An Ethical Flaw Essay Example
An Ethical Flaw Essay Example

An Ethical Flaw Essay Example

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  • Published: May 30, 2018
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Employees should understand that establishing the trust of the boss is essential as well. That responsibility includes living up to the agreement made of being at work on time, not stealing company property, and always presenting the best possible image of the company.

Along with the obvious honesty, it's also important for the staff member to do the best job possible, and even to rise occasionally above and beyond the call of duty. By establishing oneself as an ethical employee, a reputation is established that results in raises and opportunity for advancement. Amber does not fit this bill. She totally takes advantage of the situation. She lets everyone know that her father knows the president of the company and basically blackmails them into doing her work.

Instead of taking advantage of the


opportunity to learn and grow with the company she decides to go the lazy, unethical route and skate by. Until she is forced to do things on her own without the help of her father she will never learn responsibility and will continue to take advantage of her co-workers and her employer.

1. From an ethical flaw standpoint, how would you evaluate the merits of Mr. Garbo’s employing Amber?

If Mr. Garbo hired Allen Davis’s daughter with the hope of leading to future business with his company then it is unethical. That doesn’t mean this type of business does not go on between companies or even between hiring managers. This can cause lack of morale amongst co-workers and dissention for that worker. When doing this favor Mr. Garbo should have let Amber know what he was looking for her as an employee and laid

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down the terms of her employment with Mr. Allen. That way Amber would not have the opportunity to take advantage in the first place.

2. Now that she is employed, what course would you follow to address her on-the-job behavior?

I would pull her aside, reprimand her like any other employee and let her know that her actions were not going to be tolerated. I would then take the issue to Mr. Garbo and let him make any decisions that he might deem right for the sake of morale. 3. Do you feel that a firm should have policies regarding practices such as hiring people like Amber? It is very important to protect the employees that you employ. Having a policy in place would protect the department manager when dealing with this type of employee.

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