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Correlation of English “No Subject is ever well understood and no art is intelligently practiced if the light which the other studies are to throw upon is deliberately shut out”-Ramona Correlation is a word which signifies the reciprocal relationship with various subjects in the curriculum. Correlation can be broadly classified into two types: internal correlation and external correlation. Internal Correlation A sort of mutual relationship among and between the parts of the same subject is called internal correlation. This principle gives birth to the Whole to Part’ method.

Poetry, composition, grammar and prose are the integrated parts of the English language. Thus the correlation between them is internal. There are many examples in prose as well as poetry where we find that we correlate grammar incidentally. In poetries we have figures of speech which make poetry beautiful. For e. G. In the poem ‘The Race of Flowers’, in the very first stanza, The ending words, grace-disgrace gives a beautiful rhythm to the poem, similarly, many rhyming words are used to give poetic effect. There are also many figures of speech included in most of the poetries such as simile, personification, repetition, etc.

Thus while teaching poetry, the teacher takes the help of grammar to make the lesson interesting. For e. G. In the SST 8 poem ‘Daffodils’ the lines, ‘l wandered lonely as a cloud’, the poet uses a simile, a figure of speech used for comparison to bring out the speakers solitariness to that of a cloud. Sometimes prose and poetry starts with the pattern of storytelling. The SST 7 prose lesson ‘Two old men’ starts with the sentence “Long, long ago there were two old men who lives in Russia. ” The pattern of storytelling is also used in the 9th, in the poem ‘Once upon a time’ the first line starts like this: Once upon a time, Son

They used to laugh with their heart, And laugh with their eyes In this we can observe, a poem written in the form of a story. So when the teacher teaches the poem, she can take the help of storytelling which is usually form of a prose. While teaching a composition on friendship, the teacher can take the help of the poem, ‘Growing Friendship’ to make the lesson informative and interesting, thus correlating composition with poem. External Correlation It deals with the correlation of English with other Subjects.

Correlation between English and History The fact that English and History are closely related cannot be disputed. The text which literary scholars read, belong to the past quite as much as the events studied by historians. And indeed, in order to enhance texts, literary scholars frequently employ historical data. English and History have a lot in common. In SST 9, there is a struggled for freedom. While teaching concepts like straight and non-violence, the teacher could take help of History to make the lesson informative and interesting and thus correlate English with History.

In other lesson, ‘Ala Buddha Stasis’s Childhood’ the teacher can take help of History to narrate the story of the freedom trudge and the achievements of Ala Buddha Astrid and thus creativeness. In this way English can be correlated with History. Correlation between English and Geography Geography provides many opportunities for the effective use of language, some of the most beautiful passages in English literature have been written on the bounties of nature, mountains, seasons, and the countryside, all of which have a geographical phenomenon.

For e. G. The famous poet William Wordsmith is called the The nature poet’. He always depicts the enchanting nature in his poems. While teaching SST 8, he poem ‘The Cloud’, the teacher can take help off geographical terms such as coerces, streams,etc make the lesson more interesting and informative. Len the SST 6 lesson, ‘Ship Building and Navigation’ the lesson can be explained better with the help of geographical concepts and terms like navigation, seas, coastal regions, the Bay of Bengal, etc.

Thus we see English can be correlated with Geography. Correlation between English and Science Science students generally express their contempt for language and neglect its study under the pretence that it is unnecessary for science subjects but this is not so. In he poem Cloud the poem ends with water cycle. (Please write the last Paragraph of Cloud} While explain the phenomena teacher can take the help of science . In the SST 6 lesson, ‘Medicine’, language is used to explain the medicinal values of plants and arrived.

In another lesson from SST 5 ,the Priceless Pearl’, we are shown how a pearl is formed. In all the above examples, the teacher will take the help of Science and Scientific phenomenon to make the lesson more understandable. In this way, the English correlated with science Correlation between English and Math’s There are chapters in English which need the understanding of Mathematics. The SST 6 lesson Why you should learn mathematics well’ talks about the concepts like trigonometry, geometry and algebra. It talks about how important it is to know mathematics.

In another lesson from SST 7 ‘Mathematics’ we are shown how India was the birth place of many important mathematical concepts such as the decimal system, square roots and cube roots. While teaching all these concept the teacher definitely has to take the help of Mathematics. Thus English can be correlated with Math’s. Correlation between English and Art While teaching the lesson the ‘Auspicious and Aesthetic Folk art’ in SST 9, the teacher sakes the help art to teach the folk art of laying ransoming, the significance and culture associated with it.

This is how a teacher can correlate English with Art. While teaching the SST 8th lesson, ‘Banana’ the teacher can take help of Marital literature to explain Santa Datagram’s work in a better manner. The teacher thus correlates the language with Marital to bring out the true essence of the literature. While teaching the SST 7th lesson on ‘Kabuki’ the teacher takes help of Hindi literature to explain Santa Kabuki’s famous dodos and brings out the beauty of Santa Kabuki’s work and its translations into a number of foreign literary works.

Correlation between English and Craft While teaching the lesson, ‘Class Magazine’ in SST 6, the teacher takes the help of craft to explain how to design the magazine in a visually appealing and child friendly manner. The pupil understands the concept of aesthetics and neatness, in this activity the teacher takes help of craft. Thus correlating English and Craft. Correlation between English and Fine Arts Music is the language of the soul and gives us happiness, peace and solace. In the SST 9 chapter, ‘Rhythms of a Maestro’, we can take help of music to explain the technical terms such as beat, rhythm, etc. Thus we correlate English with Music.

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