Summarise Learning And Teaching Strategies Essay Example
Summarise Learning And Teaching Strategies Essay Example

Summarise Learning And Teaching Strategies Essay Example

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  • Published: September 29, 2017
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My ain specialism is wellness attention. peculiarly pre infirmary attention. from simple first assistance through to recognizing and handling life endangering conditions. For illustration. the direction of cardiac apprehension. My mark scholar is the laic individual. a individual with small or no medical preparation or wellness attention professionals who have no preparation or small experience in the pre infirmary environment for illustration a GP or tooth doctor. Identifying demands and measuring acquisition is my chief scheme as a instructor. So I may be assigned a group of scholars who need to get a “First Aid At Work” making. ( Hse. gov. United Kingdom. 2014 )

I would ab initio asses bing cognition. would the lesson be get downing from the really rudimentss or working on some bing cognition? I would see I have a suited acquisition environment. tak


ing into consideration suited trappings. infinite for practical presentations and scenarios. with small outside distractions as possible. For illustration. non-learners would non be present. giving the scholars assurance to take portion in activities or be vocal. Safe. with respects to fire issues. A dynamic hazard appraisal ( Healthandsafetyatwork. com. 2014 ) would be carried out before each session. Suitable lavatory and other installations need to be available.

My instruction scheme would be executing a undertaking as an illustration. repeat of the undertaking and simple accounts to what I am making are factors I will utilize to assist retain and re-enforce information given. Dales Cone of Learning suggests that the Active acquisition method enables 90 % of what is taught to be remembered. Dale. ( 1969 ) . Or. “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do

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and I understand. ” Confucius ( 551 BC – 479 BC ) . So the basic construction of my instruction programs will be theory. practical presentation. repetition presentation. learner engagement. inquiries and replies. I will guarantee that my cognition and information is up to day of the month by maintaining up with ; NICE guidelines ( nice. org. uk/guidance )

Resus council ( resus. org. uk/pages/guide. htm )
British Heart Foundation ( bhf. org. United Kingdom )
Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaison Committee ( jrcalc. org. uk/ )

1. 2 Explain how attacks to larning and learning in ain specialism meet the demands of scholars The accent here is on the importance of experience. significance. problem-solving and the development of penetrations ( Burns 1995. p. 112 ) I have discovered that the cognitive theories of acquisition can be applied to my scholars to assist me to understand the manner in which my pupils can outdo learn from the topic I’m instruction. So I plan my lessons with theory. so a presentation. bespeaking assorted tools/ways in which the undertaking can be completed. Then I have a practical activity. where I sometimes break the pupils into groups. which enables them to research the possibilities in work outing something of their ain utilizing the techniques demonstrated. During the theory portion of the session. I gauge what the scholar already knows by inquiring inquiries. For illustration ; I would open a session with ”What is a cardiac apprehension? ” and so travel on to discourse what cardiac apprehension is and construct on any bing cognition.

With the back land cognition I run through a practical presentation of how to pull off some in cardiac

apprehension. measure by measure. explicating what I’m making. the possible jeopardies and possible different results and how to pull off them. This is non done in existent clip but in a measure wise attack taking clip to explicate each measure and reply inquiries consequently. When satisfied that the scholars understand the right order of events I perform a existent clip presentation. followed by brief inquiries and replies. I so acquire the scholars to execute the undertaking in existent clip. giving encouragement and aid as they need it. followed by brief feedback. We entree larning through all our senses. but by and large favour one.

We process visually ( by sight ) . auditorally ( by sound ) . kinesthetically ( by traveling ) . and tactilely ( by touch ) . I try to integrate this in my instruction. My attack to acquisition is active and inactive ; I feel it is of import to learn the theory when pull offing a individual in cardiac apprehension for illustration. but the active engagement of the scholar is of greater importance. “Learning is more effectual when it is an active instead than a inactive procedure. ” ( Euripides c. 480 – 406 BCE )

1. 3 Describe facets of inclusive acquisition

”Few instructors are intentionally prejudiced ; most of the favoritism is unintentional” . ( Junior-grade 2004: 81 ) . As a province registered paramedic I ever seek to be non-judgemental. I like to believe that this is one of my qualities as it is indispensable that all patients receive the best attention from me at all times. I am invariably cognizant that there is a bigger image and I

am non ever cognizant of the full fortunes around my patient or scholar. I will use the same rules to my scholars to do certain they all receive the same criterion of learning. this is of import to me non merely from an ethical point of position but from the point of position that my aim is to learn the ballad individual to give simple but effectual lifesaving intervention. Petty ( 1998:69 ) provinces: ‘All pupils must experience that they are positively and every bit valued and accepted. and that their attempts to larn are recognised. and judged without prejudice. It is non plenty that they are tolerated. They must experience that they. and the groups to which they belong ( e. g. gender. social-class or attainment groups ) are to the full and every bit accepted and valued by you. and the constitution in which you work’ .

To guarantee inclusive acquisition. I will guarantee my remarks will non be taken as discriminatory or violative. I will utilize stuff and instruction AIDSs that represent different sexes. disablements. ages. races and faiths. The preparation defibrillators I use are suited for ocular and the hearing impaired scholar. I adapt my Sessionss for the person. For those scholars unable to set about the physical facets for whatever ground are taught to teach others to execute the undertakings on their behalf. This insures I don’t discriminate accidentally. Inclusive instruction is possible when equality and diverseness policies are positively promoted. Inclusion means that all learners’ demands. and an single scholar may hold more than one demand. are satisfactorily met to enable full engagement in the acquisition procedure.

‘Every scholar has the

right to anticipate that they will have high quality acquisition. allow to their demands and fortunes in a safe and healthy environment’ . ( Success for All. DES 2002 ) Apart from the moral and ethical facet of learning there is besides the legal facet which means I have a responsibility to actively advance equality of chance for handicapped people which was placed on educational constitutions under the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 for illustration.

2. 1 Explain how to choose inclusive acquisition and learning techniques Teaching first assistance is about learning a life accomplishment to all different groups of people from all back evidences. They may hold to utilize their life salvaging accomplishments on a alien or a member of their household. it’s highly diverse. When booking my Sessionss and locale it will be indispensable that the locale will their support demands and demands are met. So if I need to provide for a handicapped scholar I can guarantee the locale and acquisition stuffs are accessible. At the start of the session an Ice surfs is a good manner to acquire scholars interacting with each other and assist to acquire the scholars to cognize one another and can get down to interrupt down barriers that scholars may hold. A practical component may be more appropriate for scholars that learn kinesthetically if they struggle with written work.

I will show any practical undertaking before the scholar under takes them to provide for those that learn visually ; this acquisition method will besides work good with custodies on. psycho motor session. This can be described as a Learning pyramid. The first four phases. talk. reading. audio ocular and presentation

are inactive larning methods. In contrast. the bottom three phases treatment. group. pattern by making and learn others are participatory or active acquisition methods. Inclusive instruction in a suited happy environment with the right instruction AIDSs and stuffs that suit all scholars together with an inclusive instruction technique like the acquisition pyramid ( thepeakperformancecenter. com ) will intend every scholar will experience valued and included and will larn to the best of their ability.

2. 2 Explain how to choose resources that meet the demands of scholars Before a session starts its of import to place if any scholars have any specific demands. For illustration translator or British mark linguistic communication transcriber. When reading stuffs are used in my session I will see big clear founts that may be more suited for some scholars with ocular damages. Dyslexic scholars may profit from paper that is thick plenty to forestall the other side demoing through. I would utilize flat paper instead than calendered and avoid digital print processing which tends to go forth paper shiny. I would besides avoid white backgrounds for paper. computing machine and ocular AIDSs. White can look excessively eye-popping. it’s better to utilize pick or a soft pastel colors. Some dyslexic people will hold their ain coloring material penchant. Fonts that are suited would be really obviously. equally spaced sans serif font such as Arial and Comic Sans. Options include Verdana. Tahoma. Century Gothic. Trebuchet. Font size should be 12-14 point.

Some dyslexic readers may bespeak a larger fount. It’s best to avoid green and red/pink as these are hard for color-blind persons. Braille is a consideration though less than one per centum of

visually impaired people in the UK can read it. ( World Wide Web. yourwellness. com February 2012 ) So possibly for these scholars more practical activities may be suited or IT based tools could be used. for illustration a text reader. Computers change the authorship procedure by doing it easier to develop and enter thoughts and to redact thoughts. Technology can be an assistive tool replacing an ability that is either losing or impaired. Reece and Walker ( 2000. p195 ) province “Thus. anything that you use to augment your instruction. or larning scheme. or anything you get your pupils to utilize. can be termed a acquisition assistance or a resource

2. 3 Explain how to make assessment chances that meet the demands of scholars. It’s of import to see if my scholars are come oning. larning new accomplishments that can be used subsequently on. Besides. in certain Sessionss I teach there will be standards to run into from regulating organic structures. for illustration. when learning a savior defibrillator familiarization the Resuscitation Council ( UK ) requires a three hr session. ( resus. org. uk Jan. 2013 ) There are different ways in which scholars can be assessed. and frequently there is flexibleness when making a class for scholars to subject work or pieces of appraisal in different ways. For illustration ; written. practical demonstrated acquisition. It is of import to happen out from your scholars how they would prefer to be assessed if possible. and where possible attempt to suit that. Voice recording is another method of appraisal that will let me to measure the acquisition. without the usage of written assignments.

It would be deserving

sing a lexicon for scholars sitting written tests whose first linguistic communication isn’t English. I would utilize an Informal appraisal. things like oppugning. peer appraisal and teacher observation. by and large maintaining a distinct ticker over the learner’s advancement. These types of appraisals are valuable because it allows me to judge the advancement of the scholars throughout the lesson without seting them under force per unit area or emphasis. It besides helps me justice when they are ready for formal appraisal. I will oppugn them about certain techniques learnt and they will show. discuss and explicate them to me.

I will do a formal appraisal of the learner’s cognition and technique citing the survey standards. Once the formative appraisal has been made I’ll do a summational remark depicting how the scholar has by and large done and possible countries for future betterment. It is of import that any moderator has grounds that larning to the criterion required to run into the standard has taken topographic point. So learning grounds will be documented and kept for future mention. These types of appraisals are valuable because it allows me to judge the advancement of the scholars throughout the lesson without seting them under force per unit area or emphasis. It besides helps me justice when they are ready for formal appraisal.

2. 4 Explain how to supply chances for scholars to rehearse their literacy. linguistic communication. numeracy and ICT accomplishments It’s hard for scholars to pattern literacy. numeracy and ICT accomplishments when they are being trained as first aiders or saviors as it’s about following a systematic measure wise attack and common sense plays a major function. However. linguistic

communication accomplishments can be practised in group treatments and I encourage inquiries at any clip during the session. Numeracy accomplishments can be practised when measuring an unconscious patient. for illustration when look intoing take a breathing the scholars need to show they see if the patient is take a breathing more than two times over 10 seconds. this is done by expression. listen and experiencing the patients breath. CPR is done at a ratio of 30:2 so 30 thorax compactions to two breathes.

Children below pubescence will have five deliverance breathes. so 30:2. ( resus. org. uk 2005 ) Literacy accomplishments can be practised with assorted English linguistic communication literature handed out at the terminal of the session for the scholar to reflect upon. it contains written capable affair covered in my instruction with photographic measure by measure images of processs taught. Most of my Sessionss are non taught in a category room puting. I teach on the store floor. in rail Stationss. in theaters and the similar so entree to computing machines is by and large non an option. But I do promote pupils to see web sites for more information or to review their acquisition. Self-learning is encouraged at place or work. online. Supporting information online is available from administrations like The British Heart Foundation or The Resuscitation council UK.

3. 1 Explain ways to prosecute and actuate scholars in an inclusive acquisition environment I like to learn my Sessionss in an unconventional set up or put out. for illustration non typical schoolroom rows of desks. Quite frequently this is the lone option I have because I don’t Teach in a schoolroom environment by and

large. My learning frequently takes topographic point on the store floor. theater anterooms even store suites. I like to set up the chairs in an inclusive horseshoe form. No scholars are at the dorsum of the category. all are made to experience equal. Besides covering with medical topics can be affectional and ‘close to home’ for illustration if the scholar has had a recent mourning. so in this format it’s easier to detect my scholars. I take the desks off as my Sessionss are practical and I see desks as barriers between me and my scholars. My aim is that they learn practical accomplishments the theory is less of import and I discourage note taking to see full attending. so desks are non required.

I give out literature at the terminal of the session so theory can be studied at the learner’s leisure. I motivate pupils with endurance rates which are bettering each twelvemonth. for illustration ; if a defibrillator is used in the first minute after cardiac apprehension occurs the patient has a 90 per cent opportunity of endurance. ( bhf. org. uk/heart-health/nation-of-lifesavers ) . Or utilize the illustration of Fabrice muamba ( fabrice-muamba. com ) who survived a cardiac apprehension due to good CPR and entree to a defibrillator. I besides motivate my scholars with simple but effectual practical accomplishments which the bulk of people can larn like the recovery place ( nhs. United Kingdom ) . I promote first assistance as something empowering and an indispensable life accomplishment that everyone should hold so they can give assistance to household. friends and aliens likewise.

3. 2 Summarise ways to set up land regulations with scholars

to advance regard for others. Agreements have to be made about expected behavior in the schoolroom. Land regulations are reciprocally agreed agreements between the instructor and the scholars. to advance common regard and to do certain both instructor and scholar know what to anticipate from each other. So boundaries need to be set by the instructor or by the instructor and the scholars together. “Setting land regulations will assist everyone cognize their limits” Gravells. A. ( 2008 pg 7 ) Land regulations need to put at the start of a instruction session and can be done in a group treatment that includes all scholars. I feel that scholar will adhere to regulations if they are involved in the devising of the regulations. It may be a good thought if I display the land regulations during the learning session as a reminder and if needed for mention.

Some regulations are non for dialogue. for illustration. wellness and safety. fire regulations. no smoke and so on. Other regulations would be around the usage of nomadic phones. go forthing the room. being punctual after reciprocally agreed rest interruptions. pupil treatment with respects of common regard. and class demands. “Without land regulations. break may happen and impact the acquisition of your group” Gravells. A. ( 2008 pg 7 ) My limited instruction experience indicates to me that learning a scholar to be a savior is of import to the scholar and the scholar can see the value of land regulations. nevertheless. single arguments tend to interrupt out in category which cause break this is a land regulation I will take to implement in the hereafter.

3. 3 Explain ways to give

constructive feedback that motivates scholars. Feedback is an indispensable component for both instructors and scholars. Giving feedback is a undertaking I will execute continuously as a instructor. allowing my scholars know where they are with acquisition and where to travel following in footings of outlooks and ends. Feedback is a utile tool for bespeaking when things are traveling in the right way or for airting jobs with learner’s public presentation. My nonsubjective in giving feedback is to supply counsel by providing information in a utile mode ; either to back up effectual acquisition. or to steer person back on path toward successful acquisition. I will besides trust on my learner’s feedback to guarantee my instruction is run intoing the outlooks and demands of my scholars and class aims. I will take to give a balance between positive and negative feedback to avoid an un-balanced and inaccurate message to my scholars.

To promote betterment without corrupting my scholars. I would besides promote a response from my scholars to see if I can accommodate my learning in any manner to suit demands. Constructive feedback is information-specific. issue-focused. and based on observations. Constructive feedback will place strengths to foreground what the scholar has done good and countries for betterment where the scholar might hold done better. I would ab initio give feedback informally and verbally as practical undertakings are carried out. without deflecting scholars from the undertaking at manus. I will give formal written feedback along with verbal feedback after an appraisal. I would do certain feedback is given in private and at an appropriate clip and topographic point. I will promote a verbal response from my scholars and

reciprocally agreed action programs if required.

Frank and honest treatments around feedback is a positive program. I feel. Feedback I feel should be honest and accurate so I will avoid stating a scholar that they did a great occupation on an appraisal. it may do the scholar experience good but it does non assist the scholar to understand their strengths. I will non knock my scholar without puting realistic ends to assist betterment. I will non be dishonest to salvage the scholars feeling’s as this finally does non assist the scholar to better. I give my scholars a feedback signifier at the terminal of my Sessionss and promote feedback via electronic mails to supervise my ain betterment.

I encourage this feedback to be sent to my line director and so forwarded to me to promote honestness. I will besides self-evaluate. reflect and better based on learner’s feedback and self-evaluation. Feedback is indispensable in my field of learning to guarantee my scholars run into the standards and class aims so finally they can supply the best patient attention possible. So after my scholar has treated a patient. regardless of result they will cognize they have done everything they could hold done for that individual.

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