Marks And Spencer Analysis Essay Example
Marks And Spencer Analysis Essay Example

Marks And Spencer Analysis Essay Example

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  • Published: September 10, 2018
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In response to business demands, Spencer (British Retailer Company) has provided management training to its entire workforce to prepare them for future managerial roles.

Marks and Spencer invests in the training of its employees to stay ahead of competition from emerging companies in the clothing and textile industry. The company carefully selects and hires its managers and staff through multiple levels of recruitment. Some employees with higher positions undergo a formal twenty-four-month training period while fresh graduates receive training for twelve months. Experienced managers also receive three months of training to improve their skills in team, financial, and sales management functions.

By implementing effective training programs, businesses can promote innovativeness among their employees and facilitate the creation of new products that meet modern market demands. Motivating the workforce is crucial for succeeding in today's global and domestic markets, while retaining skilled pers


onnel helps maintain competitive advantage. Although it takes time to train individuals to perform optimally, this human resource strategy ultimately leads to increased sales margins.

Retaining employees is crucial for organizations during the production process in order to avoid harm. To motivate employees, measures such as improving working conditions and offering financial rewards are implemented, along with benefits like annual leave, insurance, and shorter work periods. However, some organizations prioritize their own interests over employee services. Governments have established minimal legislation to guide human resource managers in setting employee wages within organizations.

Information provided by human resource management is valuable for organizations to make effective decisions regarding employee wages and compensation, while taking into account the company's financial situation. It is not logical to allot high expenses for benefits, salaries, and compensation if the organization's sales

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are not growing. Moreover, human resource management has served as a source of motivation for employees who have devoted their abilities and strength towards the success of the organization. Consequently, the organization has a responsibility to provide better treatment and encouragement to its employees. The role of human resource managers has a consequential impact on employee satisfaction and performance.

Human resource managers need to seek convenient, cost-effective, and appreciated methods of motivation to establish a dynamic, committed, and productive workforce that yields higher profitability for the organisation. In amidst ever-changing market conditions and steep competition, companies depend on employees to stay abreast. To gain a competitive edge, businesses are enhancing their employee benefits, motivation and compensation strategies to boost morale. A successful example of effective motivational tactics can be seen in the Coca Cola Company.

It is the norm for most employees in this company to receive a minimum of thirty days of annual leave per year, which is spread out across the year for all employees. The company also provides training opportunities for junior employees, in addition to competitive salaries (top managers earning approximately $13,000). This approach has led to the company's growing global presence over the past decade. It is evident that companies who adopt this human resource strategy to boost their performance achieve significant benefits.

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