Explanations of Premises and Improve of Our Work Essay Example
Explanations of Premises and Improve of Our Work Essay Example

Explanations of Premises and Improve of Our Work Essay Example

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  • Published: July 23, 2017
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We have merely used our common sense to plan the Database Schema by standing on the point of view of Doctor, Client or Petcare. Because some elusive difference is merely known by the users. Their thought is the most of import information to the design.

The information gave by Petcare is accurate ; therefore we merely can plan a utile and specific Database Schema for Petcare. If non, it will impact the unity of the database and the value of the informations. Because we have consider that some proprietors have more than one pet, and some pet is owned by more the one proprietor. If Petcare have make enrollment to them, it can set the information of their clients expeditiously and accurately. And our design can be forte to them.

If we can plan a specific interface by utilizing other programming linguistic communication, e.g. C++ , Java, that can better t


he efficiency of Create, Read, Update and Delete informations. But this action needs to hold more clip for developing.

We can utilize other DBMS, e.g. MySQL, Oracle, to construct up the database of Petcare, that the users or decision makers entree the informations by cyberspace. That means they can entree the informations outside the Branch, such as Home. It is much convenient to all users or decision makers.

But it besides provided a security job. For illustration, the user forgot logout the system, and so the computing machine may be used by other individual. After built up the database, we can give it the Petcare for proving. Then we can acquire the feedback from the users, that we can cognize some lack about the design accurately. It is of import to better our work. But It besides needs to hold more clip to prove and the cooperation of the users.

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