity that person made it up for amusement.

The verse form explains person gaining high rewards ; ‘She can purchase all of the jewelry that she wants. she takes taxis and even has a sergeant to walk with’ . fundamentally she can afford anything that she wants. This tells me that her life was affected in a positive manner during the war. Another interesting beginning that backs up A5 is A10. I think that beginning A10 is utile to me because it says when the war ended at an exact day of the month. ‘11th November 1918’ and how the authorities practically forced adult females to travel back to their old occupations. ‘Many adult females were pressurised into passing in their notice. within months of the terminal of the war. 100s were out of work. ’ I think that this beginning is dependable because the book was written by a Historian name is Josh Brooman who would hold spent many old ages researching this topic. old ages in College and University. read beginnings and facts and garnering adequate grounds to supply this information. He was

chosen to be the writer for a school’s history text editions for GCSE pupils so he would hold been respected and valued for his occupation as a Historian. Besides a cardinal portion that is utile in this beginning is at the beginning where he states the exact day of the month that the war ended. this is non sentiment ; but fact. But. this beginning could non hold been wholly dependable because it was written in 1994 for pupils. The truth could hold been shaded a small in the book ‘People in change’ Partss of the text may hold been edited a small non because they are incorrect but so that it was suited for the pupils larning about this topic for illustration information about how unsafe it was.

I think that the intent of beginning A10 is to explicate to future kids when the ‘First World War’ ended and both what adult females did during and after the war. Source A6 is another interesting beginning that I choose ; I think that this beginning is utile to me because it is about a adult male. who does non desire things to alter. To me it already sounds as if the beginning is biased. I besides think that this beginning is dependable because it was written by a soldier from the first universe war that could state us everything that happened. His name is H. V Shawyer. he would hold no ground to lie about his yesteryear and things he witnessed and would hold told the truth people should esteem this. It makes the beginning ALOT more dependable coming from a adult male who took portion

in the war because he has a first history of what truly happened. ‘Many of the misss earned 10 times my wage as a full corporal’ The beginning came from a book called ‘Voices and Images from the great War’ . However. this beginning could non be wholly dependable because the book was written in 1990 and the soldiers memories of what happened me have been played out so many times in his head that they change somewhat psychologically and he may of tried to barricade out certain facets of war intending his sentiment and yesteryear might non look the same now as it did back so. I think that the intent of this beginning is to explicate what work forces and adult females did in their trim clip during World War 1 and portion a man’s history of past events.

During the war many adult females campaigned for women’s rights they were called candidates. Suffragettes besides were involved with these candidates but they focused more on the privilege to be able to vote. This was a positive thing to go on because they began being able to voice their sentiments of the universe and how things worked without men’s input and sentiments that were non just. Source A8 explains some of this. The beginning was written in 1932 by Sylvia Pankhurst ( An writer and candidate for women’s rights ) Writing in a history book called ‘The Home Front: A mirror to life in England during the First World War’ . In my sentiment from hearing that Sylvia is a candidate for women’s rights. this could be biased. I find that this beginning is utile

to me because it explains what most adult females felt like when working in an aircraft mill. This beginning Is dependable to me because it states when it was written and who wrote it. ‘They were painting aircraft wings with pot varnish at a pay of 15s a hebdomad. For which they had to work from 8am to 6:30pm. It was common they told me. for six or more of the 30 adult females to be puting sick outside the workshop’ This means that it was a unsafe occupation where workers earned small money for working long hours. This means that the authorities didn’t truly care about the workers nor back up them despite them holding to take over men’s occupations and maintain the quality of work up. I think that the intent of this beginning is to explicate to other work forces and adult females what it was like working in an aircraft topographic point.

In decision from all the information that I have gathered I have learnt that The war affected adult females in a figure of ways. For one thing. adult females were told to get down working to assist the economic system. Some became nurses and many had to work in unsafe mills. A batch of adult females did non bask this line of work. it was palling unsafe and underpaid. But. rather a few adult females were happier with their lives during the war. They fought to be heard. were allowed to vote were even seen to be more equal to work forces after the war. Many adult females lost work forces in their lives. their hubbies. brothers. and male parents

this would hold been lay waste toing. Before the war began. adult females were known to work in the kitchen. feed the childs. complete housekeeping and expression after their hubbies. Many enjoyed the alteration of working to assist everybody and were proud that they could turn out they were merely every bit capable as work forces. this changed the manner of everything. In my sentiment. Women’s lives were affected greatly by World War One and it was a monolithic alteration in history. I have the grounds from beginnings to turn out this.

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