Qualities of a Good Student Essay Example
Qualities of a Good Student Essay Example

Qualities of a Good Student Essay Example

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  • Published: May 31, 2017
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In this advanced world, education is an aspect, which has been stressed on more and more. From the moment an individual is sent to school to acquire knowledge, he or she will spend many years learning. This complicated process of acquiring knowledge in various fields is a time-consuming and arduous task. Therefore, the label 'a good student' is not easy to live up to.

Many might wonder about the criteria, which makes a good student. Many people still adhere to stereotype definition of a good student being one who has achieved academic excellence.I, certainly, have an opinion, which differs from theirs. A good student has to diligent and committed to learning.

As the old saying goes, "We live in and learn". No matter who, where, what or when, a good student stays focused and is not afraid to ques


tion. A good student is able to learn and apply skills, which are taught directly and indirectly, in or outside the classroom. He has the ability to access the information given and the initiative to further research the topics taught in school. During school hours, a good student stays alert at all times and has an inquisitive mind.

Self-reliance will be his motto in achieving greater heights or success. Besides that, he is pro-active in learning and always has group discussions with peers and friends. A good student has the creative mind to explore and experiment with different ways and means of memorising facts and figures. He is able to make notes, which are simple yet, complete.

Therefore, the test or examinations will be faced with a calm and prepared frame of mind. Besides that, a good studen

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has high morale. Moral values such as kindness, compassion and consideration are always put into practice in his daily life.He will always be prepared to do his duty as a civic-minded person to ensure the cleanliness of his surroundings.

Moreover, he is courteous and always lends a hand to the sick and needy. He is humble and always learns from his past wrongdoings. A good student is a cheerful student too. He always greets the world with an optimistic frame , of mind and smiles at people he meets everyday. Besides, he will willingly teach those who are slow and enlighten those who are in the dark. He provides a shoulder for his peers to cry on and lends an ear to any problems.

A good student is a student who is not only caring but also amiable and accessible to all. A good student leads an active and healthy lifestyle too. He is not the `bookworm" pouring pouring over his studies day in and day out. Taking part in extra curricular activities is part and parcel of a good student's life.

He exercises regularly and has a balanced diet. A good student has to be good in many aspects. He has to be able to manage his time and live a healthy, happy and satisfying life. Although no student in this world is a perfect student, the ideal student has to be able to study smart.

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