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They were used for transporting the wounded, transporting resources and carrying soldiers into Calvary. The first way that horses were used during the war was to carry the wounded who had been hurt on the field of battle to safety. Evidence of this is in the story “no horse no ambulances” (415) and carried wounded soldiers off the battlefield. A second way that horses were used during the war is transporting resources like water for the troops at the front and carrying ammunition for the soldiers.

Some evidence of this was “no horse no ammunition” another piece of evidence was “no horse no water for the troops at the front” so when the soldiers have no more ammunition they can get it from Joey or when the troops need water they can get it from Joey. ( 416).

Finally horses were used during the war for carrying troops into the battlefield as a unit called the cavalry’ so, that means that they wouldn’t have horses to help the battle but to only run into battle. Running into battle would eave cosseted more soldiers to die.

Some evidence for this was that from the story it stated “no horse no cavalry (414). As shown by the evidence in the excerpt from War Horse, horses were important to the war effort. They were used to carry wounded soldiers to safety.

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