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Liquidity of Dollar Tree Store Essay Example
529 words 2 pages

The current ratio of Dollar Tree Store Limited minimally deteriorated during the years examined. This shows particular concern on working capital management of the firm, because such ratio reveals the ability of the organization to pay its current liabilities out of the current assets. However the acid test ratio, which represents the capability of the […]

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Inventory Stock Working capital
Acme’s International Working Capital Management
713 words 2 pages

Cash management for Acme international is a fundamental part of working capital management so that the firm can maintain sufficient cash required for its business operations and transactions also to avoid cash shortage. Excess cash should be invested in a more profitable manner so that it is available for the company when it is needed. […]

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Bank Corporate Finance Nationalism Working capital
Working Capital Exercises Lewis Enterprises
314 words 1 page

Lewis Enterprises is considering relaxing its credit standards to increase its currently sagging sales. As a result of the proposed relaxation, sales are expected to increase by 10% from 10,000 to 11,000 units during the coming year; the average collection period is expected to increase from 45 to 60 days; and bad debts are expected […]

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Bank Business Debt Finance Investing Marketing Money Rate Of Return Working capital
Acc/460 Textbook Exercises 2,4,5,6 Chapter 2-6 Essay Example
221 words 1 page

This is for Government and Not -for-Profit Accounting You will need to check the first half 1-10 as some of them were wrong and the instructor did not provide the correct answers. Textbook Exercises Chapter 2,4,5,6 ACC/460 Exercise 2-1 1. J 2. G 3. A 4. H 5. A 6. B 7. A 8. I […]

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Accounting Asset Education Special Education Working capital
Performance Evaluation Of Sainsbury’s Analysis Essay Example
1736 words 4 pages

Sainsbury’s plc has been operating in the UK market since 1869. Annual report’09 suggests that the company is currently serving 18 million customers each week with the strength of 150,000 staff. It floated itself in 1973 under London Stock Exchange 1973 as the biggest floatation at the time. To understand any strategy for any company, […]

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Investment Performance Revenue Working capital
Tootsie Roll Industries Loan Package Essay Example
1369 words 3 pages

Tootsie Roll Industries Loan Package Tootsie Roll Industries is one of America’s most recognized confectionary companies and has been in business for more than 111 years, manufacturing and selling some of the most popular candies in the world. Tootsie Roll wants to secure a loan that will help increase the company’s total liabilities by 10% […]

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Loan Net Income Working capital
Butler Lumber Case Study
988 words 2 pages

Statement of Financial Problem Butler Lumber Company, a growing profitable business has exhausted its credit limit and the key issues facing it are: Need for additional funds to continue the growth Need to consolidate debt Need to improve cash flexibility. In this case study I will be discussing following problem: Why has Butler Lumber been […]

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Accounting Accounts Receivable Balance Sheet Bank Business Debt Finance Financial News Financial Ratios Limit Marketing Working capital
Baldwin Bicycle Company: Financial, Marketing
1418 words 3 pages

Problem identified Baldwin Bicycle Company (Baldwin or the Company), a small “mid-market” bicycle manufacturer, had a “private label” opportunity with Hi- Value Stores, Inc. ( Hi- Value), which operated discount department chain stores In the Northwest. Baldwin had to make a decision whether to accept the HI-Value’s Challenger deal or not. To make an informed […]

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Bicycle Company Inventory Investment Working capital
Costco Case Analysis Essay Example
784 words 2 pages

How well is Costco performing from a financial perspective? When Jim Sinegal founded Costco in 1983, the mission was to continually provide its members with quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices. In looking at the company’s performance in the fiscal years 2000-2006, the mission, to build a financially healthy company, has paid […]

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Costco Finance Inventory Working capital
Home Depot Credit Rating Essay Example
999 words 2 pages

Evaluation of credit rating Memorandum: Credit Rating assignment: Home Depot, Inc. After analysing the financial statements of Home Depot, we have allocated a “C” rating of credit risk. The proposal is to start with the “C” rating and then to either upgrade to a “B” rating or to be down graded to a “D” rating. […]

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Home Net Income Risk Working capital
Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited
5710 words 11 pages

Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited COMPANY PROFILE Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited is the second largest producer of Urea fertilizer in Pakistan. The company was incorporated in 1965 and was formerly Exxon Chemical Pakistan Limited until 1991, when Exxon decided to divest their fertilizer business on a global basis and sold off its equity of 75% shares […]

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Asset Investment Pakistan Working capital
Wealth Maximization Concepts Worksheet
820 words 2 pages

Reference to Concept in Reading Definitions of Wealth Maximization Bernard Lester is CEO and founder of Lester Electronics the public Lester Electronics, Inc. which earns $500 million annually. In 1984, Bernard took his company public, and it is now traded on the NASDAQ market and rated Baa by a nationally recognized rating agency. A corporation […]

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Business Business Process Company Corporate Finance Corporation Education Finance Management Special Education Working capital
ITC ratio analysis
349 words 1 page

Munched International Business School, Pane Presented By: Viand Pratt (63) Ratio Analysis It’s a tool which enables the banker or lender to arrive at the following factors : 0 Liquidity position 0 Profitability 0 Solvency 0 Financial Stability 0 Quality of the Management 0 Safety & Security of the loans & advances to be or […]

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Accounting Asset Balance Sheet Business Finance Financial Ratios Funds Investing Loan Working capital
Sainsbury’s Ratio Analysis
2377 words 5 pages

Ratio Analysis can make accurate judgements of an organisation’s performance. Ratio Analysis could also be useful to many stakeholders in the business.* It helps Owners to inform them when they are looking to make decisions about the future of the business.* It helps investors to check that their investment is doing well and providing a […]

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Debt Net Income Sainsbury Working capital
Ratio Analysis: Estee Lauder vs. L’Oreal
536 words 2 pages

Ratio Analysis Estee Lauder Vs. L’oreal Activity ratios measure the efficiency of a company’s assets. Asset turnover is the number of sales for every dollar worth of assets. Estee Lauder has a much larger percentage of asset turnover. This means it is very efficient at using its assets in generating sales or revenue. Receivables turnover […]

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Database Debt Revenue Working capital
Working Capital Strategies for Microsoft
1172 words 3 pages

Working Capital Strategies By Forecasted If Microsoft forecasted revenue increase by 20 percent’s for the upcoming year, several parts of the annual report will be affected by the 20% increase forecast. First of all, the income statements will alter their revenues from 16,195 million dollars to 19,434 million dollars. Revenue is not the only thing […]

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Accounts Receivable Finance Working capital
Lipton Case Review – Mba Managerial Accounting
1526 words 3 pages

Executive Summary Detailed analysis of Lipton’s current Economic Profit model has prompted immediate changes to how profit is recorded on the Product Line level. Proposed changes to the current Economic Profit include I. Leave the Working Capital Cost and CRV Depreciation Adjustment in the profit analysis II. Eliminate the Fixed-Asset Charge and OI&D III. Only […]

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Accounting Asset Depreciation Working capital
Merger and Acquisition of Hoya Corporation and Pentax
582 words 2 pages

Pre-Merger and Post-Merger Financial Analysis and Financial Performances of Hoya Corporation Liquidity ratio pre-merger post-merger the current ratio is one of the most commonly cited financial ratios, measures the firm’s ability to meet its short-term obligations. Before Hoya merged with Pentax, the current ratio for Hoya in the year 2006 is 2.7 and in year […]

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Database Debt Investment Working capital
Study By Padini Holdings Berhad
2428 words 5 pages

Executive Summary Our research on Padini Holdings Berhad reveals its overall position and history in the retail industry since 1971 as well as its vision and mission established to the accomplishment of their corporate goals. On top of that, the financial and strategic objectives set by the management to meet its goals are also outlined […]

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College Finance Money Working capital

Popular Questions About Working capital

What does working capital Tell You?
What Does Working Capital Tell You. A company with positive working capital (more assets than liabilities) is seen as being in good short-term financial health. Even with a significant amount of positive working capital, however, a company can experience a cash shortage if its current assets are unable to be liquidated quickly.
How do you calculate working capital?
Calculate the working capital for a company by subtracting current liabilities from current assets.If you're calculating days working capital over a long period such as from one year to another, you can calculate the working capital at the beginning of the period and Multiply the average working capital by 365 or days in the year.Divide the result by the sales or revenue for the period, which is found on the income statement. You can also take the average sales over multiple periods as well.
What are the factors determining working capital?
Other Factors determining working capital requirement. Some other factors are also affect the requirements of amount of working capital. They are management ability, involvement of employees, import policy, asset structure, utilization of resources, importance of labour, banking facilities and the like.
What constitutes working capital?
There are four main types of capital:Working capital: The value of assets after subtracting the value of liabilitiesEquity capital: Gained by issuing stock in the company in exchange for a monetary investmentDebt capital: Loans that companies eventually must repayTrading capital: Used by companies to buy and sell various assets