Who Wants to Be Filipino Essay Example
Who Wants to Be Filipino Essay Example

Who Wants to Be Filipino Essay Example

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  • Published: October 17, 2017
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If you were to be reincarnated and given the pick. would you choose to be Filipino once more? It was in 1998. at a Forum of pupils of top schools at the University of Asia and the Pacific. that I raised this inquiry. As expected. everybody. except me. gave a resonant yes for an reply. Hypocrites! I could see from the manner they talked. from the apparels they wore. from their thoughts of what was good and beautiful. that even in this life-time they were deceasing to camouflage their being Filipino. Thankss to Ralph Lauren. a colonial instruction and a “trying-hard” American speech pattern.

I told them that I want to be European. a Frenchman more specifically. Yes. Europe–with its rich history. solid individuality. and all the luxury and elegance this universe could offer. I have been there one time for the universe debates in Greece. But being Filipino. I was a catastrophe so. During sociables. I would befriend the Jamaicans so I would stand out. But it was a incorrect move because Jamaicans. notwithstanding their darker tegument tone. are really unafraid with themselves. When I and fellow Filipinos were walking in business district Athens. a immature Hellenic approached our group and casually told us that he intended to travel to the Philippines to f–k Filipinas.

Then he kept on inquiring us: “How much are Filipinas? ” Did he anticipate us to adore him because a all right European like him wanted to see a state whose people they officially defined as Domestic Helpers? Or was he merely being mean? I wish he were merely mentioning to the co


ntroversial brown biscuit. Beastly traffic. beastly clime. hell-sent politicians. mobsters in uniform. goons in robe. monolithic unemployment. inhumane poorness. individuality crisis. a tradition of averageness. Get existent. Who would desire to be Filipino? Possibly the Cojuangcos. the Sys. the Tans and the other supermans whose family names do non sound Filipino at all.

But this Yumul. no. My Uncle Jessie is lucky: he and the whole household migrated to the United States in the early seventiess. to crop where the grass is greenish and unrecorded at that place as 2nd category citizens but on occasion come place like Gods crowned with sparkling dollars. Then there is Me-Ann. one of the tinderas in our little concern. She thinks that her chief intent in life is to travel to Taiwan and gain money she will ne'er gain in a life-time of labour in the Philippines. I feel sad to cognize that Me-Ann and 1000000s of Filipinos have to go forth the state merely to populate decently.

Some say though that despite our material poorness. we could take pride in our spiritualty since the Philippines is the merely preponderantly Christian state in Asia. But it continues to perplex me why this Catholic Nation has merely produced two saints so far while Thailand. Japan and China–all non-Christian countries–have more. Possibly. unlike Filipinos. people from those states have more reasonable things to make than making miracles by urgently looking for images in the discolorations of tree short pantss and coercing statues to cast bloody cryings. I have ever been pessimistic abou

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the destiny of the Filipino.

But there was a interruption. I gave in to the Nationalistic Spirit during the Centennial Celebrations. When pyrotechnics. deserving 1000000s of pesos. illume up the skies over the Luneta. I had high hopes that the Philippines would be better and I decided to debris my pessimism. I thought a new epoch of Filipino pride had dawned. In my college old ages. I was besides influenced by San Beda’s push of modeling immature work forces in the image of a true Filipino like some of its alumnas whose ranks include Ninoy Aquino. Rene Saguisag. Ramon Mitra. and Raul Roco. who should hold been the president of this state.

Yes. for some clip. I was deluded into being proud of being Filipino. Thankss to President Erap. I have recovered my senses. His Excellency has betrayed the people’s trust so many times that I need non luxuriant. Erap has become for me the symbol of everything that is bad in the Filipino. In his disposal. corruptness and pandemonium have become the norm so that composing about it would merely tire the reader. It’s merely excessively bad for the state but good for me since I got back my cherished pessimism. Now I am steadfastly convinced that Erap has to vacate to salvage what is left of our self-respect as a state and what is left of my optimism as a immature adult male.

But. I guess he will ne'er make that. Congress is dominated by honest galamays. impeachment is an impossibleness. A military putsch could salvage the twenty-four hours for the state. but. in that instance. Uncle Sam is certain to support his friend who handed him the Visiting Forces Agreement. Now. we are left with bravos to play heroes. If one saves the lives of 1000000s. would he non travel to heaven? But so Erap need have no fright about an blackwash secret plan. Imelda. despite all the offenses her household committed against the Filipino people. has ne'er been hurt. Not even a strand of her regal hairstyle has been touched.

But of class. there are ever number ones. Harmonizing to Hindu doctrine. what you sow in this life. you would harvest in the following and whatever you are now is a reaction to your yesteryear. Could it be that all Filipinos were criminals in their earlier embodiments? If there is any ground why I try to make good in this life. it is in the hope that in my following. I would be a Filipino no more. If it would non be excessively much to inquire. I wish I would be Gallic. or even Jamaican. before Jinggoy Estrada becomes president of this deplorable land. Herdy L. Yumul. 21. is a Doctrine and Human Resource Development alumnus of San Beda.