All-girls secondary school in Brunei Muara Essay Example
All-girls secondary school in Brunei Muara Essay Example

All-girls secondary school in Brunei Muara Essay Example

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  • Published: September 26, 2017
  • Type: Case Study
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  1. Introduction

In this semester, my 2nd Professional Practical Seminar ( PPS2 ) is in one of the All-girls secondary school in Brunei Muara. Different from the old fond regard, the school could be considered as a esteemed school which is ranked top 5 in Brunei Darussalam. Having taught for about three old ages in learning All-girls school, I was really confident with my instruction accomplishments, cognition and integrating engineering in my lesson.

The lesson in this study was different from my old ICT lesson where this clip visual image attack (flow chart simulator) is integrated in the active battle attack. However, the lesson has become one of those yearss where the carefully-planned, custodies on lesson goes awfully incorrect. I agreed with what Candler ( 2008 ) stated that the more we try new techniques, particularly 1s that involve active battle, th


e more we increase the hazard that an occasional lesson will wholly unknot.

It can be difficult to acknowledge when a lesson goes amiss but instead than bottle is up, I will let go of my tenseness by sharing my not-so-great experience and reflect from it. In the following subdivision, I will get down from depicting my current state of affairs and restrictions that affected my instruction advancement. Following, the study will explicate the elaborate history of lesson delivered from planning and readying to the execution phase. Then, will be followed by the rating subdivision and in the concluding subdivision will be self contemplation.

  1. Description of the context

It was the most feverish clip of the school twelvemonth where all my pupils were involved in the 30ThursdayNational twenty-four hours pattern. Hence, at the minute I don’t

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have any category to learn. Even more, I was besides involved for the National Day and was appointed as one of the conveyance commission for the instructors and pupils. Last Sunday forenoon, I was besides on responsibility and in charge of the conveyance where the bead point was in forepart of the Ministry of Education edifice ( See Picture 1 ) .

However, as a instructor, instruction should be precedence. Thus, I met my wise man and co-worker and discussed about the affair. Finally, they agreed and gave me Year 11A1 category. The Year 11A1 was the forth category after the three scientific discipline categories and there were 9 of them merely. Despite this, based from my observation the pupils are good in speech production and understanding English. Fortunately, the pupils are larning about theAlgorithmwhich is related to my research exercising. The subject could be taught as a theory lesson but I improvised it into a practical lesson which gave me the chance to learn the pupil basic scheduling accomplishments utilizing Progranimate package even though it could be done utilizing manual dry tally lesson.

  1. Detailed histories of lesson delivered
  1. Planing procedure

As mentioned in the old subdivision, the subject was about Algorithm. Algorithm is the measure of measure direction to work out a peculiar job. There are three ways to stand for algorithm - structured diagram, pseudocode and flowchart - but will stress on flow chart merely. The subject was divided into six lessons which follow the construct of blooms taxonomy. The aims of the whole lesson were, at the terminal of the whole lesson the pupils should be able to familiarise flowchart symbols, write

flow chart to work out job and Draw flowchart utilizing Progranimate, dry running of algorithm and learn basic scheduling ( See Appendix 1 for lesson program ) . However, for the first lesson, I focused on the two aims merely - familiarise flowchart symbols and write flow chart to work out job.

Two hebdomads before the lesson, pre-test were conducted to look into students’ anterior cognition and to avoid the same errors of doing the subject expression easy and overrate their students’ ability ( See Appendix 2 for the pre-test sample ) . Prior to that, pupils were besides asked verbally on their sentiment and troubles about the subject. Based on the pre-test consequence and students’ feedback, pupil degree of apprehension was identified and therefore choice of content is made easier for the notes and presentation slides. In add-on, type of appraisals was besides carefully chosen to look into whether each pupil truly understands the subject. This would be done by combination of appraisal to guarantee cogency – first appraisal would be based on verbal inquiry and reply based on illustrations, so followed by written exercising with treatment and prep.

  1. Preparation procedure

3.2.1 Contented readying procedure

As usual, the content was obtained from the three most normally used websites-, and In add-on, more content were available from the Computer Studies notes provided by the ICT course of study section and my wise man provided her notes as good. Since it was my first clip to learn the subject, it was ill-defined where to get down and what to include in the content. The subject is considered as one of the topic that is

truly hard and time-consuming non merely for pupils but for instructors every bit good because the subject emphasizes more to job work outing activity.

Rather than inquiring pupils to memorise the content from the past twelvemonth O degree paper taging strategy as some instructors do, foremost I analysed the inquiries construction available from, past twelvemonth ‘O’ degree documents and to associate with the current package industry from the motivational talk. From at that place, I could see the flow of the content and notice that the subject focuses more on utilizing flow chart. Then, the content is organized from the descriptive portion of algorithm and flow chart with illustrations to the application and job resolution exercisings utilizing flow chart. Basic Java scheduling was besides included due to the increasing importance of JAVA programming in the package industry.

As the content is selected, it is so imported into Prezi slides where complex, slang words and footings are simplified. Despite my tight agenda with other committednesss, I have to give my sleep clip and wake up early around 3.00 ante meridiem about every twenty-four hours to fix the slides. Well, supposably this is common in a teaching calling peculiarly if the instructor teach the topic for the first clip. Now I know how my instructors felt and it’s even worse if the difficult work is non appreciated by pupils particularly when they lost the notes given by the instructor. ( See Appendix 3 to see the notes ) . Anyway, the ground I used Prezi alternatively of PowerPoint is as a assortment of learning methods due to its strength of synergistic life and improved my accomplishments in utilizing

the application.

In footings of fixing anterior cognition, I recapped and understood the map of each flow chart symbols and pattern replying a batch of job resolution exercisings. It is of import to hold deep cognition so that instructor would be more confident and guarantee any presentation activity goes swimmingly. It would besides assist to keep oculus contact with the pupils where instructor doesn’t have to look at the screen.

3.2.2 Preparation on teaching method

Since the lesson was traveling to be in the first two periods, pupils tend to be inactive, sleepy, non motivated to larn. To add to that job, the subject was more to a job work outing activity and needed focal point from pupils. I must be cognizant that if incorrect teaching method is used, they would experience world-weary which would ensue into negative response towards me and in add-on they are non my existent pupils. “Starting each category off right will hold a immense impact on both accomplishment and behavior ( Kelly, 2013 ) . It is of import that in the first category I could actuate, catch their attending and produced positive attitude towards me.

Talking about motive, two yearss before the lesson, I have invited guest talkers from a local package developer company –DotRoot engineerings– to make a motivational talk and portion their experience in the scheduling and problem-solving industry ( See picture 2 ) . This would be as an oculus opener for instructors and pupils likewise to recognize the importance every bit good as relevancy of larning this subject ( See appendix 4 for more images of the session ) .

Traveling back to the teaching method, active acquisition is one

of my favorite instruction schemes due to its strength that promote two-way interaction which required pupils to believe critically. The usage of ICT – Prezi slides, projector and Progranimate – would besides be integrated in the lesson where the Prezi slides would be used to expose the theory and flowchart diagram whereas the Progranimate would demo lifes in existent clip of how the flow chart works. Since the Progranimate is an synergistic flow chart based ocular problem-solving tool and codification generator. The plan is a freshly introduced plan that was developed in 2010. So I have to pass yearss and hours familiarising how the plan works to guarantee presentation works swimmingly. Surveies by educational research workers suggested in OSHA ( 1996 ) that about 83 % of human larning occurs visually will guarantee pupils understand alternatively of memorizing.

In between the lesson, pupils would be asked to make job work outing activity from the illustration given by pulling a flow chart utilizing pen and paper. Then would discourse the reply together which would be illustrated utilizing the plan. Questions sample would be displayed side-by-side position with the programming application. Students would be group into three and each group would be given five proceedingss to work out the job. To actuate pupils more, the group that manage to work out the inquiry would win a award. This is in hope the scheme would worked for their motive and competitory environment of the category. Finally, hardcopy of the slides would be given at the start of the lesson in order for them to mention, high spot and compose down the of import points.

  1. Execution: Teaching, Learning

and Facilitation in action

The length of clip available for the lesson was 50 proceedingss merely and the locale was in the computing machine lab so I have to pull off the clip carefully. I went to the lab a twenty-four hours before the category to do certain all the installations such as projector and guarantee the Personal computer is updated with the latest Java to run Progranimate so I would non used up my existent period clip in fixing. In the beginning of the lesson, pupils automatically re-arranged the seating agreement behind the projector as originally their seatings was excessively close to the whiteboard. This would enable pupils to see the slides, hear my voice clearly and I could supervise their behaviors easy ( See Picture 3 ) .

4.1 Introduction

Since it was my first lesson with them, I did a few proceedingss on ice interrupting to familiarise the students’ names. It was astonishing to see from the students’ reaction, by retrieving and adverting their name could impact their feelings and felt acknowledge while some pupils look frustrated or disappointed if their names are forgotten. Hence, retrieving names is of import to construct up a good resonance with the pupils and makes teacher more accessible ( ICAL, 1998 ) . This is of import elements before making active acquisition activity. The manner to retrieve the pupils name rapidly are utilizing their nick names, associate their name with their alone avocation or from their seating program.

Then, I gave pupils feedback based from their pre-test where the consequence is as expected from a pre-test but I managed to place their degree of understanding. Following, I moved on to

actuate the pupils by associating the motivational talk that we had last two yearss. Students were excited with the talk and requested for another session. The relation of the talk was to demo the importance of job resolution and scheduling in the current Android market. This was the ground why they should larn and understand the subject carefully particularly if they want to go on making Computer Science in signifier sixth next twelvemonth. Promoting the pupils to visualise their success will help them in carry throughing the aims of the lesson.

4.2 Development

In the first five proceedingss of the development phase, foremost I explained the aims of the whole 3 hebdomads lesson on this subject. However, this lesson was merely traveling to concentrate on two aims as mentioned in the old subdivision which were familiarising pupils with flowchart symbols and composing flow chart to work out jobs. Next, pupils were asked open-ended inquiries to give their apprehension on Algorithm. Some pupils gave short reply like it’s an direction, stairss to make a occupation. Even though, it was short but it shows that pupil have some thought on the subject. To do pupils understand more, simple algorithm/process of how to do a tea is provided. But alternatively of fixing the reply, pupils were given three proceedingss to discourse the procedure and before work outing it together. A good start I should state! The pupils were even taking down of import notes shows they are responsible for their ain cognition.

Then I proceed to the method of showing Algorithm which is Flowchart. I kept inquiring once more what they understand about flow chart, flowcharts symbols and its maps. One

of the pupils looks frustrated as I kept inquiring them inquiries so I minimized the oppugning method a spot. This possibly some pupils are used to the civilization of “spoon feeding” . Traveling on to the complex portion of the lesson which is job work outing. There are three control structures that pupils need to cognize – sequence, choice and repeat. I managed to explicate the sequence construction nevertheless I wasn’t able to exemplify how the flow chart works due to laptop incompability with the projector which disrupted the show. Unfortunately, I was stuck with choice until the remainder of the clip due to the clip consuming of job resolution and proficient mistake. This was where my lesson didn’t turn out the manner I planned. It took me about 15 proceedingss to repair the mistake but failed. As program B, I made the undertaking as their prep and asked the pupil to play around with the application.

4.2.3 Decision

At the terminal of the lesson, I summarized back what they have learned in this lesson – Algorithm, flow chart symbols and sequence constructions. I made the choice inquiries illustration as their prep and will give value if the pupils managed to reply it right in the following lesson. I apologized to the pupils and promise to go on where we stopped in the following lesson.

4.2.4 Evaluation

At the terminal of the lesson, I didn’t manage to accomplish all my aims particularly the 2nd. I was stuck with the choice construction and it turn to be one of non so good or worst experience this twelvemonth. The lesson patterned advance goes awfully incorrect due to the proficient mistake which

led to students’ letdown and defeat. The negative responses were clearly shown from their verbal and non verbal communicating where some pupils were taking deep breath, rubing caputs and voice out for more simple illustrations. Honestly, I felt bad for the pupils who looked involvement in larning this subject at the beginning of the lesson and I felt so de-motivated which I was afraid it would go a negative response towards me. I’ll merely have to see how it goes following hebdomad.

  1. Self contemplation

After the lesson, it left me agitating my caput in disgust and inquiring what had happened to my two hours carefully planned lesson, I had all my stuffs ready, my waies were clear. It felt like I was beaten down and it kept stalking my head and made me believe, “What went incorrectly? ” I get so frustrated with the fact that I ne'er get to learn “real stuff” that I try to make excessively much. The lesson deserved a batch more than I can and did give it and it came back to seize with teeth me.

So what made the good lesson goes amiss? Well, it came from the least expected beginning, a tech bug that throws the planned lesson off path. I didn’t expect that projector is non compatible with my laptop. I did improvize to be able to expose the Prezi slides but it doesn’t display the Progranimate suitably to imitate the flow chart. It took me about half the lesson period to work out the proficient job but failed. Hence, I tried to go on with the lesson without the presentation but it ended up go

forthing the pupils and I confused. Finally, I kept myself composure and stopped the lesson. I admit and acknowledge the thought was non working and apologise to pupils due to the proficient mistake and no program B. In the terminal, I asked the pupils to play around with the Progranimate and I sat down and reflect back what went incorrect.

Traveling back to my office, I couldn’t contact and portion my narratives to my co-worker and wise man as they were involved with National Day processing. Alternatively, I went to make some searching on the cyberspace and forums to happen the same job faced by other instructors and how they solve it. Then I felt a small spot better when a teacher stated a motivational quotation mark which says, “Everyone experienced it. It is all right when a lesson fails – it can turn out to be a learning experience. Making errors shows you are seeking! ”

Then I reflected back what did I learnt from the errors. I wish that I would convey my ain projector that I’m familiar with. I should hold ne'er assumed that there won’t be any proficient mistake and overrate my ability in managing the mistake. Despite this I still continued with the content but end up doing the pupils confused. Based on students’ verbal feedback, I should give a many simpler illustrations before traveling on to the other complex construction as the application and job work outing accomplishments promotes higher degree of understanding and time-consuming. Another lesson learned is, it is a great thought to hold fillers up our arms to pull off in such state of affairss, when something does

non work. I should be prepared with program B. I will besides run into their capable instructor and wise man for any advice to better the instruction. Finally, self pattern is of import particularly when the instruction involves presentation in order to do the lesson more efficaciously in the following lesson.

  1. OSHA ( 1996 ) , “Presenting Effective Presentations with Visual Aids, ” U.S. Department of Labor, OSHA Office of Training and Education, May 1996. hypertext transfer protocol: // ( Accessed 20/8/2013 )
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