Battle of the Angliers Essay Example
Battle of the Angliers Essay Example

Battle of the Angliers Essay Example

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  • Published: November 12, 2017
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With its constant action, the Battle of Algiers kept me engaged throughout the film.

Prior to viewing the film, my comprehension of the Algerian FLN was minimal. However, the movie illuminated their objective to intimidate the French with terrorist actions and guerrilla warfare tactics. During the height of conflict, there were 4.2 attacks per day, which is remarkable considering some of these assaults were extremely devastating.

During the Algerian conflict, French policemen were constantly targeted by the FLN. This put them in a precarious situation and caused great fear. France faced


a difficult decision as leaving Algeria would result in a loss of military presence. Staying resulted in heavy losses, with around 25,000 people killed by the FLN. It was clear that Algierans and the FLN did not want any involvement with France and would use any means necessary. Despite this, France felt they had no choice but to stay to maintain financial power over the colony. However, attempting to crush the FLN only resulted in even greater losses for France.

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