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In the sixteenth century Spaniards Herman Cortes and Christopher Columbus set out on endeavouring journeys in hunt of new universes. Christopher Columbus encountered. in the Caribbean islands. a group of highly simplistic Native Americans. Herman Cortes nevertheless encountered a much more advanced Native American group in Meso America ; we officially know this country to be Mexico. In my essay I will be comparing and contrasting several facets between both of these Native American Civilizations including edification. engineering. lodging. arms. faith and their reaction to the Spaniards. Letterss written by Columbus and Cortes will be used to do these comparings.

Merely every bit is typical today. I would presume first feelings and credence by new people were of great significance to Columbus and Cortes. The Natives that Columbus encountered were really welcoming to the Spaniards. Columbus provinces in his authorship on Tuesday. October 16 that there was a adult male whom had given such favourable history of them. The Indian adult male served Columbus with great Numberss of canoes which delivered H2O and other things to the Spaniards on their ships. Columbus instructed that the Native Americans which boarded the ship be fed with molasses. Columbus provinces that when he sent the boat on shore for H2O “The indigens with great good will directed the work forces where to happen it. assisted them in transporting the casks full of it to the boat. and seemed to take great pleasance in functioning us. ”

Herman Cortes and his work forces besides received a olympian welcoming in the Aztec capital. In the history of the duologue of Cortes and the Aztec swayer Motechzoma. the first thing the swayer did was give necklaces to Cortezs and his work forces. Motechzoma gave Cortes a standing welcome and. in fact. bowed before Cortezs turn toing him as Lord. At the terminal of the salutation between Cortes and the swayer. the Spaniards grasped the ruler’s custodies and patted his dorsum to demo fondness for him. In each case. with Cortes and Columbus at that place seemed to be no animus between the two groups ; they both were deeply welcomed. The Natives encountered by Columbus seemed to non be really warlike ; although there were histories about them holding arms. The militant manner in Cortes’ missive of the Aztecs was that the people were protected by their blades and sheltered by their shields.

The native’s encountered by Columbus and those encountered by Cortezs were similar in how they treated the freshly arrived Spaniards. They were greatly different. though. in their spiritual beliefs. The Aztecs seemed to be a really spiritual group of people. In Cortes’ missive he says. “This great metropolis contains a big figure of temples. or houses. for their graven images. ” Cortes says that those in priesthood wear black and do non curve or comb their hair their full clip in priesthood. Cortes says. “I said everything to them I could to deviate them from their devotions and pull so to a cognition of our God. ” The Aztecs would non change over though. demoing the strength of their beliefs. In contrast. those Native Americans encountered by Christopher Columbus did non represent any spiritual beliefs or patterns.

As mentioned in the past paragraph. the Aztecs had many temples and houses for their graven images. The architectural constructions of the Aztecs were of great edification. First. allow me advert that their State was built in the form of a circle surrounded by rugged mountains. It is non stated in Cortes’ missive but it may hold strategically been located there to be provided protection in conflict by the environing land. In great edification. Cortes says. “The chief streets are really broad and consecutive. the inferior 1s were half land and half H2O. navigated by canoes. ” The metropolis was really strategically laid out and built in a bastioned mode.

Cortezs provinces that there is one temple that “surpasses the rest” and that “no human linguistic communication can depict it. ” Cortes describes one castle as holding marble columns and floors of jasper. The Aztec metropolis seems as a Eden in comparing to the one encountered by Columbus. The small towns encountered by Columbus were really basic. and seemed hapless. Columbus said “none of the small towns I saw contained more than 12 or 15 of them ( houses ) . ” In his history he compares the houses to collapsible shelters. Therefore I take the Native American constructions encountered by Columbus to be much less sophisticated.

Much like the constructions the lodging was drastically different. In his missive Cortes says. “This metropolis contains many all right and brilliant houses. ” Cortes says the flats are big and broad ; some even have upper and lower degrees. On the other manus the Native places encountered by Columbus resembled collapsible shelters. In his missive Columbus describes them as holding really high chimneys. He added that the places were good kept and orderly.

As one would expect based off of what has been learned of the constructions and edification. the arms were drastically different. The Native Americans encountered by Columbus defended themselves with apparently useless arms perchance due to the fact that they did non possess Fe. In his missive we are told that they used sticks or fishbone on the terminal of their javelins. Columbus says that they seemed unable to place with the Spaniards arms. When presented with a blade. the indigens grabbed the incorrect terminal. cutting themselves. In contrast the Aztecs were acknowledged by Cortes as holding blades and shields to protect themselves.

The two civilisations that were encountered were evidently every bit different as dark and twenty-four hours in respects to edification and engineering. The Aztecs seemed to be both more sophisticated and technologically advanced. The organisation of the markets and the subject of their graven image worship displayed great edification to me. Cortes provinces that their edifice constructions had a system of pipes that delivered H2O throughout which was really advanced engineering. The Natives encountered by Columbus seemed less sophisticated. as both work forces and adult females. went everyplace naked. They seemed to hold small engineering. based upon their deficiency of arms and advanced architecture.

As I have discussed throughout assorted observations written in the letters by Christopher Columbus and Cortes. their brush with Native Americans were about wholly different. The Aztecs seemed to be caput and shoulder above the Native Americans encountered by Columbus. both in edification and engineering.

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