Essay About Country Finland
Essay About Country Finland

Essay About Country Finland

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  • Published: October 5, 2021
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Finland is one of the countries located in Northern Europe bordering the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia and the Gulf of Finland. Its neighboring countries are Sweden, Russia, Norway and Estonia which lies to its south across the Gulf of Finland. It is a republic where by president is the chief of state and the government is headed by the Prime Minister (Puntila, pg34). This country has a size of 130,128 square meters having 10% covered by water, 69% forest, 8% cultivated land and the others occupying has a shape that resembles the shape of one harmed human.

The population of this country is roughly 5.5 million having an average density of 17 persons per square kilometer. This kind of population makes it the third sparsely populated countries in Europe. The population distribution is even and concentrated a small part of the south western coastal plain. It has about 85% of the population living n towns and cities. It is relatively ethnically homogeneous country with Finnish people dominating the country with notable historic minorities of Sami, Swedes and Roma people. Due to the recent migrations there are ethnics of Russians, Estonians and Somalis in the country.

Finland is a flat land mostly with more than 70% covered by thick forest. It has water in the southern area and most of it is covered by lakes. The terrain of this country rises into the hills and low mountains of Lapland to the North of Arctic Circle. It has its highest point at Haltiautunturi which is 1,328 meters and stands on the edge of its border with Norway. Th


is country has Aland Islands sitting in the middle of the Gulf of Bothnia between Finland and Sweden.

Finland contains approximately three hundred islands and almost a quarter are inhabited. This country has also over 6000 small rocky islands. To the East in the Archipelago sea and merging with Aland Islands and Finland’s south western coastline has thousands of islands most of them which are small and some of the larger ones inhabited. The significant rivers in this country are Nasijarv, Paijanne, Oulujarvi, Pelinen and the largest lake being Lake Saimaa. Most of the rivers flow lake to lake in the south with the largest Saimaa canal connecting Lake Saimaa.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was 229.81 billion USC dollars in the year 2015 representing 0.37 percent of the world’s economy (Barro, pg83). Its average from 1960 to 2015 was 103.75 billion US dollars. The GDP reached an all time high of 283.74 billion US dollars and recorded the lowest of 5.22 billion US dollars in 1960. The graph below shows the GDP of Finland from the year 2006 to the year 2016.

In the recent years, Finland’s economy has experienced slow growth and vulnerability. The soundness of finance has weakened quite. Government spending represents over half portion of GDP and has ended up being a delay the economy rather than a boost and spending deficits keep on widening. Finland has a moderately poor soil, an extreme northern climate, absence of coal and oil, and most other mineral assets vital for the improvement of developing industry, the Finns

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have not in any case possessed the capacity to assemble a gainful and broadened economy.

This is made conceivable by unrivaled supplies of forests (Finland’s “green gold”) and water resources (“white gold”).In addition by the Finnish toward diligent work, frugality, and inventiveness are of main concern. Agribusiness, alongside the customary calling of Finns, has been experiencing consistent change, with developing specialization in dairying and cows reproducing. The businesses occupied with creating timber, wood items, paper, and mash are exceedingly created, and these products keep on making up a huge extent of the nation’s fares.

After World War II, and incompletely in light of the requests of reparations installments, a metals industry was created, it’s most imperative segments being foundries and machine shops, shipyards, and designing works (Puntila ,pg83). The 1990s saw Finland create one of the world’s driving cutting edge economies. Reliant on remote hotspots for an extensive bit of its crude materials, fills, and hardware, and on fares as a wellspring of income, the Finnish economy is exceptionally delicate to changes at the global level.

The figures for economy’s economic performance for the year 2015 showed that Finland managed to avoid a consecutive year of declining economic activity. The broadest measure of the GDP is still about 7% the highest that was reached at the end of 2007 before the global financial crisis. The disappointing performance has shown up in the unemployment issues which has of late risen from 6.2% to 9.5% in the latest figures.

Finland is a member of EU. Its main export partners are Germany, Sweden andUS. On the other hand its import partners are Germany, Sweden and Russia. The money it pays to the EU budget helps to fund projects and programmes like building roads, protecting the environment and subsidizing researchers (Tiilikainen, pg77). The economy of Finland has entered into an innovative led phase. Many companies have innovated constantly and this has become a basic for competitiveness. Many companies have started operating in an international sphere where the market is global. Many companies are investing in Finland since the market has possibility of growth and relatively cheap labor.

Attitudes and qualities frame the foundation of any culture showing the ways individuals think and carry out their activities. Being aware of these can be of critical significance in arguing effectively with your partners. Ignoring these issues can bring about a social hindering that may repress the correspondence procedure, and negatively affect the accomplishment of your activities.

Finns are viewed as humble, genuine and dependable. They put extraordinary esteem on words and they do mean whatever they say. “Take a bull by its horns and a man by his word” being an old Finnish saying. When a Finn’s “yes” he or she means it “yes” and a “no” is never a ‘maybe’. Finnish honesty may appear somewhat overwhelming however their method for imparting is forthright and uncomplicated, which is fairly reviving.

Finns take punctuality in business meetings seriously and expect the others to do the same and like one to call in case of lateness so as to explain them in case of anything. Fins have qualities of modesty and working at a measured

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