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Employee personal value or Employee value proposition comprises much more than salaries and benefits, it reflects the entire employment experience at a company including benefits, career development opportunities, rewards, culture, and management style. The employee personal values should align with the company’s brand and be reflected consistently to employees. Otherwise, employees may grow cynical about the company and ultimately become less productive or leave the organization entirely. In addition to relevant skills, employers seek employees who have the personal values, characteristics, and personality traits that spell success.

Minchington (2005) defines an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) as a set of associations and offerings provided by an organisation in return for the skills, capabilities and experiences an employee brings to the organisation. The EVP is an employee-centered approach that is aligned to existing, integrated workforce planning strategies because it has been informed by existing employees and the external target audience. An EVP must be unique, relevant and compelling if it is to act as a key driver of talent attraction, engagement and retention. Good personal values are what make the foundation for a good employee. Most organisations encounter two main problems when it comes to their Employee Personal Value or EVP:

•They struggle to differentiate themselves from their competition. Differentiation is crucial if an organisation is to stand out from the “sea of sameness” that characterises some sectors. •Their branding is appealing but it does not accurately reflect the reality. An effective Employee Personal Values enables an organisation to stand out as different but also it ensures that the ‘packaging’ reflects the ‘contents. All too often people join organisations tempted by the ‘branding’ and are disappointed when they experience the reality. (Bibb.S, 2010) Why is an Employee Personal Value or Employee Value Proposition important? An effective EVP can bring organisation significant benefits. According to the Corporate Leadership Council’s research a well thought through and executed EVP can:

•Improve the commitment of new hires by up to 29% •Reduce new hire compensation premiums by up to 50% •Increase the likelihood of employees acting as advocates from an average of 24% to 47% In addition an effective EVP allows organisations to source more deeply within the labour market, increasing its access to passive candidates. This is important for organisations who want to secure the best talent in an increasingly difficult talent market.

Demographic predictions show that there will be a stark contrast in population growth in certain areas of the world. Many countries will show a decline in population making it harder to source talent, whereas in countries such as India there will be large increases making it more difficult to attract the right talent from a potentially large pool. This will cause challenges for organisations in the future and builds an even stronger case for the importance of having an effective EVP. (Bibb.S, 2010)

About IHCL

IHCL is part of TATA Group whose group purpose is to improve the Quality of life of the communities we serve. Hospitality industry, of which is a part, forms the hub for travel and tourism sector, which is one of world’s fastest growing export industry that contributes nearly 1% to the total globe value added contributed 6% to global exports, comprises nearly 30% of the global trade in services, provides 10.7% of global employment and is the third largest export industry in India.

The Taj’s People Philosophy

“The employee at Taj is viewed as an asset and is the real profit center. He or she is the very reason for our survival. The creation of the TAJ People Philosophy displays our commitment to and belief in our people. We want an organization with a very clear philosophy, where we can treasure people and build from within.” (Chandran, 2012) -Bernard Martyris, Senior Vice-President, HR, IHCL.

Career Growth The Taj is a brand that combines a wealthy inheritance of carefully takes care of values precipitous in a culture of brilliance with occasions for participating in new outlook of the company growth. The main success factor for the company’s growth, are the Taj employee and talent selected for this exciting journey. Taj considers its employees among its most important stakeholders in taking it to new pinnacles of service standards and guest delight. At the Taj, every employee is an envoy of the culture and courage of the Taj. The Taj ‘magic’ is all about passion in what one is doing, the pursuit of excellence, feeling included, warmth and the highest levels of service standards with a relentless and untiring obsession about delighting the guest.

This spirit that rings through the heart of every Taj employee makes the difference between a job in any hospitality company and career with the Taj. To make a career in hospitality industry it offers an opportunity to sharpen the saw of one’s own affecting proportion. The Taj compounds this advantage because of the diversity of its products, properties and people. The Taj nurtures a service attitude that demands an approach of being fast and nimble in terms of response time, attention to detail, operational excellence, delayed satisfaction to certify that the guest is pleased at all times and developing one’s social radar through networking skills. The Taj provides its employees freedom and jostle room for exploring opportunities to appear as career leaders in a helpful environment through a high possible program in which every executive has a chance to participate.

The safe environment of the Taj encourages its employees to be outspoken, to grow in self-confidence and this self-development journey which accompanies a career in the Taj become a self fulfilling prediction for success and excellence. Taj has a process called internal mobility process which permits employees to move liberally between functions, hotels and disciplines, and extend their skills as well curved professionals in an employee self discovery environment. Opportunities for profession choices are numerous and there are possibilities of moving crossways to other Tata companies for talented professionals. This perhaps is the most attractive proposition while exploring a career with the Taj. (IHCL, 2012)

Working Environment

•Social Performance – Human Rights: Tata Group Company has institutionalized Tata Code of Conduct guiding clauses, which have been accepted and signed by all employees of the company. Adherence to clauses on national interest, regulatory compliance and ethical conduct intend to enforce the respect of Human Rights at each level of the organization and ensures that its worldwide operations are carried out in line with local international regulations. (IHCL, 2012)

•Equal opportunities employer: IHCL provide all and equal opportunities to all of its employees and to those also who are qualified for the employment, without observe to their race, caste, religion, colour, ancestry, marital status, sex, age, nationality and disability. All the employees of Tata company will be treated with dignity and in accordance with the Tata policy of maintaining a work environment free of sexual harassment, whether physical, verbal or psychological

•Service Level Agreement: Contractor audits are regularly conducted onsite and offsite to ensure that they respect national and local legislative requirements with reference to payment of wages, insurance, provident fund, etc. Immediate action is taken in case of non-compliance.

•Right of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining: In the year 2005-06, 2920 employees, i.e. over 90% of the total bargain able workforces were members of trade unions or independent workers committees. Of these 15.10% were members of unions affiliated to external bodies and 84.90% were members of unions and committees managed independently. The largest union, Indian Hotel Company Employees union, has been in existence since the last 25 years.

•Elimination of Forced and Compulsory Labour: Tata Code of Conduct Requires adherence to clause on regulatory compliance that necessitates compliance with all applicable legislation, including non-employment of child labour and forced & compulsory labour.

•Elimination of Discrimination in respect of employment and Occupation: The Tata Code of Conduct on Equal Opportunity provides the policy framework to address the issues. The ethics counsellor process for raising and resolving concerns pertaining to TCOC clauses provides the mechanism for ensuring compliance and monitoring the same. (IHCL)

Employee Care There are several programs which IHCL undertake for the benefit their employees learning and development needs: Special Thanks and Recognition System (S.T.A.R.S) In March 2001, the Taj Group launched an employee loyalty program called the Special Thanks and Recognition System (STARS). STARS were an initiative aimed at motivating employees to transcend their usual duties and responsibilities and have fun during work. This program also acknowledged and rewarded hard working employees who had done excellent work. The STARS system was the brainchild of Martyris.

The system was developed in accordance with Taj core philosophy that happy employees lead to happy customers. STAR, operative throughout the year, was open to all employees across the organization, at all hierarchical levels. It aimed to identify, recognize and reward those employees who excelled in their work. STARS were actively promoted across the group of hotels and among its 18,000 employees globally, out of which 15,000 were from India. The STARS system also led to global recognition of the Taj Group of Hotels in 2002 when the group bagged the Hermes Award for best Innovation in human resources in the global hospitality industry. (Chandran, 2012)

The Special Program for Employee Education and Development Plus (SPEED+) This program is an initiative that was launched as an extension of the SPEED to accelerate career growth for high performing executives. It aims to provide high quality training inputs to selected candidates to increase their knowledge skills and abilities so that they can move to roles of higher responsibilities at the next level in their function. SPEED+ has been developed to meet the career aspirations of front-line associates in executive grade. (IHCL, 2010) MI University

To enhance our ability to rapidly disseminate and translate knowledge into action, at IHCL we have initiated a new E-Learning portal that gives associates across geographies access to a world of learning opportunities. Aptly titled Mi University, this portal is a powerful system that combines technology with more than 300 courses ranging from operational to managerial areas from universities like Harvard and Cornell along with the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute. Each course has been carefully hand-picked to address certain leadership competencies and present a transformational learning experience, currently more than 6,000 associates are a part of the active user base at Mi University. (IHCL, 2010)

Conclusion Employee’s are the most important and integral part of any organization. No organization can run without efficient employees. Employee personal Values or Employees Value Proposition is considered a deal between organization and employee. Every organization has the right of the personal values in return for their contribution and performance. IHCL which is the largest company of India in Hotel industry sector has unique programs to retain their effective and efficient employees by providing services to them and their families. There are more than 18,000 employees working with the IHCL. The TAJ group also focuses on career growth and working environment to make their employees comfortable and relax so that they can work with harmony and can give effective results.

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