Computer and Philippines Inc. Essay Example
Computer and Philippines Inc. Essay Example

Computer and Philippines Inc. Essay Example

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  • Published: December 29, 2017
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Computers plays a big role in different application such as airline industry, medicine, banking industry, television and movies, factory, offices, schools, business and even at home. Businesses are using computers to improve their efficiency, reduce their cost of operation, and to have a more timely and accurate reports. Indeed, computer as a result, produce a variety of benefits that arrived In an enhance knowledge and improve ones capability to do things. It makes things to become possible and one of these Is the payroll system. This study will tackle In particular the Payroll System of LIMA of the Philippines Inc.

Payroll System is one of the systems used in a company to simplify the process of recording and tracking of information. It handles the salary of the employees and ports of their wages. People are admitted to work in order to liv


e and support their love ones. When you are employed, you are entitled to include the payroll system. Payroll system is one of the tiresome aspects in managing a business owing to its repetitive nature of preparation. It is indeed not an easy task which involves proper handling as it involves financial matters and at stake are the company's resources.

An accurate and efficient payroll system must be properly implemented to satisfy the employees and the company's objective as well. The payroll system of JAM of the Philippines Inc. Deeds Improvement so as to serve the employees better. The proposed system could help Improve and lessen difficulties being encountered by the accounting department and the employees as well.

Problem and Opportunities

The existing Payroll System that the JAM of the Philippines Inc. Is

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currently using is Excel. The researchers encountered the following problems: General Problem: Effort and time wasted in computing payroll for employee.

Specific problems: Slow processing of pay slip generation. Poor security of files and data storage. Due to this encountered problems, an opportunity of Introducing computerized roll system is propose by the researchers. The general objective of the study is to develop and improve the computerized payroll system made by the researchers that will upgrade the LIMA of the Philippines Reduce effort and time wasted in computing payroll for employee. Provide a better and faster way for processing of pay slip generation. Provide a better security of files and data storage.

Significance of the Study

The proposed Computerized Payroll System of AM of the Philippines Inc. Will help lessen time, and effort during the said transactions. The study also has significance to the following: To the LIMA of the Philippines Inc. , through this study, the company will realize that the use of computer will be a great tool to their payroll operations. Since the proposed system will have a great help the people behind the payroll system of the company for it lessen the time and effort in processing and retrieving information hence, provide ease in managing their payroll. To the Employees of AM of the Philippines Inc. The proposed system can help them in a way that the problems occur during payroll can be remove like the delaying of their salaries and the time they waste during payroll. To the other company, who are still relying on the old procedure, it will serve as their references and adapt the necessary system accompanied with

the growth of the company. To the Researchers Institution particularly to the Information Technology Department, accomplishment of the proposed system will bring honor to the school, the Keyhole Eng Lungs Eng Lip for having products such as the researchers who were able to create said outcomes.

To the Researchers, developing the proposed system will be a good training for the researcher for practicing system analysis and design together with computer arrogating. It will be a great help especially in developing their skills as an I. T. Student. To the Future Researchers, the proposed system will serve as guide in making related type of research and they may gain additional knowledge. This study will also give them basis on how effectively payroll system works on various business transaction and recording. The researchers focus their study on the payroll of their employees only.

It primarily deals with the recording of employees personal information, the salary rate and necessary deductions. Any relevant updates on employees information are also included. The overworked time period must also be considered in the computation of their salaries. The process of computing salaries is done every 1 5th day or 30th day but every 20th day and 5th day of the following month, the employee shall receive his wages. However, the computation of each employees salary is beyond the researchers control. Any other transactions such as billing, sales and inventory of the company are not included to the proposed system.

Methodology Local of the Study The site of their study is the LIMA of the Philippines Inc. Which is located at PIP in Santos Thomas. The main subject of the study is the

employees who are still using a labor-intensive system on their attendance monitoring and payroll. Since then, we all distinguish that the problems exist when improper applications have been made. That is why we have our proposal system which is the application of computerized payroll system. Data Gathering Methods The administration of LIMA of the Philippines Inc. , particularly the manager and the accountants contributed a lot in the achievement of this study.

Because of their collaborative support the researchers were able to successfully conduct study about their company. There are various data gathering technique and ways that the researchers made. Interviewing people who are responsible in the study to helps the researchers in gathering information regarding the study. Those interviews helped the researchers to come up with the software that may fit the need for enhancement of learning about the study. The researchers also look for ideas from computers about the software that will help to solve the encountered problems by the campus.

Although process was too tiring and need lot of time, it did not become an obstacle for the researchers to produce the alternative solutions. System Analysis and Design The gleaned information was summarized which served as guide to broadly understand the existing system and as among the factors to consider in the next step. Collected information was analyzed and prepared preliminary layout. The possible system requirements are also listed to determine the viability which was System is design based on the managements choice. They made it more appealing to the users thus ensures its being user friendly.

The researchers decided to use Visual Basic 2010 application software, coupled with MS Access as

database, which are proven best for visually effective screen design that will suit the preference of the accountant and the other system users of LIMA of the Philippines Inc.

Conceptual Framework

Figure 1: Conceptual Framework of the Proposed Computerized Payroll System of JAM of the Philippines Inc. This study used the systems approach with three dimensions: INPUT, PROCESS and OUTPUT. In this figure, the input is the information of the employee required by the system. It indicates the performance of one employee based on the record.

The process is the Recording, and Storing Files which is formulated by the different programs use and also the computation of payroll is performed. In addition, OUTPUT process shows that the release of Pay Slip is the most important aspect in the study which leads to perform another product such as Reports.

Definition of Terms Database

A collection of interrelated information/data Execution. The process of carrying out instruction's of a computer program by a computer. Files. A named set of records stored or processed as a unit. Hardware. Physical components of an information processing system, such as computer peripheral devices.

Input. Pertaining to a device, entity, process or channel involved in an input, process, or to the associated data or state. Manual System. A system operated by the hands, requiring physical rather than mental effort without the aid of computing device. Personal Computer. A microcomputer primarily intended for stand-alone used by an individual. People ware. The users of the computer system Records. An authentic official copy of documents deposits with a legally designated offices. Retrieve. To locate data in storage and read it so that it can be processed,

printed or displayed.

Updating. Act of making changes made by the user. Software. All or part of the programs, procedure, rules and associated documentation of a data processing system. System. Data processing, a data collection of people, machines and methods organized to accomplish a set of specific function.

Chapter Review of Related Literature

This chapter provides general ides of the technology use, review of related literature and conceptual framework of proposed System.

Related Literature

Researchers come up with the minimum hardware requirements that the proposed system needed.

As the processor Pentium IV or higher was applied, memory iamb of RAM was applied. Peripheral hardware such as AS/2 Mouse, AS/2 Keyboard, CRT Monitor, Power Supply and Printer for printing reports AVER was provided. All listed reward requirements is now available at the establishment development application The researchers decided to use Visual Basic 2010 application software, coupled with MS Access as database, which are proven best for visually effective screen design that will suit the preference of the accountant and the other system users of Golden Dreams Company.

Related Studies

Local Studies Barbados have found varieties of applications in different fields, including libraries and information centers. In developed countries, barded patterns have become a familiar symbol for general masses due to their appearance in all personal products, kooks, food and grocery packets, garments, other records, etc. The application of barded technology in circulation system of a library and information center is most successful due to its speed, accuracy and reliability.

In a computerized circulation system, there is no need to maintain and issue multiple borrowers cards. Each member needs only a single card with unique identification number

(such as library membership number) to be used by the software to access member database and the multiple borrowing facilities is controlled by the software. In computerized circulation system the borrower presents before the counter assistant his library card and the book(s) to be borrowed. The circulation assistant inputs the identity number of the borrower through keyboard and activates his database record.

Depending upon permissibility the documents accession number is entered in the computer and the book is issued to the borrower. It is the computer software, which computes the due date for return, fine and makes reservations against books. In a manual system it is difficult to ascertain whether a particular book is issued or not and hence reserving a book becomes a cumbersome Job. Such problems do not exist with the computers. The database is always ready for any query. Thus, with ease, the entire operation can take place without any loss of information and control.

However, even in computerized circulation system, there is a need for circulation staff to input data like member code, accession number, etc. Into the machine. This often slows down the entire process. Further, there may be data entry error, which reduces the efficiency of the system. The automation in libraries requires that the barded be incorporated on each readers tickets. A borrowers file giving full details is to be prepared using the automation package. The barded number is to be incorporated in the borrowers records by scanning.

Similarly, a file of all documents in the library is to be prepared. Each item in the bibliographic file has its own unique barded number. The barded label is stuck

in a convenient place such as opposite the due date label. Fingerprint scanner to ID school children Students in an Ohio public school district will be fingerprinted to identify them in lunch lines, raising privacy concerns among parents. The Akron school board approved, 5-2, a request for $700,000 to modernize its cafeterias, agreeing to pilot the system this fall at a middle school, the

Akron Beacon Journal reported. Board members were barraged with phone calls and e-mails from parents. One board member who voted against the measure, Rebecca any student has ever had the expectation that in order to go through the lunch line or to buy a cookie or carton of milk that they or their children would be requested to first be fingerprinted.

Foreign Studies

She told the Akron paper. Raymond Vassar, legal director for the American Civil Liberties Union, said school leaders must ensure the fingerprint images don't end up in the wrong hands.

The question remains is there information that would be useful o someone and how can you be sure this information is not shared? He said, according to the Akron daily. Parents opposed to the system will have the option of acquiring an identification card for their children, and the systems designers say the fingerprints will be deleted. The system, which replaces the meal ticket method, puts students fingerprints into a scanner that creates a template of binary numbers corresponding to the unique pattern of each print.

Students are identified in the lunch line by placing a finger on a scanner. ' think we need to enter the 21st century, Said board member Linda Seeker, nothing the systems efficiency.

We need to move forward and not backward. Seeker said, according to the Beacon Journal, the stored templates could not be used by police in the same way they rely on fingerprints. I do not see this as much different than a photo ID, she said. It is simply more reliable. However, board member Curtis Walker, who voted for the system, agreed school leaders need to pay attention to privacy concerns. In the study conducted by Paul Grady entitled Aristotle Payroll System, the author said that fully automated system can be applied if enhancement is expected in and mound out that it is much better to apply not only an automated system in an stand- alone computer system but preferred network system. He stated that payroll processing must meet the information needs of external entities to provide information for internal use of business. He mentioned in his study the importance of eliminating manual routines and utilizing electronic data processing instead, with the use of computers. [Paul Grady. Aristotle Payroll System, 2005] A case (extracted from the ISO/ICE TRY 14143-4) . Once the original Hotel Reservation System described in OUR AY has been completed, the following facility should be deed to the Hotel Reservation System: In function REST, when entering the name into the reservation screen, the system should check if that exact name already exists in a previous reservation. If so (and when no other or similar name exists), the system should automatically enter the details (street address, postcode, city, country, telephone number, language code) into the new reservation.

If there are several different addresses for the same name (or for a similar name) the

system should show all candidates in a pop-up window, allowing the user to select the appropriate choice. From the book by Ralph Stair and George Reynolds entitled Principles of information Systems, Seventh Edition,(2006) studies have shown that the involvement factor for organizational success including higher profits and lower costs. Information System are used in all functional areas and operating divisions of business.

In sales and marketing, information system are used to develop new goods and services (product analysis), determine the best location for production and distribution facilities (place or site analysis) Vass Online Reservation System for Maim Vacation Rentals (Ph. D Thomas F. Skiff, Jackie Pisa Carline, 2006-1) says that designed to increase guest booking while reducing the owners time on the computing answering email. This system is available anytime a guest wants to book and the chances are greater that your rental will be looked when guest have an immediate response.

The policies regarding security deposits, balance, due date, and cancellation penalties can be posted on the Vass Online Booking System and automatically sent to the guest in the reservation confirmation email. The reservation system allows entering payments as they are received and automatically send confirmation receipt to the guests. Annals of the History of Computing and Payroll System (2006) of George McKinley dealt on the significance of proper generating of payroll in any company.

This is an important consideration as the usefulness of management accounts depends on their timeliness; the older information is, the less it will reflect the current situation. Most important of all, however, is the quality and integrity of the information. If the systems of recording information and manipulating financial

accounts, particularly those pertaining to salaries and wages of a company's employees are flawed, the less useful and the more (potentially) damaging the management accounts become.

Providing timely, accurate and most relevant information and services, more importantly the distribution of the salaries are the responsibility of every employer to their employees. Said outcomes are the core aspects of the reviewed studies and that of the researchers. Relatively, Payroll System according to George McKinley, of the University of Michigan, is a system that includes employees information, breakdown of compensation, rate and period covered, detailed contributions and deductions, and he net amount to be received by the corresponding individual.

Laborious computation and calculation performed by the accounting personnel can be made easier using the electronic data processing. The study focuses on payroll procedures and the proper handling of employees records, and salary computation. Great outcomes can be achieved by any company if computerized system is employed in any business area. [http://www. Payroll_McKinley/study. HTML] It also stated in International Marketing by Supplies et. Al 2008,p. 57, in a foreign transaction, an open account can be especially risky for the seller unless the buyer is well-known customer who has a track record of being a good payer or one who has been thoroughly checked for credit worthiness. In an open account, the seller simply obtains an export order, approves it, ships the merchandise and then sends along an invoice to the customer with a request for payment. This mode of payment should the clients to access the payment in its easiest way. It would also be easier for clients to pay for the reservation if payments like credit cards,

etc. Ill be used.

According to I. T Hierarchically in his book entitled Introduction to System Analysis and Design 3rd Edition (2005) stated that one of the most important factors in building systems is to develop a good understanding of the system and its problems. This is necessary in order to identify the correct system requirements and provide solutions that are acceptable to an organization and its personnel. An understanding of the system cannot be developed by analysts simply sitting down and drawing a model of the system or setting user requirements in the privacy of an office.

It can only be done by discussion with users to find out what they require of the system and the building systems that satisfy these requirements. Thus, in summary, it is necessary to spend some time studying the system, talking to its users and obtaining information about how the system works and what is needed of the new system. According to Pterosaurs in his books entitled Mastering: Database programming of Visual Basic 2010 (2010) stated that since corporations based, when it comes to designing a very large database, most corporation will hire consultants to do the Job.

Medical companies, for example, with large computer installations and an army of programmers, database administrators and all kinds of computers specialist, usually outsource design of their database. From time to time, they'll bring consultants of tune database, as well. Section 12 of Farm Management: Enterprise Budgets. Budgets can be used to estimate profitability, project cash flows, provide a basis for credit, assist in farm planning, and develop least-cost feed rations. In this guide, different classification of application that may reveal

large variation in per-unit costs of production.

Individual farmers determine costs of production in relation to management decision and income needs. However, a cash-flow statement would be needed to determine whether all financial obligations can be met. The similarity of this study to Corn and Sugarcane Growth Monitoring with Decision Support System is the concept of costs and decision making. Variable costs are those that vary with output within a production period. Those costs include seedlings, fertilizers and labor. (guided. Agronomy. Us. Du, 2009) A project entitled Risk Assessment And Monitoring of Corn Borer Resistance to Transgenic BET Corn in Louisiana, has the objectives of determining susceptibility of South-Western corn borer to Bet proteins extracted from Bet- corn plants, to evaluate changes in susceptibility of South-Western corn borer and sugarcane borer to Bet coins in laboratory selections, estimate Bet resistance allele frequency in Louisiana corn borer populations and to implement a monitoring system to detect early changes in Bet resistance allele frequencies in South-Western corn borer and sugarcane borer in Louisiana. Hung, Leonard, 2008) The simile 1 1 1 1 lariat of this growth in a particular crop. A book entitled Monitoring and Predicting Agricultural Drought: A Global Study is a study about crop monitoring. According to this, crop performance during the growing season is monitored by the members of the National Early Warning Committee (NEWS). Compared with normal and past years equivalents, land preparation planting and cropping pattern are monitored based on the area prepared for cultivation. Dates of planting are compared with the seasonal crop calendar to identify any delay in planting.

Crop conditions during specific phonological phases are monitored, and poor/very poor

crop conditions are also identified. Recommendations are made for alleviating any crop damage based on the monitoring. The availability of inputs, such fertilizers, pesticides, and improved seeds and the financial ability of the farmer to use the inputs is explained in the monitoring port. Finally, estimates on crop productions are made and compared with the past year and also with a normal year. (Bookend, Crackle, Hatchet, 2005).

Chapter Ill System Analysis

This chapter covers the analyses of the existing system as well as the proposed one. Corresponding data flow diagram for each system is illustrated. It also emphasizes the logical concept of the proposal, the system requirements and the possible users are also identified in this section. 3. 1 The Existing System In the existing system of LIMA of the Philippines Inc. , the employees will punch their time of each employee. After the employees punched their DIRT, the accounting personnel validates the attendance and records in the attendance sheet for the determination of employees salary.

Then it will be given to the accounting clerk for the computation of payroll and preparation of payroll sheet for a summary report. After that, the manager will check and verify the payroll sheet before signing it. Then it will be returned to the accounting clerk for distribution of pay slip and salary.

DVD Existing system

The Proposed System

The proposed system will be of great help for the users of the system as well as to he employees of JAM of the Philippines Inc. The proposed system will starts the same way as the employees punched their DIRT.

Then, the accounting personnel will validate and import the attendance

and records in the attendance sheet for the determination of employees salary. Then it will be given to the accounting on the computerized payroll system. The salary will be automatically computed. Then the accounting personnel will generate the salary accounting personnel will distribute the salary to the employees. The proposed system aims to have an easy, accurate and efficient result of all the data on payroll. It also aims to monitor preparation of payroll to determine the process and operations involved in the system. .

DVD Proposed System

Users of the System The researchers proposal needs human factor to have an effective system. The primary user of the proposal is the employees of JAM of the Philippines Inc. Secondary users are payroll staff/personnel of JAM of the Philippines Inc. Corporation. He/she must be computer literate to be able to properly manage and operate the system. In case of the absence of the secondary user, other accounting personnel from the Payroll Department must know the flow of the computerized yester. He/she must be in charge of doing payroll report.

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