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CAP Corporate enthroned seven branded businesses that were each managed as separate companies. CAP Corporate senior managers had no ties to the individual operating businesses. Brand integration was onto goal of the company at that time. Identify sources of equity for each brand Computer Power Group Corporate only role is to control internal accounting and finance and has no marketing support. Computer Power Group Pity Ltd. Was Cap’s only consulting operation. It CAP provided highest quality Information Technology services.

GPO had been dominated by the public service and government firms and were involved in one of the largest system Integration projects In Australia. Management Technology Education (MET) was one of Austral-Sais’s largest and best know corporate IT training companies. MET provided customized IT applications training courses for both Junior and entry-level corporations clients. MET even taught courses for non-alt business skills. Computer Power Training Institute (CHIP) provided placement for graduates seeking intensively positions in the IT field with a 90% success rate within the first three months.

Computer power Advanced Systems Institute (SPAS) provided IT education and raining to mid- to high-level, experienced IT professions with the intention of certifying or accrediting these student in advanced systems. This was Cap’s least well know brand. Parity People specifically focused on low volume, high-margin segments for this professional staffing business. Its main focus was senior IT positions. Parity People had high reputation and loyalty among its contractors. Computer People (CAP) specifically focused on high volume, low-margin business and is one of the largest resounding companies in Australia and Southeast Asia.

They attract large corporate clients. Queues serves a general niche market by focusing its efforts permanent placements because of the higher margin returns. Its focus Is the elite end of the IT professional placement market. Evaluate each brand’s identity Computer Power Group Corporate has an overall good reputation for providing quality services however, because it has so many brands under it, users are confused as to specific goal and vision this company has. Computer Power Group Pity Ltd is specifically know for its high quality IT services. Because it primarily only contracts with public service and government sectors, It is

Management Technology Education (MET) is a well-known corporate IT training company that provides quality trainers. MET spends 2. 2 million on direct mail and print advertising. Computer Power Training Institute (CHIP) is seen as a good place to take Junior level IT courses due to the fact that it has free placement. CHIP has a large marketing budget. CHIP is the place to go for a new future. Computer Power Advanced Systems Institute (SPAS) is not well known, values for this company are not clear. Users see it as a place for older men to go to when they need career change that requires a certificate.

Parity People is well known for providing personalized services and has highly loyal contractors from both the government and private companies. Parity People is seen as a quality company will strong values. Queues does not have high general awareness because it specializes in a niche market of the elite. Queues has a good reputation for “finding the right people”. Computer People (CAP) were seen as a not-so-special company that deals with the least skilled contractors. CAP is not known for quality. Lacking in positive attributes and values.

Develop a set of recommendations In order for Computer Power Group’s brand to become unified, it needs to bring each of its separate companies together in a way that will take advantage of each brands strengths. Computer People (CAP), Parity People and Queues should be under the same brand due to that fact that they all within the staffing market. Both Queues and CAP would benefit from the good reputation of Parity People. Management Technology Education (MET), Computer Power Training Institute (CHIP), and Computer Power Advanced Systems Institute (SPAS) should combine to become en Advanced Systems Training and Education brand.

Training, education and certifying all under one brand would give its brand a clear message and make it a more attractive option for prospective clients or students. Because Computer Power Group Corporate has no specific role other than accounting and finance, they will focus their attention on its only consulting operation: Computer Power Pity Ltd. Computer Power Group Corporate will work directly with Computer Power Pity Ltd to market its services beyond public service and government firms.

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