Motivating Employees And Increasing Performance Essay Example
Motivating Employees And Increasing Performance Essay Example

Motivating Employees And Increasing Performance Essay Example

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  • Published: October 21, 2018
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The managers have different approaches to rewarding employees. The management does not prescribe specific reward systems, except for the annual bonuses or incentives. Some managers express satisfaction with the employees' work outputs and publicly praise them to boost morale. They also support employees applying for promotions. When assigning work tasks, managers tend to give important tasks to good performers and less important tasks to poor performers. The company offers paid leaves and training as benefits rather than rewards. Some managers believe that the current reward system is sufficient for driving performance, while others think that a more comprehensive rewards system should be implemented to motivate employees and increase work outputs.

Managers acknowledge that they are unable to address the issue of poor workers due to the influence of work values and attitudes. Even with an appealing reward system, if underperforming e


mployees believe they are meeting expectations, the rewards hold no value. In terms of employee performance, managers note that their workers tend to be passive and do not typically react negatively to policy changes. Instead, they simply comply without question. Occasionally, some employees may privately question these changes but do not openly discuss their concerns. In order to ensure conformity with company prerogatives, there is no need for a "carrot and stick" approach as employees readily adhere to new policies upon their issuance. Though some challenging employees may voice their opinions, their feedback is often disregarded by management. Furthermore, rewards are not given for compliance with company policies, but punishments are enforced for non-compliance. Consequently, more time is spent resolving recurring problems rather than focusing on organizational growth.The managers unanimously observed that their employees frequently encounte

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similar issues on a monthly basis. The most common problems include failing to meet deadlines, misplacing important files or reports, and inability to generate necessary reports or updates in a timely manner. As a result, the manager has to intervene and either delegate the work to another individual or provide explanations to higher management regarding the delay or departmental issues.

Are your managers constantly monitoring their employees to ensure accurate and efficient work? There are differing opinions on this matter. Some managers trust their staff and rarely check on them throughout the day, while others believe that employees slack off when the boss is away, resulting in close monitoring and constant supervision. Another group states that some employees work well without supervision, while others require close monitoring due to their tendency to get distracted. Do you feel overwhelmed, taking on the responsibilities of certain managers, and yet not seeing any enthusiasm from your employees regarding their work attitudes? Managers explained that they feel overwhelmed not because they take on additional tasks from other managers but because they must ensure the accuracy of the work provided by their employees. Certain managers noted that employee attitudes vary; some are enthusiastic, some are bored, and some consider resigning from the company. This suggests that workplace motivation is not particularly strong. Are you frustrated by the company's lack of growth targets being met and slow improvements? The majority of managers answered positively to this question. They believe that the company has failed to grow in recent years and remains stagnant, with no significant progress made in the past eight years.The changes made have been implemented, but according to feedback, they

seem to be effective only on paper. When it comes to actual implementation, both managers and employees are confused about what steps to take. Are you dealing with demotivated or frustrated employees? Managers confirm that this is a common issue, with one or two workers in each department struggling with performance due to lack of motivation and inability to adapt to new company policies. The managers find it extremely stressful to encounter these employees on a daily basis.

Is your company suffering from high employee turnover due to management's questionable decisions? According to managers, there have been periods of both high turnover and inactivity. The majority of employees leaving the company are younger workers who prefer exploring different jobs before settling on a profession. Those who voluntarily resign often do so in search of better opportunities or due to dissatisfaction with the current system. Are your productive and innovative employees encountering obstacles when trying to enhance and improve their workplace through new ideas and thoughts? Yes, managers acknowledge that employees with innovative ideas require supportive managers who can facilitate their implementation and minimize resistance. However, when employees actually express their new ideas and concerns, they share them with their coworkers rather than their managers.

The interviews with the managers of (company name) were a valuable experience for the researcher, providing rich and detailed information on the organization's current performance appraisal system. The managers expressed that although the current system is adequate, it may require some improvements. However, they were unsure of who should be responsible for making those improvements. The managers also reported minimal issues with their employees, but observed that work performance was not particularly high.

They believed that the rewards given to employees were sufficient and they felt they had significant control over their management styles.

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