The Waterview Essay Example
The Waterview Essay Example

The Waterview Essay Example

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  • Published: May 24, 2017
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The Waterview is one of the best places for many tourists to spend time on relaxing and enjoying the view of the Muskoka District area during the summers. The Waterview was a snack bar located on the waterfront property, and associated with a full-season resort in the Muskoka District of Northern Ontario. It served a pub-fair lunch, dinner menu, beverages and alcohol; and was only open during the summers. Moreover, there were countless lakes, shops, restaurants, and golf courses throughout the area that attracts millions of tourists come to visit annually.Thus, increasing the customer services and quality are very important in tourist industry at this area, in order to meet the high expectation and retain the customers. According to the case, The Waterview used to have a high reputation among the tourists.

However, there is a continuously decreasing on the services qu


ality and customer satisfaction due to the multiple changes of ownership in recent years.In this case, the major issue is the workplace conflict between the assistant operations manager – Rebecca Boddington and Waterview supervisor – Michael Welland. There are four particular incidents that pointed out in the content. Frist incident is Rebecca didn’t consulted and notified Michael there is a change of arrangement of his job before the opening of the snack bar. Second incident is Rebecca didn’t raise and adjust Michael’s wages as much as she promises him before the employment.

Third incident is Rebecca canceled Michael’s shifts on purpose. Forth incident is Rebecca didn’t take the responsibility as an operations manager to solving the computer issues. These incidents both indicate Michael has treated unfairly and Rebecca didn’t take the responsibility as a

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operations manager. Therefore, as a HR manager of The Waterview, I will develop a job description and competencies for opening a manager position to replace Rebecca Boddington.Job DescriptionJob description is a recognized list of functions, tasks, accountabilities, working conditions, and competencies for a particular occupation or job. It explains the duties, working conditions, and other aspects of a specified job.

So, I will develop my job description through four key categories: job identity, job summary, job duties and responsibilities, and working conditions.Job IdentityWe have a job vacancy at The Waterview recently. The job title of opening position is assistant operations manager. This opening located in the Muskoka District of Northern Ontario, which approximately 160 kilometers north of Toronto.

Employee is welcome to choose live onside in the staff housing, which giving a reasonable rate. We are also giving an employee discount on purchasing or spending at the resort. For this position, we are looking for people, who are having a diploma or higher education, two or more years of on-the-job training, or relevant work experience, and approvals from previous working. It is a full-time job, minimum eight hours work, and offering $3,500 to $4,500 pay monthly.Job SummaryAn assistant operations manager is monitoring by director of operations and sales.

You had to pass down the messages or objectives from the upper management and create a healthy workplace environment. You are responsible for day to day management of The Waterview and its staff. You had to interact with the customers and staff on a daily basis, and make sure everything is operating in a proper manner. Also, you should have accountability for budgeting and financial management, planning,

organizing and directing all the services and operations.

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