Advancement In Science And Technology Research Is A Essay Example
Advancement In Science And Technology Research Is A Essay Example

Advancement In Science And Technology Research Is A Essay Example

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  • Published: August 3, 2017
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Advancement in Science and Technology Research provides a platform for publishing original research results, exchanging ideas, and circulating information on advanced designs, technology experiences and technological accomplishments. The journal aims to promote technology and engineering education. Papers submitted for publication undergo strict peer reviews to ensure originality, timeliness, relevance, and readability. Progress in Science and Technology is a publication series that presents the Proceedings of CIMTEC International Ceramics Congress and Forum on New Materials. TECHNA GROUP publishes the series on behalf of Faenza, Italy. As the second review conference of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) approaches in April, numerous studies have emerged that show significant changes in science and technology that impact the pact's execution and require adaptation. The most noteworthy development is the life sciences revolution and related technologies, which include a growing convergence between chemistry and biology.Advanceme


nts in the study of biological systems have significantly increased due to progress in proteomics, structural biology, and advancements in information technology. Biological science now integrates principles of technology, and chemical biology has expanded through the automation of compound synthesis and screening, resulting in a better understanding of biological chemicals’ functions. Technological developments have aided in more efficient delivery methods for biologically active substances to target populations. These advancements have the potential to bring about many benefits, such as new medical interventions and improved pest control techniques. However, there is also an increased capacity for designing and discovering chemical structures with the potential to serve as chemical warfare agents. Manufacturing advancements have also reduced the time required between research and development to full-scale production.The chemical industry's changes have caused dispersion of engineering and installations, which confuses confirmation

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and traditional non-proliferation schemes. As a result, the effort needed to field a new chemical weapon has decreased, especially in the early stages, while the ability to detect such actions has not significantly grown. These trends, coupled with increased interest in using incapacitants for law enforcement purposes, pose a threat to states potentially evading or quickly interrupting CWC prohibitions on developing and acquiring chemical weapons. Furthermore, it has increased the convergence between the CWC and BWC - two otherwise separate agreements regulating chemical and biological weapons. States that are party to the CWC must adjust its implementation to account for these changes or risk decreasing confidence in its effectiveness and jeopardizing its viability.

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