The Depok General Description Tourism Essay Example
The Depok General Description Tourism Essay Example

The Depok General Description Tourism Essay Example

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  • Published: October 7, 2017
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Depok, a metropolis in West Java state, is located merely south of Jakarta, the capital metropolis of Indonesia. Depok is a portion of Jabodetabek metropolitan country. The distance between Jakarta capital part and Depok is 20.51 kilometer. Depok metropolis landscape from South to the North is a low-lying country - weak undulating hills, with lifts between 50 - 140 metres above sea degree and the incline was less than 15 % .A Depok City as the youngest part in West Java, has an country of aˆ‹aˆ‹approximately 200.29 km2 whose population is 1,813,612 people ( as of twelvemonth 2011 ) , intending that there are 9,055 people populating for each square kilometre ( Depok, 2011 ) . The mean lift of metropolis which is located at 6A°23'24 '' S and106A°49'48 '' E is tropical rain forest clime and high humidness. The temperature ranges from 24


to 33 grades Celsius with one-year rainfall scope around 2684 mm3, the figure of showery yearss around 222 yearss per twelvemonth, and humidness range about 25 % . ( Wikipedia ) .

Depok Map

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The history of Depok metropolis started in 18 May 1696 when Cornelis Chastelein bought the land with an country of 12.44A km2, 6.2 % the country of today 's Depok. The word 'Depok ' in Sundanesse linguistic communication means hermitage or residence of one life in privacy ( beginning of the metropolis 's name ) . In March 1982, Depok was reclassified as an administrative metropolis and, in 1999, as a metropolis headed by a city manager. In 20 April 1999, the metropolis of Depok was unified with some territories of Bogor Regency to organize

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Depok metropolis and it becomes the day of the month of the constitution of the metropolis ( Wikipedia ) .

Depok is divided into 11 subdistrics ( kecamatan ) : Beji, A Cimanggis, A Limo, A Pancoran Mas, A Sawangan, Sukmajaya, Cipayung, Cilodong, Cinere, Tapos, and Bojongsari. The occupants of Depok are composed of a figure of different cultural groups, which have different place states and local linguistic communications.

Subdistrics in Depok

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Possibility/ Resources/ Assets in Depok

Land Resources

Depok which have a vision as commercial and convenient services metropolis, are expected to be a comfy country for occupants. Depok City land resources became under force per unit area in line with a rapid development of the metropolis. As we know by informations analysis of RT-RW Revision Depok ( 2000-2010 ) in the use of infinite cityaˆ‹aˆ‹ , residential countries in 2005 reached 8.915.09 hour angle ( 44.31 % ) of the entire infinite use Depok. However, Depok is buffer zone for Jakarta. Therefore, this part serves as a preservation and H2O catchment country. To keep the position of H2O catchment countries, the Local Government set the regulations to build edifices ( include houses ) that is constructing coverage ratio or the basic edifice coefficient and the coefficient of green countries. Based on informations analysis of Depok Spatial Plan Revision ( 2000-2010 ) in the usage of urban infinite, residential countries in 2005 reached 8.915 hour angle ( 44.31 % ) of the entire infinite use.

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Forest UI Depok

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The clime status in Depok, which tropical and degrees of rain that is

uninterrupted all the twelvemonth ; support country use in the metropolis of Depok as agricultural land. One of the possible agricultural harvests in Depok is starfruit. Starfruits in Depok are more superior to the other starfruit in Indonesia. The starfruit production is about 2700 to 3000 ton per twelvemonth with the capacity of 100-150 kilograms per tree per twelvemonth. The monetary value per kilogram ranges from Rp 4,000 to Rp 6,000, so the entire gross revenues are around Rp 16 billion to 24 billion per twelvemonth ( Dewa, 2010 ) . Starfruit trees are planted along Ciliwung River, so the scenery along the river is beautiful despite the traffic jams in the metropolis roads Depok.


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From the alone character of Depok City, It is being one of the touristry finishs in Indonesia. Architecture of Depok is rather mentionable. Major designer landmarks such as Old Dutch Style house along Mawar Street, Pondok Cina house at Margonda Raya Street, and beautiful Emmanuel Church at Jalan Gereja. Depok is besides a Eden for pupils, there are a batch of college and university, such as Gunadarma University, Pancasila University, ISTN, UI, APP, etc. You can happen kindergarten, simple, and high schools in every street in Depok.

Presents, the celebrated tourer 's finish in Depok is Mesjid Kubah Emas ( Golden Dome Mosque ) . It is the grandest Mosque in Southeast Asia. This Mosque occupies an country of 8000 M2 on standing on a land country of 50 hectares ( a portion of the construct of developing incorporate country called Zone Islamic Center of Dian Al-Mahri. On normal yearss, the mosque is visited by 10,000 visitants

( rose to 30,000 visitants at the weekend ) . Ceiling domes change coloring material on every supplication clip.

The Famous Mesjid Kubah Emas

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Water Resources

Another thing that can be considered as metropolis 's plus is the omnipresent being of H2O resources. Two rivers fluxing across Depok countries, Ciliwung and Cisadane river which are divided into 13 regional watershed unit, such as Kali Baru, Pesanggrahan, Angke, Sugutamu, Cipinang, etc. Depok hundred ity has 25 lakes that distributing in the E, West and cardinal countries. The entire countries, based on 2005 informations, covering 169.68 hour angle ( Bakosurtanal, ) . It serves as a inundation control and flow of surface H2O, agricultural irrigation, fishing, recreation/tourism, micro-climate control, preservation of H2O resources, and others. The deepness of the lakes varies between 1 to 4 metres. Lake and the country around it, stated as green country by jurisprudence. It is known that Jabodetabek frequently experience drought ( deficiency of H2O ) in the dry season, but deluging in the rainy season, so the control of surface H2O ( run-off ) , via infiltration and H2O storage by the lakes is really of import, sing the location of Depok as portion from upstream. Therefore, there is a demand an attempt to keep the map of lake into productive green country.

River Ciliwung Lake

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Problem of the town

Depok City has established itself as the `` Urban City '' which characterized by the dominant economic construction is the secondary sector ( industry ) and third ( trade, hotels and eating houses

) . This is explained by the value of GDP ( Gross Domestic Product ) Depok in 2003-2007, harmonizing to current monetary values are high is an industrial sector ( 37.03 % ) , so the trade is equal to 33.67 % ( Depok, 2011 ) . Depok has been confronting dynamic changing in the economic and societal activities that affect many facets in the society. There are several issues that can be identified as significant jobs and require serious attending from the authorities, locally and nationally.

First of all, Depok municipality is now covering with unemployment of over 65,000 people. Although the current figure was comparatively little compared to the 779,963 occupants of the on the job age population, the figure has increased along with the incoming foreigners that are seeking to do a life in Depok. The migration rate in Depok now stands at 4.2 per centum this twelvemonth from the 3 per centum recorded last twelvemonth. In Indonesia, the on the job age population is classed as those between 15 and 65-years-old. Those categorized as unemployed are people who do non work at all, work less than two yearss during the hebdomad or people who are seeking employment. Based on the information from Depok 's Department of Labor, as of 2011, around 63 % of the labour force managed to happen work, while the remainder were going unemployment ( Suwarni, 2011 ) . Furthermore, this degree of unemployment is near from being solved. It seems that all of the attempts of local authorities to diminish the condemnable rate are still far from anticipation due to the fact that within three months in 2012

the offense rate in Depok reached 965 instances ( Iskandar, 2012 ) .

Second job faced by Depok is traffic congestion. Around 87 % of occupants who work outside the depok metropolis commute every twenty-four hours. This job exists chiefly because of increasing figure of vehicles beyond roads capacities. The figure of private vehicles increases 500 units every month ( Marieska, 2012 ) . In twelvemonth 2009, the figure of new vehicles is 54,893 addition to 261,133 in 2010 and go higher in 2010 every bit much as 374,466 ( Okthariza, 2012 ) . With no important addition in the route distance, this issue is going the inevitable affair to be solved.

Another job is damage roads. Entire harm roads in Depok reaches 93 kilometres from the bing 500 kilometres or 18 % of the entire route -length overall. The cause of the harm roads are such as puddles and vehicle burden exceeds the route burden, and the deficiency of drainage. In contrast, the local authorities can merely mend 20 kilometres in 2011 due to limited budget. The building of new roads, betterment and fix of roads which began in early June 2011 was spent budget financess around Rp 60 billion ( Sidik, 2011 ) .

Last, the job that needs serious attending is flood. Heavy rainfall caused flooding countries is increased from 33 points to 46 points. A That 's because lodging developers assessed as negligent behavior environmental studies.A As a consequence, consumers who become occupants is being harmed. The developers should construct H2O channel but in world, there are still many of them who violated this ordinance. Furthermore, the cause of flood black topographic point additions

in Depok due to deposit in rivers. The river becomes shallow and can non keep much H2O. Garbage besides lead to deluging as many people still throw refuse non in its topographic point ( Editor, 2012 ) . Another action that can forestall the inundation is normalized the lake. Normalization lake is non merely for inundation bar, but besides for economic authorization such as for business-breeder fish husbandman.

Damaged Road in Depok

Traffic Congestion on Margonda Street

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Floods in Depok

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Further Research and Analysis on the issues

Unemployment in Depok represents the degree of dependence of some portion of the society to others. It could be caused chiefly by the low degree of instruction which I believe hold of import cardinal factor in accomplishing better life status. By merely obtaining limited cognition, which I believe that it is the authorities 's responsible to do certain there is adequate fund available to back up the instruction, people will hold restriction in making occupation Fieldss. They do non cognize how to be entrepreneur, therefore become employee is their lone intent. Due to the limited handiness of occupation chance, the unemployment is inevitable. While unemployment rate is increasing from clip to clip, the offense rate seems hard to diminish. Based on the record made by Indonesian Statistical Central Bureau[ 1 ], the poorness rate in West Java Province, particularly in municipality country, is 10.09 per centum. This information indirectly represents the offense rate possibility that might happen in Depok. This can be a drawback for the attempt to increase tourist visit. Security degree demands to be taken into


Although Depok is non as large and crowded as Jakarta, the traffic congestion is going everyday 's phenomenon today in this metropolis. As mentioned before that the rate of vehicles addition has overlapped the addition of the route handiness. The building of toll roads will non significantly turn to the congestion job, because on the other manus, vehicle ownership will increase even more. There must be some serious actions from the authorities to turn to this issue.

One last issue that needs to be highlighted is flood. In Depok, the bank of Cisadane river is at hazard to acquire disturbed by lodging undertakings. Based on the Regulation of Public Works Minister no. 63/PRT/1993 on River Border Lines, Areas of River Utilization, River Control Areas, the constitution of lasting edifices for residential and concern premises are prohibited in river boundary line countries ( Depok K. , 2011 ) . It is besides mentioned in the ordinance that the intent of finding the river boundary line boundary line is to guarantee that the maps of the river are non disturbed by the turning activities in its locality. The limit line besides serves to restrict the force of H2O against the river and its environment.

However, the world was so different ; jobs of care and supervising of river and lakes are weak and it is rooted in institutional issues, direction or disposal. Many bureaus are involved but the truth of each is non excessively clear duty and authorization. Peoples believe that the inundation is caused by the policies made by the local governments which most of them are without sing environment conditions and do non hold analysis on the

consequence of those policies in a long term. The building of shopping promenades and other lasting edifice that do non care about metropolis program besides contributes to this natural catastrophe. The deposit of the river is besides one of the factors needs to be considered. These accretions of environmental crisis have created status with Depok citizens suffer due to the inundation.

Policy Recommendations

In order to develop Depok to be the progressive and comfortable metropolis, there are several possible recommendations that I would wish to suggest. First, sing that the local authorities has power to give a license for developers to construct lodging composite, it should be restricted that the building of the residential countries are non harming the environing environment. It might be non a major error on the developer or the being of lodging in Depok country, but instead the absence of a metropolis agreement planned in this country. Communities and concerns necessarily have to be involved because the environment and land usage is critical for H2O preservation. The lodging market in Depok is still great possible since there are many countries that have non been developed optimally. However, the local authorities should react and repair the bing substructure, peculiarly roads.

Education and accomplishments are besides of import facets that should be improved. To control rises in unemployment, the local authorities could supply a plan that can cut down the unemployment rate. Not merely offering occupation chances at mills or companies, the plan should besides supply workshops for those who wish to make their ain occupation field ( enterpriser ) . The Local authorities besides encouraged the unemployed to go active members of the work force

to control possible societal jobs and crime.A

Traffic congestion, on the other manus, is a chronic job faced in the Jabodetabek country and the state of affairs is expected to worse state of affairs since it is no betterment of any sort made on the bing transit system. The job is route web insufficient to run into the increasing auto traffic and public conveyance service is inefficient. Equally far as I know, many metropoliss in the universe have been seeking many different attacks to work out this job. However, it seems merely few of them win.

One manner to cut down the traffic congestion is non merely by increasing the route such as building toll roads, but besides by diminishing the figure of vehicles on the route. Making safe and pleasant public transits can cut down the willingness of the vehicles ' proprietors to utilize their autos or bikes. In add-on, local governments can increase the revenue enhancement rate on vehicles. By increasing the sum of revenue enhancement, it is hoped that people will reconsider more when make up one's minding to buy their ain autos or bikes. Furthermore, the local authorities of Depok should prioritise more on the development of rail-based mass transit, which the Jabodetabek ( Jakarta-Bogor-Depok-Tangerang-Bekasi ) trains built since the Dutch business and the mass rapid transit.A A Rail-based mass transit is a powerful reply to cut downing congestion because they have larger capacity and make non take up roads, it is inexpensive, fuel efficient, and most environmentally friendly than any other public transit. Therefore, an attending to do betterment of train service demands to be paid, which is by adding more web

and train autos and bettering train traffic system.

In add-on, although this thought is still arguable ; Depok authorities can implement an intelligent conveyance system ( ITS ) . ITS utilize information engineering for traffic intents. It works by seting many CCTV ( Closed Circuit Television ) on the country where the traffic congestion frequently appears. Many route users, irrespective the metropoliss they are populating, sometimes interrupt the traffic ordinance and regulation by, say, parking non on the right country, interrupting the traffic visible radiation, or carry oning unsafe driving behaviour, where these all can do traffic jam.

The deposit on the Ciliwung River has been considered as economically upseting. Combined with the bad direction of the metropolis 's environment, it creates flood about every twelvemonth during rainy season. Local authorities claims that they do non hold adequate money to turn to the inundation job. One manner to work out this job is by inquiring the industries that are located along the river to take part in the attempt to dredge the river. The authorities should besides pay attending to the metropolis planning. They need to carefully treat every edifice site proposal before doing the determination. All of the building needs to be calculated so that it does non harm the environment. They need to make regulations and ordinance, and obey those Torahs. In a short tally, all of the proposal for building lodging composite will lend important income to the local authorities budget. However, if the authorities wants to make the metropolis that is liveable non merely in a short period, but besides in a long period, they should set more attending on the metropolis planning

that consider many facets from the environment, safety, and societal economic value.

In order for the development of a metropolis to take topographic point decently, careful spacial planning is needed. In add-on, there should besides be a strong legal umbrella to guarantee realisation of programs in conformity with the regulations.A City planning demands to be applied purely in order to make well-ordered metropolis. We have to work hard, work smart and integrated the work. All the plants will edify the obstructions and jobs such as congestion and inundation which is faced by the metropolis. It needs corporation from many facet of the metropolis, get downing from the local authorities, industrial proprietors and business communities, and the most of import factor is the engagement from the citizen itself.

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