Cupid and Psyche Essay Example
Cupid and Psyche Essay Example

Cupid and Psyche Essay Example

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William Shakespeare once wrote that "love is blind and lovers cannot see the pretty follies that they themselves commit." Psyche's story exemplifies this sentiment as she succumbs to naivety early on and then courageously faces trials to make amends. Despite the simple instruction not to behold her husband, the power of love overcomes her. Love can fuel passion, jealousy, and strength. However, Psyche's pure love for Cupid enabled her to confront the challenges presented to her. Typically, love takes time to develop.

Today's society follows a common pattern - people meet, fall in love, and get married. However, Psyche's situation was different from the norm. She was promised to a man she had never met nor even seen before. The situation became more complicated as her new husband remained a mystery even after their wedding night. Nonethel


ess, with time, emotions tend to change. Though she feared for her virginity on her first night in her new home, soon the new arrangements became "delightful" to her. Despite not having fallen in love with her husband yet, she found his nightly visits to her room comforting.

Psyche’s sisters were envious of her privileged life and took advantage of her naivety in love. They convinced her to commit what many would consider a crime of passion. Despite her husband's warnings, Psyche suspected he was lying and discovered his true identity by candlelight. This breach of trust caused Cupid to flee their bed, leaving Psyche alone in misery with her newfound love from Cupid's arrow. Psyche realized her mistake, and set out to prove her love and regain Cupid's trust.

Psyche seeks revenge on her sisters, who brought her terrible misfortune, b

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setting them up and causing their death. She implores various Gods and Goddesses for shelter and protection from the wrath of the Goddess Venus. Despite being unable to provide immediate refuge, they recognize her love for Cupid and guide her to him indirectly through Venus. When she confronts Venus, she is initially beaten and given several impossible tasks to complete as punishment.

Psyche embarks on a mission, aided by Gods and Goddesses who complete her tasks for her and send her with evidence to Venus. During her last mission, she succumbs to curiosity and falls asleep from a spell cast by the box given to her in Hades. Cupid, still enamored with his wife, rescues her from slumber and assists her in completing her journey back to his mother. Despite challenging trials that test her internal doubts, challenge familial ties and present insurmountable odds, Psyche remains focused solely on the ultimate objective - reuniting with her husband and true love.

The Tale of Cupid and Psyche demonstrates that love has the ability to achieve anything, regardless of size or obstacles faced in pursuit of the desired object of affection.

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