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Technological advances and scientific development have indicated great engagement of employees in working processes in all spheres of human activity. However, to keep high productivity at a level requires certain amount of effort each professional leader should be aware of.

Experts say, successful policy comprises the following tips on how to celebrate the employees: o In order for a company to satisfy the criteria of the modern capricious world it is necessary to establish productive communication between the employer and his employees through feedback of the latter.Certainly, it is psychologically complicated to ask a junior board for a piece of advice. However, giving a chance to the employees to express their opinions and share the experience would bring considerable benefit to any company. Moreover, to give a pleasure to the employees, the director should remember about various holidays and corporative parties, which draw people together revealing their personal characteristics that may be useful in future. o Key role in any successful company must be played by human factors including communication and psychological aspects.It is important for a boss to get rid of any kind of negative prejudices that may lead to unjust perception of the employee’s talents and professional skills.

It is his responsibility to create friendly atmosphere to induce the communication efficiency, which usually results in performance high rate. Additionally, the employer should provide his/her workers with all necessary equipment and trainings allowing each individual to expose himself/herself to effective working process.Evident results won’t keep the leader waiting, therefore, it is important to remember about additional payment for overtime or creative approach towards the problem. o Identifying the tasks for each worker is a significant issue for both staff and directors. Due to established responsibilities employees know exactly what they are supposed to accomplish and search for optimal approaches to find the best way to solve a certain problem quickly and conveniently. Task recognition outlines the expectations the leader may have and allows him/her to treat everybody according to his/her merits.

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