Harold Godwinson Essay Example
Harold Godwinson Essay Example

Harold Godwinson Essay Example

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  • Published: June 8, 2017
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Harold Godwinson had a chance of winning the battle. He had a core of elite housecarls and some experienced fyrd troops but, he had to fill out his army with poorer local fyrd as the majority of his troops had no chance of arriving in time for the battle. Soon, he took his position on the top of Senlac Hill and his men formed a shieldwall nearly half a mile long and some number of ranks deep. The battle commenced in the morning of October 14th 1066 and the first major act of fghting was when the Norman Archers fired into the shieldwall.They did not succeed in bringing it apart so William the Conqueror's Foot Soldiers marched up the ridge to attack the shieldwall again. After throwing everything they had the shieldwall soon tore apart.



Norman army later gave up fighting and began to retreat. Rumors spread saying that William the Conqueror had been killed; it was very confusing to Harold's Army. Sometime in the afternoon, William launched an attack on Harold. He was soon attacked by a knight with an arrow in the eye and cut down. Following this attack, he died.Harold Godwinson: On the one hand, Harold was about to win the battle as the Norman troops began to retreat, he decided to relax.

On the other hand, Harold wasn't ready because he stuck with the rumors claiming he was dead so, he relaxed and suddenly he was attacked by a knight with a bow in the eye and died. It would have been much more better if Harold stayed clear because you know what people say, if you are ready a

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all times, nothing can pass your way. If Harold was prepared, there would have been a likelihood chance of William dying instead of him. So that was what went wrong.

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