Explanations of Premises and Improve of Our Work Essay Example
Explanations of Premises and Improve of Our Work Essay Example

Explanations of Premises and Improve of Our Work Essay Example

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  • Published: July 23, 2017
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We have used our common sense to plan the Database Schema by taking into account the perspectives of doctors, clients, and pet care. This is because users may have specific and nuanced requirements that we need to consider.

The most important information for the design is their thought. The information provided by Petcare is accurate, so we can only create a useful and specific Database Schema for Petcare. Otherwise, it will affect the database's integrity and the value of the data. As we have considered that some owners have multiple pets and some pets are owned by more than one owner, if Petcare enrolls them, it can efficiently and accurately manage their client's information.

Moreover, our design can be advantageous for them as well. If we strategize a distinct interface using other programming languages like C++ or Java


, it can enhance the efficiency of data manipulation operations such as Create, Read, Update, and Delete. Nevertheless, this endeavor will require additional time for development.

Other DBMS, such as MySQL and Oracle, can be used to build the Petcare database, allowing users or decision makers to access information via the internet. This means they can access the data from outside the Branch, such as from home. This provides convenience for all users or decision makers but also raises security concerns.

For instance, if the user fails to log out of the system, others may access the computer. After setting up the database, we can give it to Petcare for verification and obtain feedback from users to accurately pinpoint design flaws. Enhancing our work is crucial, but this also necessitates more testing time and user cooperation.

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