Career Planning of Nursing Essay Example
Career Planning of Nursing Essay Example

Career Planning of Nursing Essay Example

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  • Published: May 5, 2022
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We have five stages of the socialization model; novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient, and expert. Fresh graduate RN enters at novice or advanced beginner depending on clinical exposure during entry level preparation (Orsiniet al, 2005). The uneven transition for new graduates for professional RNs includes novice and advanced beginners with their clinical decision-making. Nurses should provide a comfortable space and a non-threatening environment. Asking questions acknowledges the gap from nursing theory in academia to practice as the professional nurse at the bedside, making the transition stressful and difficult (Casey et al, 2004). Nursing retention is a challenge for the nursing profession as a result the new graduates stay jobless. New graduates might change their job within their first year of work due to lack of senior or expert nurses make it challenging to support the transiti


on for the new graduate RN.

New graduate RNs who leave their job within a year, highlights the issue of ineffective transition describe new graduate RN’s who experience a lack of supportive culture and horizontal violence, this may result to shortage of full-time nurses New graduate RN’s need knowledge concerning issues that affect transition to be able to speak to them in upcoming interviews and job opportunities.

Criteria for on Obtaining RN License

Workplace for the new graduate, where they are involved in their own progression through the transition, which has led to a more loyal and committed nurse (Orsiniet al, 2005). The most popular program here is the associate degree, which takes two to three years, this makes one eligible to apply for entry level positions with benefits such as college credit towards one's bachelor’s degree and tuition reimbursement. This choice may

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also provide hands on experience right away you go straight to bachelors program, it takes four years while nursing takes three to five years to graduate.

Details of Employment Application

RN nurses must have a bachelor's of science in nursing, a related degree in nursing, or they have graduated from an approved nursing institution. The license is very important, it is acquired from an approved nursing program after passing the National Council Licensure Examination.

As a student in my first year of study I plan to familiarize with the professions in my field of study. Including my lecturers and health unit workers. Would like to be visiting the school health unit to learn from experts in nursing. Meanwhile, through my study period I would like to be visiting the nearby medical centers to offer quality services as a volunteer. Am also planning to give back to the community by providing guidance and counseling to those who need to join my profession in future .After I graduate as registered nurse am would like to be all round person. I plan to work at the Mount Sinai Medical center where I believe I can balance life and work.

Stress and Challengers

Nursing is a profession with quite a number of challenges such as long working hours. A nurse has to work for several hours in the hospital so as to save patients' lives. And it's quite unbearable at times since the work can be overwhelming (Casey et al, 2004). As a fresh graduate in nursing it will be a challenge to work for long hours. This can be mitigated by negotiating with the employer to reduce working hours so as to increase

productivity. Adapting to the new environment will be a great challenge to a new graduate since he has no enough exposure to various working conditions and regulations (Delaney, 2003). Through having several visits at places where one intends to work makes him to know the organizational structure of the institution and this prepares him for future since he can develop interest with the institution and prone to become an employee.

Another challenge is transitioning whereby the older professional nurses don’t want to retire to leave room for the novice (Orsiniet al, 2005). Setting age limits as well as strategies related to working age can help to mitigate this challenge. Moreover, nurses are prone to conduct infectious diseases when handling patients. Nurses should take all necessary precautions when attending to patients to avoid contacting diseases. Low wages and salaries are another stress, this could be mitigated by setting the salary scale that is motivating the workers.

My Plan for Lifelong Learning and Educational Development

Am planning to take short course such as community practitioner Nurse prescribing, so as to get prepared as prescribed safely, appropriately and cost effectively (Delaney, 2003). Short course licensed practical Nurse LPN program so as to develop the skills and confidence to begin my nursing career program. Am also planning to engage in activities related community and public health. As a registered nurse I would organize forums and workshops involving the young people who have interest in my career of nursing (Casey et al, 2004).Sensitizing the youth about the emerging cases of disease outbreaks .Advise the management in the provision of quality services .


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