Workplace Observation Team Paper Essay Example
Workplace Observation Team Paper Essay Example

Workplace Observation Team Paper Essay Example

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  • Published: December 10, 2017
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The text discusses the significance of organizational observations and their various factors. These factors include communication practices, mission statements, ethical standards, and behaviors that shape the structure of an organization. Additionally, aspects such as diversity, dress code, language usage, and customs within the organization also influence organizational behaviors. Policies and technology are important in shaping organizational culture. Despite each organization having its own unique features, identifying similarities and differences among them can highlight their individual qualities.

Focusing on the United States Navy reveals its distinctive composition of individuals who strive to uphold the values, standards, and traditions of the organization. Their mission statement is clear - operational readiness in defense of our Nation.

The organization has implemented a diversity program to meet the challenges of its unique and diverse personnel. This program promotes prid


e and ownership among employees by valuing diversity through continuous education and training. Organizational customs are integral to daily operations, such as saluting and observing morning and evening colors. Employees are expected to learn and conform to these customs, creating an environmental culture that they must acclimate to and feel comfortable with.

Using these processes is fundamental to the environment and all personnel's experience as a lifestyle in this culture. Dress and language are crucial for the perception and professionalism of the environment. Dress is meticulously structured for etiquette and representing the business. The Navy has defined dress attire that organizes a uniformed approach based on a visual ranking system, allowing for recognition of all personnel. This practice maintains order and discipline, facilitating efficient communication and recognition control through the hierarchy of the chain of command. Language, or "jargon," is a lifelong endeavor that involve

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adopting a new system of words to communicate with others practicing the same universal language within the military subculture.

State Farm, as an organization of immense size and dominance in the insurance industry, sets standards and expectations for every aspect of its organizational culture. Communication practices, mission statements, ethical standards and behavior, organizational diversity, and technology are among several key aspects that greatly influence the company's success.

State Farm utilizes various communication practices in its daily operations, including computer technology and software to gather information from policyholders and internal employees. The company also relies on email, telephone, instant messaging, fax, two-way communication devices, face-to-face meetings, and video conferencing for effective communication. State Farm prides itself on creating a culture that values both employees and customers as members of the State Farm family. Their main objective is to provide insurance services that meet the expectations of their clients while upholding high ethical standards.

State Farm's ethics are anchored in the actions of its employees and extend throughout the company's hierarchy. On an individual level, ethics entail adhering to written policies and consistently doing what is right for each customer. Collectively, ethics are derived from industry standards, ethical codes, and societal norms. State Farm's commitment to doing what is right contributes to its favorable reputation. For State Farm, organizational diversity encompasses more than just having a varied group of individuals from different backgrounds and cultures. It also serves as a means to gain insights and better comprehend the needs and desires of our customers. State Farm values employees who bring diverse backgrounds, cultures, perspectives, and understanding to contribute to the organization.

Promoting a diverse group of employees is crucial for State

Farm to better understand their diverse customers and ensure success. State Farm, along with other large companies, must keep up with technology or adapt it to meet their needs in order to effectively serve their large customer base. On the other hand, my husband holds the position of Chief Security Management at CCA, one of the largest prison corporations in the country. His responsibilities include influencing communication practices, organizational diversity, conflict management, organizational customs, and understanding the impact of technology on culture. Communication at CCA heavily relies on technology due to the barriers posed by prison bars and inmates.

In-house communication at CCA primarily involves the use of walkie-talkies. However, the Administrative offices rely on emails and telephone conversations for their communication needs. Communication for Correctional Officer positions at CCA necessitates daily discussions about work procedures and facility policies. Both internal and external emails play a significant role in simplifying communication within the company. Various factors contribute to diversity within CCA, which can either be a valuable attribute or lead to workplace conflicts.

At CCA, diversity is a prominent and welcome aspect. Employees at CCA show respect for one another and view each other as equals, making it easy to handle the diverse workforce in the prison. The primary element of diversity at CCA is age, with employees ranging from 22 to 65 years old. Despite this range in ages, there have been no issues in the workplace. Instead, the varying ages bring a wealth of experience and advantages that the staff can utilize to foster a more cohesive team.

CCA is characterized by diverse personnel cultures, contributing to a multifaceted workplace. The company's structure

is heavily influenced by policies and procedures, which can have a significant impact on its overall culture. Adhering to State guidelines is imperative for CCA. Conflict resolution methods vary depending on the nature of the situation and the individuals involved. For interpersonal issues between employees, meetings with supervisors or managers are organized to address and resolve disagreements. In cases where disciplinary measures are necessary, the Warden intervenes to assess the situation and determine the appropriate course of action. In essence, if CCA were personified, technology would be its lifeblood.

Technology is essential for CCA to improve and enhance its services. By utilizing cutting-edge technologies, CCA provides up-to-date services to its employees in the prison system. CCA continuously seeks innovative ways to deliver an efficient and high-quality prison system.

The Sevier County Public Library System, a nonprofit organization, relies on effective communication practices to support and promote its community-focused services and programs. The library system's mission statement aligns with the cultural values of Sevier County, as demonstrated through its dress code, language usage, policies, and utilization of technology.

The library system uses various communication methods to keep all four buildings informed. Each employee has their own email account, which they use to receive weekly updates about internal and community commitments. These updates are sent to staff members, the library board, and the county government. In addition to email, the library system also utilizes fax services, telephone calls, cell phones, and interlibrary envelopes to send physical copies of promotional materials for support operations in the branch libraries. The Sevier County Public Library System (SCPLS) aims to provide free access to learning, discovery, and enrichment for both the community and visitors.

They offer programs and services to residents of Sevier County as well as visitors who use the library system each year. The SCPLS has also implemented a dress code for staff members that requires professional attire and limits color choices.

The dress code promotes staff rapport and unity. It helps distinguish staff from other library visitors, leading to acknowledgment and respect from library users. Libraries have their own jargon, often referring to acronyms that can confuse visitors but are important for internal staff culture. To respect customers, staff members avoid using library jargon when speaking.

Observable organizational policies within the library system shape both the culture and operations of the library, such as requiring valid identification for issuing library cards. These policies also establish loan durations and material restrictions to promote fairness among library patrons. Furthermore, the library culture has significantly evolved due to advancements in technology.

The library no longer relies on large card catalogs for research. Instead, they have implemented an internet-based circulation program that allows customers to research, review materials, access resources, and borrow items. Technological advancements have also enabled the library system to establish an online presence, granting people the ability to access research databases from home.

Effective communication is now considered one of the most crucial skills in today's business environment. As an Agency Resource Technician at State Farm Insurance, my job primarily involves communication. I provide assistance to State Farm's extensive network of 17,000+ agents and staff by handling various inquiries through five different phone options. Ultimately, communication is at the core of my responsibilities.

Clear communication with agents is essential in the highly competitive market of auto insurance. Our ability to effectively communicate

is a direct result of our diverse workforce. In our resource center, our management has successfully integrated experienced State Farm employees with fresh talent from outside the organization. This structured diversity has enabled us to efficiently handle the high call volume in our call center. With coworkers who have extensive experience within State Farm, we have a wealth of knowledge to address challenging agency inquiries.

Conflicts are frequent at our organization and can vary from complicated issues requiring specialist intervention to simple tasks like investigating agent compensation discrepancies or addressing overcharged payment statements. To effectively handle these conflicts and any future ones, we have implemented conflict resolution procedures. The call log plays a crucial role in this process.

Our call log serves multiple purposes. It provides the time and date of the last call, facilitating seamless handover and continuity in customer service. Technicians can also use it to quickly understand the issue at hand for efficient problem-solving.

State Farm values a laid-back work environment that prioritizes employee comfort and relaxation. Employees are allowed to dress in casual business attire, creating a comfortable atmosphere that prevents stress and maximizes productivity. Happy employees tend to be more productive.

To ensure our success in the market, we not only focus on employee satisfaction but also continuously train our workforce with updated information and skills. Additionally, we leverage advances in technology for effective marketing strategies.

In today's world, selling auto insurance has transformed from relying solely on traditional phone book approaches to embracing the power of the Internet as a sales platform.

State Farm, like most companies, now offers the convenience of purchasing insurance, opening a bank account, or life policy online from their own

home. Effective communication is crucial among these businesses, as it helps prevent organizational difficulties. By establishing standards and promoting good communication, these organizations foster a supportive culture. Mission statements are also a cultural aspect that supports the US Navy, State Farm and SCPLS. The Navy and State Farm value ethical standards and behaviors, which are essential for managing such large organizations.

Creating ethical standards is essential in every aspect of a culture to fulfill the needs of customers and associates. Conflict management is present in diverse environments, and both State Farm and CCC handle various conflicts. They both use teams for minor issues and upper management for major problems. Diversity is valued in all three organizations, but it holds particular importance in the US Navy, State Farm, and CCC. Without the diversity found in these organizations, challenges could arise due to the absence of different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds among employees when interacting with customers. Dress code standards at the Sevier County Public Library System and Navy promote a culture where proper formal business attire contributes to a professional presence when dealing with customers. Moreover, utilizing organization-specific jargon supports the respective organizational culture. Conversely, State Farm has opted for a casual business attire policy to foster a happier work environment for both staff and customers.

Organizational customs play a significant role in shaping the culture of the CCC and the Navy. These customs foster team awareness among employees, creating a sense of unity. In contrast, the Navy and the SCPLS rely on policies to solidify their organizations' unity and structure. Technology is crucial for the SCPLS, State Farm, and CCC, with their systems heavily dependent on existing

technology to serve their communities and customers. All three organizations employ technology for information storage and retrieval purposes through databases. Comparing and contrasting various aspects such as communication methods, mission statements, ethics standards and behaviors, dress and jargon, customs, conflict management approaches, policies, and technology usage allows for research, review, and revision to gain a better understanding of each organization's unique culture and operational functions.


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