Case for Analysis: Pierre Dux Essay Example
Case for Analysis: Pierre Dux Essay Example

Case for Analysis: Pierre Dux Essay Example

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  • Published: November 21, 2017
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oCase Summary -Mr. Pierre Dux is the employee of the INCO manufacturing plant. -He thought that he would get a promotion from the company but he did not. -The company was successful because of his work. He did not get any benefit tough.

-4 years ago, the company did not have a good business, and Mr. Pierre did the best that he could to help the company. -Mr. Pierre and his group made many changes to the company. -The manager had many meetings with many groups and progress was made. -The people who did not agree with the new ideas were plant the new management ideas were plant engineers.

This is because they believed that the workers and the managers were blame. -Then, progress was made slowly and other people and companies were interested in the new management i


dea. It was an experiment. -All people in the factory like the new idea. -The new changes were good and people also were tired.

This is because they worked so hard. However, they were happy with the job. -Mr. Pierre Dux thought that he had been very successful. He also was surprised that he was not promoted or given any bonus from working hard.

Problems and Solutions we found from the case; oProblem 1 Mr. Pierre Dux was an employee of the INCO manufacturing plant. He helped the company improving the manufacturing operations and many things inside the company to be better. So, we can say that he is a good guy. While he was working, he did not get any supporting money from the company.

Well, he did not say anything. He just kept working without saying anything

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Not only did not receiving supporting money from the company, but also did not get any encouragement from anyone. That was too bad.When his job accomplished, he thought that he supposed to get promoted, or receive some benefits, because he improved all main problems of the company.

And he thought he did it quite well. After his president knew that his work was successful, he just stole Mr. Pierre Dux’s work. And Mr.

Dux could not say anything, just because he was in the lower job-level. Thus, he felt very disappoint and upset with this situation. oSolution to Problem1 Refer to the problem; Mr. Pierre Dux might not do anything because he afraid of losing his career it he had a problem with the boss.Anyway, we think he supposed to fight for his right since he had work so hard. And his work was stolen by someone else easily.

First of all, he should consult with his coworkers, what they wanted to do. Well, Mr. Dux and his coworkers surely had a better relationship to one another. This is because they were working together since they started to do the project of improving and developing the factory. However, if it did not work, he might consult with another boss or manager and ask for help.

After consulting, he will get some ideas. He can solve that problem. How about if all of the above option does not work?We think he should go and talk with the president who stole his work directly, ask him why he did like that. He should tell the boss that it was not right to steal somebody’s work.

If he

still did not understand, I think Mr. Pierre could not do anything more. He just quits the job and finds a new job. And remember this as a situation to remind him. In conclusion, it is normal that when people do something, they usually expect to get something in exchange.

And if they do not get something back, they will feel upset, and do not want to work or talk to that person anymore. It is the same as this case.Mr. Pierre Dux had been working so hard in order to get promoted and receive some bonus or benefits from the factory. Therefore, I think the factory owner should fire that president.

And promote Mr. Pierre Dux into a higher position. The reason that, the president should be fired is he was not honest to the factory. Let’s think like this, despite Mr. Dux is his employee, he can stole his work. And how about the factory’s benefits or profits, he can stole that as well by doing some kinds of cheating.

Thus, the only solution we think of is firing the person who steals other people’s work. Problem 2 According to the main problem, Pierre Dux expected to the promotion because his plan to improve the problem of the organization is successful. The problem that Pierre Dux has to solve is the absenteeism and high employee turnover. This problem caused from the low motivation among the work group and reflected in slow production, the low production level, and the worst quality record in INCO. Furthermore, when he began his plan to solve this problem, he still had to face to many problems that occurred

during his solving plan.The other problems that he faced during his plan can be listed below 1.

The feeling of the uncertainty of the top management in INCO headquarters and the union to the new structure. Especially, the resistance of the plant engineers was the clear evidence of this feeling. 2. The solving plan was staff by volunteers supported by a few of the better-trained worker in the plant. 3. When the project was successful in one step, it attracted the numerous people at INCO headquarters and in other plants to see this new project.

The visitors became a major distraction. 4.The headquarters lacked of understanding of the basic operating principle of the new system. This problem was shown though the criticisms of the headquarters when they approved the funding for the change.

oSolution to Problem 2 From the above problems, absenteeism, high employee turnover, and low production level, Pierre Dux decided to solve these problems by reforming in organizational communication and redesigning of production operations from single to be teams. The redesigning began from the restructuring into smaller work groups was tried in an experimental project.And this project led to the feeling of uncertainty of the top management and the union. The first problem in the project can be solved by showing obvious goal, strategy, and process. If Pierre wanted to make others be sure in his project, he has to have an obvious goal, strategy, and process.

Other people will feel that he has the direction in his operations. The second problem that is the staffs were volunteers and a few of the training workers can be solved by taking the training workers

to be your weapons. These training workers can train the volunteers.By this way, you can save your fund for finding the trainer and both of volunteers and training workers will be familiar and worked together efficiently.

Moreover, you will have the employees who intended in their work because they are volunteers. The third problem that is the distraction from visitors can be solved by declaring to everybody that you will tell them about every step to process after your project was done and perfect and you have to explain the reasons why you can’t open the process now. You may tell them that if some parts of the operation have a mistake, they will get the mistake information.In this case, Pierre decided to stop their operating. This is the wrong way to solve because others can misunderstand Pierre that he may intend to conceal some important information and nobody believed him later.

The last problem that is the lack of understanding can be solved by showing all details of payment and the reason for each payment. This obvious action can make headquarters understand and trust in the honesty of this project’s operation for using the fund because they can check which parts that money was used to deal with.

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