The Global Recession And Workplace Malfeasance Analysis Essay

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It could easily be proven with the right set of data presented in the right light that the Global recession is causing people in the workplace to cause problems at an increased rate, and in a worst case scenario, go ‘Postal’ on other employees. This case study does not prove that a recession either impacts or does not impact misbehavior in the work environment, but it does make a strong point that due to the volume of reporting available in the media people might think that it does.

The problem with the reporting available to the masses is that it is generally bias toward chaos because the real facts make for “a less sexy headline” (Robbins and Judge, 2011). In addition, many of the reports are press releases from companies who specialize in products designed to prevent such behavior from having an impact on organizations (Robbins and Judge, 2011).

Companies like Symantec or MacAfee would profit greatly from widespread hysteria from business owners and decision makers in the Information Technology sector who might fall under the guise that their information was suddenly not safe, or better yet, that because of the poor economic conditions that they must beef up their security systems to prevent theft of intellectual property or other sensitive information by the hands of disgruntled employees.

If there is anything that can be learned from this case study, it is that the business press is just as fickle as the rest of our nationwide press, eager to please and happy to do whatever it takes to get the next big story. Sure, the data that they are presenting is not something you would find in the celebrity tabloids; it is all based on some factual information. That does not mean the business press won’t lean toward publishing one story over another without being influenced by who they writing about.

The difference the business press has vs. he celebrity tabloid press is that the business press can have a much greater impact on who they are writing about, and the organizations that are the subject matter will ensure at all costs that it is to the subject organization’s benefit. Again, everything is based on some truth, but the truth to look for that can be learned is not what is written on the page, but what is left out of the articles. How do we take on the business press from an OB point of view? Everyone needs to simply “put on your investigator hat, ask questions, analyze the situation, and consider the source! (Robbins and Judge, 2011).

If we lower our guard and believe every scrap of information that floats by us on the news or in written publications without question, then we might as well just give up and get a job in the service industry like 80% of the current US population according to Robbins and Judge; service jobs generally require little or no thought at an individual level aside from understanding company objectives and following pre-lain guidelines for success within the organization.

Regardless of current business media trend reporting on chaos in the cubicles or fight clubs breaking out in the factories, sensible businesses leaders must sift through the muck and still make important decisions regarding their company security and employee safety. Regardless of whether this case incident proves that recession causes employee unrest, the reality is that workplace theft and violence is probably going up, and most are for reasons not discussed in this case study.

Business owners have the right to protect their assets, and put processes in place to control workplace behavior, all while keeping employees motivated and productive. It can be very easy for a business to take prevention too far and each new policy must be reviewed with the utmost scrutiny in order to ensure that most people won’t feel like their personal privacy is in jeopardy. In this day and age, prevention measures must consider employees from all backgrounds and cultures, and employees should be well aware of how these measures can both benefit the company, and more importantly benefit themselves.

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