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The film “A Vision of Students Today”, give us an opportunity to glimpse into the mind of today’s students and share some of their thoughts, both good and bad. The film lets us know that all of the information learned in a classroom is not relevant to everyone. Some individuals do the work, but will never benefit from it. It also tells us that in some cases a textbook is a large waste of money, because some classes never actually use them or the student never needs it.

We discover through the film that more and more students are relying on digital media for information as opposed to the printed media of the past such as books. The film shows us that students’ days are full of many different things that will vie for their time. If they are not careful these different things will cause them to overextend themselves. We are informed through the film that students in the United States are both privileged and destitute at the same time.

Meaning that they are taught it is all right to spend thousands of dollars for an education, even if a lot of the information they receive through that education never teaches them how to deal with the situations and problems in the world around them. The film makes us aware that technology has made dispersing information much faster and easier. At the same time it has made it easier to become distracted from what is really going on. The mediums of dispersing information in the past (chalkboards, books, etc. ) seem obsolete, but they keep the students connected in better ways than today’s technology in some cases.

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