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The others (2001) Essay Example
514 words 2 pages

The 2001 film, The Others, is considered a terrifying horror that keeps its viewers on edge until the very end. Through analyzing Alejandro Amenabar’s directing approach, this article will explore how elements such as cinematography, character development, setting, and narrative progression contribute to the buildup of suspense. The film heavily relies on suspense as a […]

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Event Fiction Movies Narrative Suspense
How is suspense created in different film genres? Essay Example
1752 words 7 pages

In today’s society, we have elevated our film standards beyond conventional plotlines. As individuals, we crave spectacular explosions, exceptional special effects, and superb acting performances. Meeting audience expectations is a difficult task for directors. They often utilize suspenseful elements in horror or thriller movies to keep viewers engaged and eager to learn what happens next. […]

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Animation Camera Suspense The matrix
Robert Louis Stevensons ”Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” Essay Sample
2011 words 8 pages

Robert Louis Stevensons Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a Gothic novel in many of its facets. but one of the most of import grounds is that there is changeless edifice of suspense. There are many ways that this is done: through his characters. through his vocabulary. the scene and even through the beginnings of […]

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Literature Robert Louis Stevenson Suspense
Spies 2670 words College Essay Example
2038 words 8 pages

The novel “Spies” by Michael Frayn utilizes various devices, such as settings, characters, themes, and language techniques, to effectively maintain tension. These techniques encompass powerful descriptive passages, utilization of tenses, and continuous questioning that engrosses the reader. All these elements contribute to sustaining tension and collectively build anticipation in the text. The use of language […]

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College Literature Novel Suspense
The Withered Arm Essay Example
2196 words 8 pages

Suspense is the creation of excitement at the approach of the climax, whether of the whole novel, or just a particular chapter or scene. Tension is the feeling of uneasiness or stress caused by suspense, not knowing what will transpire next. It is clear that the two are very closely interrelated, and when they are […]

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Disorders Divorce Fiction Mental Disorder Social Institution Suspense Tension The Reader
The genre of An Inspector Calls is drama/mystery Essay Example
759 words 3 pages

How the genre of drama is selected is due to the story line; the plot of the entire play is very dramatic in some ways, e.g. the way Eva Smith died, and some of the language the inspector uses and how he uses it to explain and describe things and the way a lot of […]

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An Inspector Calls Fiction Literature Mystery Suspense
The use of atmosphere in the Signalman Essay Example
1627 words 6 pages

The first line of the “SignalMan” is, ” ‘Halloa! Below there!’ “. The signalman looks away confused. As this is what the ghost had said the signalman is cautious about the source of it. This is the visitor. This already adds a tense atmosphere, as the signalman is afraid and cautious of the new visitor.You […]

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Atmosphere Fiction Ghost Suspense
A comparison of how tension and suspense is created in three different stories Essay Example
1712 words 7 pages

‘The Red Room’ by H. G. Wells, ‘The Clubfooted Grocer’ by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and ‘The Signal Man’ by Charles Dickens are all short stories set in the nineteenth century. Knowing this the reader gets the impression that the stories will be taking him or her back in time. The author makes the reader […]

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Ghost Narration Suspense
Lamb to the slaughter By Roald Dahl and The Signalman by Charles Dickens Essay Example
855 words 4 pages

This essay evaluates the application of tension and suspense in Roald Dahl’s “Lamb to the Slaughter” and Charles Dickens’ “The Signalman”. Tension pertains to mental strain or excitement, while suspense involves anxious uncertainty or anticipation when information is deliberately withheld. Born in 1812, Charles Dickens experienced the industrial revolution and wrote extensively about living conditions […]

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Charles Dickens Lamb to The Slaughter Suspense
Comparing the Build up of Suspense in Lamb to the Slaughter and The Speckled Band Essay Example
2356 words 9 pages

“Lamb to the Slaughter”, written by Roald Dahl in the mid 20th century and “The Speckled Band”, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the late 19th century, both use techniques to build up suspense found common among crime stories. However, whereas “The Speckled Band” has all of the elements of a classic crime story, […]

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Arthur Conan Doyle Lamb to The Slaughter Sherlock Holmes Suspense
How does Dickens create suspense in The Signalman Essay Example
1572 words 6 pages

Suspense is created through supernatural, horror and ambiguity. Dickens’ ‘The Signalman’ has all of these factors, which combine together excellently for a thrilling suspense story. The novel opens with the quote “Halloa! Below there! ” This short, but effective line becomes very decisive as the story unfolds. We don’t know who is speaking and so […]

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Charles Dickens Fiction Literature Suspense
Shakespeare’s King Henry the V Essay Example
1737 words 7 pages

In my essay I will comment on the different interpretations of Shakespeare’s King Henry V, Act 1, Scene 2 by Olivier and Branagh. The two film directors, Olivier and Branagh, create very different moods and atmospheres. Both directors also use different techniques of film language to get a particular image across to the audience. The […]

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Suspense William Shakespeare
Hitchcock is called ‘the Master of Suspense’ to what extent do you agree Essay Example
3074 words 12 pages

The film Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock was based on the book of the same name written by Robert Bloch in 1959. The word psycho brings about a scary image in the mind. The way the word is split up on the poster is as if saying the psycho of the film has a split personality, […]

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Alfred Hitchcock Suspense
Mission Impossible 2 Trailer Essay Example
737 words 3 pages

The Trailer for the film Mission Impossible is full of action packed excitement and amazing stunts. The films distributor is a company by the name of Paramount, this is a large and respectable company and with its easily recognisable logo it attracts many people to see this film. This film has a wide range of […]

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Camera Children Eye Film Analysis Respect Suspense
An Analysis of How Hitchcock Uses Various Techniques to Create Suspense Essay Example
1768 words 7 pages

Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was born August 13, 1899 in the East London area of Leytonstone. At the age of 19, he was hired at Henley Telegraph Company. Hitchcock began to study art at the company in the evenings and eventually got a job at the advertising department at the Henley Telegraph Company. This interest in […]

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Alfred Hitchcock Suspense
How does Dickens create suspense in “The Signalman Essay Example
1347 words 5 pages

The Signalman written by Charles Dickens in 1866 is a short story that falls into the gothic fiction genre. This particular style of writing combines elements such as the supernatural, castles, darkness, madness and the unknown. At the time the story was being written, the industrial revolution was in full force. This had a huge […]

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Charles Dickens Ghost Narration Suspense
Fear and Suspense Essay Example
1248 words 5 pages

Fear and suspense are part of people’s sentiments. They are two of the many natural and inevitable emotions that human are prone and capable to feel. They are part of our behaviors; they are embedded in human nature. This is the main reason why fear and suspense are two of the themes that are usually […]

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Child Suspense
How does Thomas Hardy create tension and suspense Essay Example
1043 words 4 pages

The story is about a milkmaid called Rhoda Brook, who is obsessed with her ex lover’s new bride. She has a dream about his wife where Rhoda grabs Gertrude, Farmer Lodge’s wife, by her arm and hurls her to the floor and eventually causes Gertrude to have a withered arm. In the dictionary it states […]

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Suspense Thomas Hardy
How tension and suspense are created in two short stories Essay Example
1184 words 5 pages

We will be examining how tension and suspense are created in two short stories. I will analyse the use of language, setting, characters and plot to see where tension has been created for he reader. We are looking at ‘The Signalman’, which is a pre-1990 Dickens’ story and ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’, a more modern […]

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Charles Dickens Lamb to The Slaughter Narration Suspense
Compare ‘The Red Room’ by HG Wells and ‘Examination Day’ Essay Example
728 words 3 pages

Both ‘The Red Room’ and ‘Examination Day’ share similarities and differences. They both incorporate suspense, but differ in terms of their time period. ‘The Red Room’, set and written in the late 19th Century, exhibits clues to its era through the use of words like ‘askance’ and ‘apoplexy’, suggesting Victorian influence. Moreover, the author opts […]

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Fiction Literature Suspense
Which is the Better Suspense Story, “The Red Room” or “The Landlady” Essay Example
2761 words 11 pages

In this essay I will be comparing the two gothic horror stories, The Red Room and The Landlady. H. G. Wells wrote the Red Room in 1896 and Roald Dahl wrote The Landlady in 1960. The Red Room is about a man who goes to an old Victorian castle to go into the red room. […]

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Ghost Horror Narration Suspense
The problems that many critics have found in the auteur theory Essay Example
1111 words 5 pages

The concept of the ‘auteur theory’ in relation to film refers to a director who imbues their own unique style in a film. This theory originated with French critics at ‘Cahiers Du Cinema’ in the 1950s, with Francis Truffant being one of them. Author Andrew Sarris further popularized and analyzed this theory, garnering respect for […]

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Alfred Hitchcock Film Analysis Problems Suspense Theory

Popular Questions About Suspense

What does suspense mean in a story?
Suspense is the sense of anticipation or worry that the author makes the reader feel. Suspense is a crucial plot element. Suspense is the lack of certainty the author creates, leaving the reader to wonder what will happen. It draws the reader into the story and creates a sense of momentum to the plot.
What creates suspense in a story?
Suspense is an element of a story both fiction and nonfiction that makes the readers think because the outcome is uncertain. Therefore, the option that could be used to build suspense in a story are words that make the readers think. The correct answer is option C.
What is the main purpose of suspense in a story?
Suspense is the intense feeling that an audience goes through while waiting for the outcome of certain events. It basically leaves the reader holding their breath and wanting more information.
What words are synonyms for suspense?
Synonyms for suspense include uncertainty, tension, anxiety, apprehension, doubt, doubtfulness, insecurity, nervousness, apprehensiveness and strain. Find more
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