Expectancy Theory Applied In Apple Inc Business

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Apple is an American transnational corporation that designs and markets consumer electronics, computing machine package and personal computing machines. Apple headquarter was established in Cupertino, California on April 1, 1976 and incorporated January 3, 1977 ; the company was antecedently named Apple Computer, Inc. for its first 30 old ages, but removed the word “ Computer ” on January 9, 2007 to reflect the company ‘s on-going enlargement into the consumer electronics market. The founded of the Apple was Steve P. Jobs, who was born in the U.S. Steve P. Jobs besides was the Apple main executive officer, CEO.

The company ‘s best-known hardware and package merchandises include iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iTune and operating system illustration the latest engineering IOS6. During August 2010, the company operates 301 retail shops in 10 states and an online shop to sell its ‘ merchandise. Apple is the 1 of the largest companies in the universe and the most valuable engineering company in the universe comparison to Microsoft. Apple is a consumer goods company and hence measuring its value requires understanding its merchandises and consumers. Apple confronting this hard job because it competes with many different companies throughout the different industries it takes portion in.

In add-on, the thing must cognize about Apples is that a batch of imperativeness is associated with their CEO, Steve P. Jobs. He is seen as the designer of many of Apple ‘s astonishing merchandises and the ground for their success. His presentations at Apple ‘s media events are “ electrifying ” and radical. Comparing a Steve Jobs presentation is about impossible. He is in a conference all his ain. His presentation is superb presentations of ocular storytelling that motivate clients, employees, investors and the full computing machine industry.

The company is committed to convey the best electronic and communicating device to consumers, pupils, authorities and concerns through its advanced their hardware and package. The company ‘s is ability to plan and develop its ain operating system, hardware and package to supply its clients new merchandises and solution with superior ease-of-use.

Furthermore, Apple besides had gives many motive and wagess to their employees and staff. With the motive and wagess that Apple gives, this will give more bravery and assurance to their employees. Their employees will besides experience more happy and satisfy with their company, due to that they are one of the plus of the company, non liabilities of the company.

2.1 Principle and Concept Applied

Theory X- is a negative position of people which assumes that workers lack of aspiration, dislike work, run off from duty, and have to be closely directed to work efficaciously ( DJ Ware, 2011 ) .

Theory Y- is a positive position which assumes workers enjoy work, self-motivation, responsible and apply self-discipline ( DJ Ware, 2011 ) .

Theory X and Y applied in Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. , as a successful organisation, has their ain effectual ways to actuate the employees. Steve Job, the cofounder of Apple Inc. , was a perfectionist. He was ever considered to be a great incentive. He pushed his workers every bit far as they could travel and sometimes it did n’t stop good. Steve Job has been criticized many times for handling his employees harshly but many of his employees do acknowledge that they achieved things that they ne’er thought they could because of the force per unit area he put on them. He ever wanted to be certain he was doing the right determination so he would ever believe every possible pick option through before he made his executive squad and they frequently would reason the pros and cons of each thought before a determination was made ( Nathan Schiller, 2012 ) . We could see that both McGregor X and Y Theory were being applied by Steve Jobs

In X Theory, workers have to be driven to affect in carrot and stick direction. Carrot and stick direction was applied by Steve Jobs to develop worker ‘s possible. For illustration, when people do non stand for the Macintosh undertaking, he fired those that stand against him and hired other great workers. In fact, he kept those who can work with him tend to be loyal such as his A squad coders, executives and interior decorators.

Steve Job used the McGregor Y Theory. This is because he would actuate the squad as a whole alternatively of merely pull offing his staff. He believed that his workers would work to their full potency if given the right push which is sometimes why he treated them harshly. He believed his employees could be great and he wanted to see them win. For illustration, Ratzlaff, a originative manager of Apple Inc. , had created an first-class design for iMac. This new design was non supported until Steve felt impressed with his design. Steve Jobs congratulations Ratzlaff and he felt happy as Steve Jobs is a individual with high outlook which about no people could give him what he wanted.

Maslow ‘s Hierarchy of Needs Theory – is the best known motive theory proposed by Abraham Maslow which involves the demands in term of ( Steve Denning, 2012 ) :

Physiological: Food, drink shelter, sex, and other physical demands

Safety: Security and protection from physical emotional injury

Sociable: Affection, belongingness, credence, and friendly relationship

Esteems: Internal esteem factors such as position, acknowledgment and attending

Self-actualization: Growth, accomplishing one ‘s possible, and self-fulfilment.

Below is a item program of illustration of Apple Inc. to fulfill each of these demands:

1. Physiological demands: Apple Inc. provides sensible refreshment interruptions, work hours, and physical comfort for their employees to work.

2. Safety demands: Apple Inc. has done a great occupation in giving for these demands, such as base compensation, safe working conditions and benefits. They could still hold betterment in occupation security, which is to acquire rid of the menace that a batch of workers afraid of losing their occupations because of their public presentation.

3. Social demands: Apple Inc. has tried to better the environment between directors and employees. This could assist the persons to see that the sense of belonging to be of critical importance.

4. Esteem demands: Apple Inc. satisfy their employees esteem demands by turn outing them duty for of import occupations, giving opportunities for publicity to higher occupation position, and acknowledgment from Steve Jobs. They ever guarantee their workers know that their part can assist in accomplishing the organisational ends.

5. Self-actualization demands: Apple Inc. has ever provided originative and ambitious work to their employees through the merchandises they develop. If the challenging work is done absolutely, this could do their employees to experience that they are already in the topographic point they want where their self- realization is satisfied.

Goal-Setting Theory- The theory defines the critical relationship between ends and public presentation. Predictions that the most effectual public presentation seems to ensue when aims are disputing are supported by research when public presentation are evaluated and align to feedback on consequences, and credence and committedness are created. ( Fred C. Lunenburg, 2011 )

Apple Inc. ‘s Goal-Setting Theory

The “ goal-setting theory, is one of the procedure theories that is applied to the Apple Inc. They extremely focus to actuate their employees to carry through disputing task ends. The appropriate goals-setting direction within Apple Inc. is ever able to assist in clear uping public presentation outlooks. A foundation for behavioral self-management has been provided by Apple Inc. It could actuate the work public presentation and complacency of the employees within the Apple Inc.

Expectancy Theory – says that an single tends to move in a certain manner with the outlook that the act is followed by a coveted result. Anticipation is the effort-performance linkage ; instrumentality is the performance-reward linkage ; and valency is the attraction of the wages.

Expectancy Theory applied in Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. uses outlook theory to actuate the employees to accomplish the ends which are measureable, come-at-able and specific. Employees attempt to increase their occupation public presentation degree to acquire the valued wagess.

However, it seems to be idealistic because most of the people perceive extremely correlated between wagess and public presentation. So, Apple Inc. concern on each of the employees and supply them good public assistance. This can better the public presentation degree of the employees although the wagess are non as employees desired. Apple may guarantee that the employee can accomplish the aimed public presentation degree by observed the employee ‘s ability to do the company operations more effectual.

2.2 Company ‘s Operations/ Practices

Apple Inc. has ever been considered the most admired and advanced company today. They reveal that the employees ‘ motive is a cardinal success factor. So, their employees are given inducements and wagess in order to prolong high motive and surrogate originative thought.

Apple Inc. , for case, honor its employees by giving them a wages fillip around 3 % to 5 % of their base wage, unless they fail to accomplish their mark. Obviously, they try to prolong employee ‘s motive and committedness. Apple Inc. ‘s employees will have a free iPod Shuffle or iPhone as a wages for their achievements.

As of July 2012, Apple Store employees have gotten pay rises of up to 25 per cent of their salary because of great public presentation. In add-on, Apple CEO Tim Cook created a price reduction system. Under the new system, Apple Inc. employees received $ 500 off of a Mac or $ 250 off of an iPad. This price reduction, which can be used every three old ages, is available to all employees who have worked for the company for at least 90 yearss. Employees are besides ever acquiring a fixed 25 per cent price reduction on Apple hardware.

Apple Inc. is a good illustration of an organisation that is non merely capable of actuating employees to make some accomplishment, but besides of doing them willing to make. Apple Inc. fosters both intrinsic and extrinsic motive through organisational factors such as a civilization that encourages committedness that recognises employees ‘ accomplishments and value by offering fiscal and non-financial inducements. A successful company ever come with wages system which involves both fiscal and non-financial inducements. This is precisely what Apple Inc. has done and this attack is proven to be effectual.

3.0 Problem encountered by Apple Inc.

Currently Apple Inc. is listed in the ranking as one of the most valuable and largest company in the universe. Apple Inc. has reached a milepost some manner have thought unthinkable a decennary ago. Its rating surpassed $ 620 billion, doing Apple Inc. the most valuable company in history. But, as the stating goes by, ‘When you are on top, everyone wants to strike hard you off your base, and this is true for Apple Inc.

The biggest job Apple Inc. facing in the footings of motive and wagess is the decease of Steve Jobs strives along the decease of ends, intents and thoughts that were created by Steve Jobs. This impacted non merely on employees, but besides the provider and clients. Peoples uncertainties and delaies for the public presentation of Apple Inc. without Steve Jobs. The celebrated inquiry been asked, ‘how would the Apple Inc. be, without Jobs ‘ . Demotivation is the consequence.

Furthermore, the strong rival besides affected the Apple Inc. in footings of motive. No affair how introducing the Apple Inc. has done, the rival among the rival are merely excessively strong, most of them are bettering a batch more than Apple Inc. is bettering. The employees are unable to maximise their endowment and attempt since they can non acquire into same gait as the rival did. The great illustration is Samsung innovate the foldaway screen that impressed the universe engineering. This would emphasize the Apple Inc. staff and consequence in demotivation. Besides, the worsening gross revenues of iMac have become the issue that demotivating the employees. In a such competitory universe, the other computing machine maker are making great therefore provides many options for the consumers.

On the other manus, the increasing of downloading music sites from clip to clip will do a large consequence on Apple Inc. ‘s public presentation. Users are able to download music free of charge through online web sites, non like the Apple Inc. ‘s merchandise, the iTunes is non capable to make so. No affair how advanced and how impressive the iTunes workers worked on, certainly more users will take the free of charge package alternatively of Apple ‘s iTunes which costs existent money for downloading music, the workers get discouraged on their attempt.

In the facets of market portion, the Microsoft is holding high value of market portion which tenseness the staffs in Apple Inc. in all degrees. The better the rival is making, the more the tenseness they would acquire which will hold important impact in footings of motive among the workers. Furthermore, there are distance between Tim and Jobs. The current CEO of Apple Inc. Tim Cook is unable to acknowledge the merchandises ‘ failing before it launch, even after the merchandise launched, the job is non fixed and what he did is apologising that Steve would ne’er make, alternatively of that, Steve will seek his best to fulfill the client satisfaction and keep the good repute and keep the loyal clients. This is what the current CEO, Tim Cook is incapable to make so. Unless Tim proves himself by future superb public presentation, the clients and employees will be demotivated from clip to clip and this would draw the Apple Inc. down which the challengers are hope to see. The interior motive is really difficult to place, peculiarly in big companies where everything is standardized, its vaporization frequently goes unnoticed till the minute when there emerge serious working jobs or an employee foliages, rather out of the blue for the company. Yes, Tim is good at being a leader but since the world shows that valuable employees are discontinuing their occupations, top directors are go forthing, and those who stay do non expose the coveted grade of ardor and enthusiasm.

4.0 Recommendation and Suggestion

Based on the above determination, we could see the Apple Inc. have growing to a really valuable company. The decease of Steve Job should convey the Apple Inc. a great impact. However, Steve Jobs has done what he wanted to make by advancing the IPhone before he passed-on. This is the biggest turning point of his concern every bit good as the organisation, everyone in the universe was been convinced by his presentation, his word, his address, his organic structure linguistic communication and etc. However, does it intend Steve Job pass-on is traveling to stop of Apple Inc. ? What will go on to Apple Inc. ?

Yes! Apple Inc. ‘s manages fight side by side on Samsung, which one of the strongest rival against Apple Inc. Even though, Steve Jobs passes-on but the people in the organisation besides being motivated because of Steve Jobs difficult work and attempt has been motivated them. Samsung so is their strongest rival but Apple does pull off to get the better of the obstructions.

What can we give as suggestion, the HR Department have to make or doing event which motivates the employee. For illustration, spread a subdivision from tea clip into Happy Hour or implement after work assemblage. Beside that, it besides can put a end or undertaking has to be done within a twenty-four hours, a hebdomad or a month. In order to accomplish such end or undertaking, of class there will be a wages, like little gift, shackle, accoutrement, or higher governments have a dainty to their subsidiary. All of these are the illustration which provide the employee to work in a better manner every bit good to actuate and encourages the employee to hike their on the job abilities.

As we continue, Apple Inc. does confront another trouble. This is era and such progress of IT ( information engineering ) , people tends to utilize something called cyberspace, assist them check into the web site and downloading such as, information, vocal, image, papers and many more application or utile ingredient. Meanwhile, Apple does hold a nexus with iTune, everything interior is needed to be wage. For illustration, download it and we have to pay $ USD 0.99 for a vocal. But, it does supply us the prevue button that allows us to experience the joy of few seconds. Therefore, the employees do experience discouraged as they seting their on the job life on the line. For this, Apple Inc. could supply better wages or bundle into one deck of vocals alternatively $ USD 0.99 is tantamount one vocal. This could pull the oculus of people and have a higher opportunity on them to purchases. On the other manus, as for the employee who work under iTunes cooperate with Apple Inc. these hardworking worker may add on characteristics like associating into wireless station so it could assist to publicize the vocals or intelligence around the universe. Beside that, the advertizement could do a small little money from it. By utilizing this money could set it into a cardinal hoggish bank so this money is average for those workers. How this work? Or Motivate? Or Wagess?

Despite the employee, want to take a interruption or remainder for a minute and have a cup of tea and they can pass their tea by subtracting from the cardinal hoggish bank.

In add-on, Microsoft has been making good and their market portion value gone up, this could do Apple Inc. ‘s employee to be more tenseness in all degree, section. The better the rival is making and the more the tenseness they could be. This is a strong and common impact can be throwing from rival when the rival is strong.

Apple Inc. has to take step and safeguard of this affair. If non the rivals will be catch the current Apple Inc. Indeed, Tim is great in taking, leading but the world shows that valuable employees are discontinuing their occupations, top directors are go forthing, and those who stay do non expose their enthusiasm.

Decision in recommendation, before the affair goes into more serious or farther negative impact to the organisation it is better to happen a solution. To get the better of such job, Apple Inc. may look into the inside informations and pass a small money on making study of feedback. With the aid of the feedback, things can be done easy. Furthermore, in studies may perforate the client outlook ; make full up what is losing in the demands of the client by supplying a better services and efficiencies. Hence, proposing ways for Apple to better is supplying a preparation and inducement for the employees. Following creates a good and comfy environment for the employee so they wo n’t experience the degree of tenseness in the on the job country.

5.0 Decision

As a decision of the whole study, we had learned that Apple Inc. is one of the most valuable organisational with engineering in the universe. When Apple introduced and launched its ain merchandise such as IPhone, IPad, IPod, IMac and so on, it ‘s decidedly give a really astonishing consequence to their clients. When Apple Inc. hired Steve Jobs as a Chief Executive Officer, CEO, he had alteration the Apple organisation from an unknown company to go one of the most popular organisation ‘s in the universe. It is really evidently that Steve Jobs are confronting the challenge from the other rival whereby their chief rivals are from the Samsung and every bit good as Sony and Nokia.

Steve Jobs had introduced many types of motives and wagess to his employees in the organisations. He ever forced and put himself and the workers into the difficult force per unit area so that they can accomplish an unexpected feedback. He ever made certain that he was doing the right determinations, that before he is traveling to executive his squad. At the same clip, they were an statement with his employees in footings of pros and cons. It is really of import that the employees had shown the teamwork among each other. In Theory X, those workers have to be driven which affecting in carrot and stick direction. Whereas, in the Theory Y which introduce by McGregor. Steve Jobs as a leader of the organisation, he must ever actuate the squad alternatively of merely pull offing the whole organisation. He is besides believed and to the full trusted that his squad are able to execute good and demo full of possible.

Apple Inc. sometimes will besides make some misidentify on it. It is better to get the better of by holding study and feedback from the clients. Besides that, it is a immense doomed to the Apple Inc. and the United States when Steve Jobs was passed off. Tim Cook as a current Chief executive officer of Apple must ever actuate and honor his squad so that the employee ‘s will non discontinue from the Apple organisation. Apple must maintain their impulse so that it can stay as one of the top organisation in this universe.

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