Doing the right thing: Ramon’s euthenesia Essay Example
Doing the right thing: Ramon’s euthenesia Essay Example

Doing the right thing: Ramon’s euthenesia Essay Example

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  • Published: December 30, 2017
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When the time comes for us to leave the world behind, everybody has a desire to end their life In a peacefully manner. Moreover, we also like for our loved ones to end their life desirably but unfortunately It doesn't always happen this way. Sometimes, incurable chronic illness will suddenly appear in an unpleasant way and make people suffer and this is what exactly the movie, "The Sea Inside" is about. To elaborate, it is about a man named Ramona Scampered, who had an accident and now is a paralyzed patient, wanting to end his disconsolate life through euthanasia with dignity.

Euthanasia has always been a controversial issue in today's society but after watching this movie In my pollen, Rayon's action was Justifiable and euthanasia should be legalized, for the following two mall reaso



First, everybody in this world has the rights and freedom; most importantly it should be respected at the highest level. Moreover, as it doesn't harm the state or others, an individual can make decision itself.

To be specific, according to Libertarianism, "life belongs to an individual and that individual should be free to give It up and state has no right to interfere"l . Ramona in this case wanted to end his life and eventually ended his life by himself as he dreadfully suffered for 26 years In his small room as he quotes, "life in this condition has no dignity, a life without freedom is not a life".

Furthermore, he also said, "When you can't escape and you constantly rely on everyone else you learn to cry by smiling'.

This shows how painful Rayon's life has been for hi

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as he even day dreams flying outside of his room constantly. But one might argue that, euthanasia Is morally and ethically unjustifiable but Rayon's decision to end his own life did not harm anybody nor It violated embosomed rights therefore state or an Individual should not Interfere with his decision trying to create unverified virtue. Second, financial matter can become serious issue since it is costly maintaining chronically ill patients.

According to CNN, a research shows that 40 percent of terminally Ill households' bill exceeds their financial assets.

Furthermore, in the movie, Ramona felt sorry for his sister In law for caring for him twenty-four seven. Through, Rayon's argument with his brother, we can see that Joss has moved to country side and gave up his occupation fishing just to care his own brother. Therefore, Rayon's own choice to end his life can be considered as reasonable due to the financial difficulties and to release the burden that his loved ones were carrying Just because of him.

However, for some religious and Confucius point of view Rayon's decision cannot be justified.

The fact that Ramona ended his own life while his Father was living might be considered as being undutiful and disrespecting to his parent. As Joaquin quoted in the movie, "There's only one thing worse than having your son die on you it is him wanting to go". Also, some religions consider euthanasia as, "a crime against life and God"3. Thus, his decision can be unjustifiable and selfish.

But, In my opinion, defining euthanasia through religious point of Is simply too difficult as there are too many and offended by Rayon's decision if he

truly loved his son because Ramona was suffering severely. After carefully analyzing an ongoing debate of legalizing voluntary euthanasia and the movie, "The Sea Inside", Rayon's action to end his own life is acceptable because of an individual freedom theory and economical problem. In fact, more countries should legalize voluntary euthanasia for their chronically ill citizens' comfort.

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