The Aztec account and the Spanish account

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The Spanish account Beinal 45-54 narrates the some of the experiences of what had happened during a time that America was discovered and the Spanish people conquered their land. The Spanish account is narrated after some time had passed meaning that there are some things that the narrator might have forgotten, or even clearer story of the events is given as the narrator was able to see the results of some of the things that were happening at an early age of his life.

This experiences sound more really because they form part of what is told in most ancient stories of how the Spanish state came to be what it is today. As compared to the Aztec account they both narrate the same story but with different ways of expressing the way things were happening at that time Portilla 55-61.

As discussed in the Beinal 45-54 in the Spanish account the number of soldiers who went to war and the weapons that they used are large as compared to the Aztec account where the number of soldiers who went to war is so small comparing to the people that they were going to fight with. There seems to be a contradiction in the Aztec account Portilla 55-61 over that as the account tells of a win that was achieved when at the same time we are shown that the enemies came in large numbers which is not a realistic issue in this story.

The Aztec account Portilla 55-61 differs from the Spanish account because the author of the story seems to focus on some unrealistic things that happen in history. For example the account narrates of the military depending on religious ideas to win in their wars which the Spanish account contradicts with by showing that the military got any form of success by working hard, coordinating well and using sophisticated equipment. The authors are narrating in a different perspective by each author depending on how each.

Such that one reading the two stories will not be able to establish what actually happened during that time because both authors seem to have existed at that time and even seemed to witness all the events that were taking place even though they report the events in a different manner from each other. The Spanish account Beinal 45-54 narrates more events and much details of the events as if the narrator was present when all those things were happening.

When comparing the Spanish account with the Aztec account the same events are reported but there is room that is given that will enable one to tell that when some of the events were happening the author of the story was not present to witness them. For example the way in which Montezuma is welcomed sounds like the narrator was there to welcome this prince and to witness all the events that had happened between Montezuma and Cortes. From the analysis of the two accounts Beinal 45-54 the authors try to employ some elements of creativity in telling their stories of what happed during the Spanish conquest.

The narrate the story well enough that could make a person reading through the story to think that such thinks are happening there and then and he or she is involved in what is happening. To both accounts Portilla 55-61 there seems to be real events which are explained by the expectations of the authors of what they would wish to happen after a certain event had taken place making the story more interesting to read up to the end of it. When comparing the two accounts I can be tempted to believe the Spanish account as it tend to portray a clear picture of what seemed to happened in the history.

The events in the Spanish accounts are explained in a logical order that does not confuse a reader who is reading the story for the first time the reason as to why I have picked on it over the Aztec account. On the other hand, the article on the world encounters discusses that the way in which the events in the Spanish account Portilla 55-61 are narrated to have happened in history gives a picture of real events that must have led to the conquest of the Spanish. In the Aztec account little emphasis is given for example on the visit of prince Montezuma and the different activities that he carried out that led to the conquest.

For that matter the Spanish account focus on the point of interest in a clearer manner that the reader of the story will be able to explain what events led to the other during that time Beinal 45-54. To summarize on the Spanish and Aztec account both stories as narrated by the author involves some forms of artistic devices that make the story to sound real while in the real sense on cannot be able to create first hand information of the actual happening of events during that period Beinal 45-54.

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