Growth Opportunities

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Both employees and managers can be benefited according to the Merck. From the employees’ viewpoint, adjustment becomes very easy, and their work schedule can be adjusted in any preferable manner. After all, 8 to 5 schedule is not suited to all the working people in the world. In this regard, morning people and night people terms have been heard in almost every sector. In this way, natural body rhythms of the people can be preferred by the people at the time of adjusting their working schedules.

In addition, personal matters can be attended by the employees easily in the flextime. Personal scheduling problems can be diminished with the help of some flexible working hours, and some other problems like traffic congestion can be avoided by the employees. In the result, a better work environment can be produced by this practice, which might be able to reduce the stress that is very common in today’s world. The job satisfaction can be increase with the help of elimination of tension and anxiety by the employees. Employees can give time to children or play in the flextime.

In addition, a greater sense of personal responsibility, participation opportunity, decision-making skills, and

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freedom can be created in the employees with the help of flextime’s power. The advantages of flextime are not only reaped by the employees, but the managers and employers are benefited by the flextime. In this regard, consideration is also made by the managers, which is supported by strong reasons. The improved employee morale is the foremost of all the advantages. The managers are able to manage the work easily, as the employees are happy with their work in the organization.

From a managerial standpoint, an opportunity of training employees additionally is provided by the flextime. The different times and schedules of the employees allow the managers to cover the work of the absent employees. A company is benefited with enormous advantages with the help of cross training during the flextime hours. Overtime can also be decreased with the help of flextime surprisingly. Different lengths of time of different people allow flexibility in the organization. In this way, extra work will be done by somebody, as anybody will be available due to different working schedules in the organization using flextime.

Finally, employees become more mature and controllable, and improve their time management skills with the help of flextime. A greater sense of responsibility about the job and job work is felt by most of the employees due to their controlled scheduling hours in the company. The job and its work at the Limeberry Lumber is not told by Susan Karcher immediately, as a cash register, stocking retail shelves, files, and administrative tasks would have been maintained as a counter salesperson. However, the feelings and emotions are expressed and different learning and experiences are expressed.

It has only been two months for the Karcher at the Limeberry Lumber. However, extensive mentoring and training from the upper-level management has been received in this period. Now, high-level management is approached comfortably for any question or issue in the organization. The company seems to be like a home after being associated with other lumberyards. Koopman suggested that more ownership during the hiring process and recruitment of the staff is felt by the managers on the empowerment end along with the mentoring process.

The hiring, recruitment, and selection process become easy with the help of flextime, as dedicated and best workers can be selected by the managers. In this way, managers also become satisfied with their work in the organization. In addition, customers can also be attracted and satisfied due to high level of satisfied and dedicated workers and employees in the company. Team members and employees can be kept motivated, cohesive, and thirsty for different opportunities with the help of empowerment as insisted by the Limeberry.

In this way, new employees can even get the opportunities for working at high levels at the time of extra work and flexible schedules. Employees can be promoted and encouraged with the similar techniques of allowing their control at key areas of the company. In this way, managers are also able to identify talented employees that can attract customers easily and convince them with their skills. In other words, attitudes of the managers, as well as, the employees are changed with the help of flextime.

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