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Bangkok and Seoul are the best-know cities of Asia . Bangkok is the capital of Thailand , whereas Seoul is the capital of South Korea, both are the main commercial centre of their country . This report will compare and contrast some aspects of the cities such as location , climate , economy and population . Firstly , the most obvious difference of two cities is an area and location. Bangkok occupies 1562 sq km and is located in central of Thailand . It is built on the banks of Chao Phraya River nearly 22 kms from the estuary.

On the other hand , Seoul is smaller than Bangkok . It is only 627 sq km in north-western South Korea and just 3 km from Port of Inchon. Another important difference between the two cities is climate. Bangkok has a tropical climate with dry and wet season. The average annual temperature is about 25o C – 30o C . Nevertheless, The Seoul’s temperature is from -3oC to 25oC because of the influence of continental climate. It also has warm summers and cold winters.

However, there are some differences, the economy of the two cities is far more similar. Firstly, both of them is finance and trade centre in Asia. Secondly, there are many kinds of tourism including manufacturing . Finally, there are differences and similarities in the population of the two cities. Bangkok has just 7. 5 million people, whereas Seoul has over 10. 3 million people. However, there is 75% Thai and the rest of non-Thai descent . Similarly, Seoul has nearly all Korean.

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