History of Electric Cars Essay Example
History of Electric Cars Essay Example

History of Electric Cars Essay Example

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  • Published: October 16, 2017
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Electric autos have been around since their innovation in 1837. they had a falling off during the early twentieth century. but they came back in the sixtiess. At the bend of the twentieth century. autos were going more and more popular. But did you cognize that at that clip. there were more electric autos the gas 1s ( “Automobile. electric” ) ? How have electric autos changed and evolved over the class of the century? In 1837 Robert Anderson strapped a battery and a motor onto a passenger car and the first electric auto was born. During the 1880s and 1890s electric autos grew in popularity in both the US and Europe.

In 1898. Bailey and Company. who were passenger car shapers at the clip. attached a motor to one of their passenger cars but. their batteries were excessively heavy for their motor. S. R. Bailey and his boy Edwin Bailey continued work on their electric passenger car. In 1908 they released their first theoretical account that could go 50 stat mis before reloading. Thomas Edison subsequently came to Bailey to assist him prove a new battery he invented. The Bailey passenger car with Edison batteries was put through many nipple and public presentations ( “Automobile. electric” ) .

But the electric car’s celebrity didn’t last. By 1915. The Bailey Company had stopped bring forthing its electric passenger car. Merely one electric auto company survived past the 1910s. the Detroit Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Company. but it excessively closed in 1941 ( “Automobile. electric” )


. There were many grounds the electric auto lost to its gas powered opposite number. One was the innovation of the electric starting motor by Charles Kettering in 1912. Another was the assembly line procedure that Henry Ford developed that lowered the monetary value of gas powered autos well. Gas powered autos could besides travel much further than electric.

Car manufacturers started to better electric autos during the sixtiess as a portion of US infinite plans ( “Electric vehicles” ) . Research was besides done during the oil trade stoppage of 1973. These events made for electric autos with higher scopes. some up to 300 stat mis. More late major makers have shifted their focal point to intercrossed autos. These autos have gas engines that charge the batteries which run the electric motor. They carry gasoline so there is no opportunity that your batteries will run out of charge. Electric autos have changed drastically over the past century and they will go on to better. They started as simple passenger cars with motors. and have evolved into great impulsive machines.

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