Duty Honor Country Essay Example
Duty Honor Country Essay Example

Duty Honor Country Essay Example

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  • Published: December 13, 2017
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During the Cold War, I had the responsibility of handling and transporting nuclear warheads which posed a lethal range of twenty miles. Beyond this range, there was a burn zone and subsequently a sickness zone.

I was responsible for carrying out guard duty and embodying the power to eliminate spies in the Baden Wurttemberg State of West Germany. My regiment possessed extensive expertise in detecting Soviet spies, having received training on their latest equipment and attire specific to certain regions. The imperative to neutralize any spies was well-known among both German and US soldiers.

Fearful of the intense training I underwent, I felt compelled to act before harm befell me. With trepidation, I fired a round at the individual wearing a white hood just beyond my boundaries, resulting in a spray of blood. Proceeding cautiously, I neared the fi


gure, relieved to find it was a sizable jackrabbit whose coat had turned crimson. The instruments of destruction I carried were capable of causing devastation on a global scale, impacting both human lives and innocent creatures like this rabbit. I was overcome with admiration for the awesome power I possessed. The commanding officer known as the Major stood at an imposing height of approximately 6’2”.

Despite his advanced age, the Major possesses impressive physical strength. As we spoke, he recounted tales of his missions, some of which he would rather forget. He also expressed his lifelong dream to soar through the skies, viewing World War II as the ultimate battleground. Eventually, the Major engaged in combat operations during both the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

The airman had hoped that each mission would be his final one, but the things he sai

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left me in shock. His sole duty for his country was to drop bombs and leaflets on people, villages, and cities. The unsettling nature of his recollection is truly terrifying.

The word "war" continues to haunt him, as he carries out combat missions even in his late 50s. The Major is a shy and timid man who rarely speaks. He is so terrified of discussing his service that he avoids talking about it altogether. With watery eyes, he expressed his gratitude for being alive, unable to forget the horrors he witnessed or the actions he took.

Although I don't want to know, I am aware that the Corporal possesses something capable of making someone cry. This event took place over thirty years ago, yet he still carries the burden of his horrifying encounter. The Spec 4 had different hobbies and jobs but lacked a definite purpose until he felt a deep commitment to serving his country. He was taking writing classes at San Francisco State University when the World Trade Center was attacked.

Feeling a sense of patriotic duty, he made the decision to join the army. The Spec 4 was then sent to Iraq where he now serves, and I find myself yearning for his presence in order to hear his story. It was while operating a HumV that the Spec 4 encountered a land mine, but fortunately angels guided him at that exact moment. While the duty of our country may encompass modest civic responsibilities like donating blood, working at election polls, or participating in a conservation corps, some individuals find these tasks inadequate. The true call of duty entails being prepared to sacrifice one's life

with dignity for the sake of our nation.

The Corporal joined not out of duty, but to fulfill a patriotic obligation for the country. For the Spec 4 and myself, it was fulfilling a patriotic duty and following in our father's footsteps. We served our country honorably, regardless of the significance of our task. No matter how trivial or profound, we persevered and moved forward.

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