Industrial Safety Essay Example
Industrial Safety Essay Example

Industrial Safety Essay Example

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  • Published: September 22, 2018
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As a result, industrial managers are expected to understand the value of finding the right materials to promote the health and safety of employees, organizations are required to establish environmental safety and health management sustain, which is charged with the responsibility of planning the company’s policy and strategies for risk management. In these standards organizations are required to have effective safety and disaster preparedness strategies for both their employees and employers.Industrial managers are required to understand the hazards in place so that the rationale behind the standards could be effectively complied.

(Asfahl C. R. (2003). The implementation of occupational safety and health Act, helped in providing standards required in the working place.

This act c


overs all employees and employers by ensuring that employers provide safe working environments for their employees. This is implemented in the sense that employers adopt practices, strategies and methods which are appropriate and necessary to protect their workers.Occupation safety and health Act is given the responsibility of conducting inspections at the organizations to ensure that safe and healthful workplaces are provided to workers and that policies and strategies to handle hazards are effectively implemented. Occupational safety and health Act encourages organizations to initiate their own standards, but is charged with the responsibility of approving and monitoring the set standards.Reference Asfahl C.

R. (2003). Industrial safety and health management. New Jersey: Prentice hall.

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