Database Project Proposal Analysis Essay Example
Database Project Proposal Analysis Essay Example

Database Project Proposal Analysis Essay Example

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  • Published: December 31, 2017
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Customers must register as our members and there will be the order form to order products. Our company will receive orders and queue up for them. Business situation and constraints: Customer must register as company's members by giving their information such as first name, last name, telephone number, and address. One customer can order many products but at least one product per time. Customer need to fill in the order product's form. Customer has to complete the payment form after ordering products which consists of using bank, amount of money, and date.

Each order has order details that contain order detail 'd, amount, total price, product ID. Each partner companies can have zero to many products. Partner companies contain only unique company name. Products contain unique product id and product name. Order detail uses for making a q


ueue to buy products. A staff can received many orders but many orders can come from only one staff or else a staff can be able not to receive any orders. Our company has two types of employees, which are staff and manager. Both of them contain employee ID, employee name, employee phone number.

Manager is an employee who has experiences. Orders that specified by its order id can be placed or can't be placed on only one event. An event which is specified by its event name can be located at many locations which contain unique name and location address.

The queue database uses to collect data of the whole business include all the products that customer order and their order detail, list of customers with information, Employees' information, etc. Requirements Data Requirements:

Customer's information Payment's

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information Orders and it's detail Employee's information Product's that customer ordered and it's company information Events that customer want our company to go and buy products and it's location Functional Requirements: Insert There is ability for customer to order products and it will be inserted to the database. Administrator can be able to insert order for customer. Update Customers can be able to update their member's information. Administrator can be able to update staff to queue for order from customer in the database.

Delete Administrator can be able to delete order. System Interface Requirements: Our company's system needs to connect to credit card system for the payment method. Control Requirements: Customers pay for the payment. Customers order the orders. The orders that customer had order take placed at the events. The events located at location. Order from customers has order detail. Order detail use to queue for the products. Partner's company has products. Staff received orders from customers. Payment use to pay on orders.

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