Flexible Working Essay Example
Flexible Working Essay Example

Flexible Working Essay Example

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  • Published: October 21, 2018
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Time4balance provides support to individuals seeking flexible work arrangements, including assistance with the application process, understanding different options, creating a business case, providing evidence of successful scenarios and addressing legal rights under the Legal Balancing Act 2006. As more organizations like Time4balance emerge offering resources for employees interested in exploring flexible work options, it's important to remember that employers have legitimate reasons for refusing such requests.

The government's legislation covers more than just the "right to request" and also deals with issues like parental leave and marital discrimination. One key aspect of promoting workforce flexibility is the idea of "valuing diversity." This means recognizing that strict employment policies that prioritize uniformity have limited business benefits. John Whitely, a senior HR manager at Lloyd's TSB, supports a strategy that values diversity by acknowledging that diverse workforces are better equippe


d to understand diverse customer needs; businesses can benefit from mirroring customer profiles. In addition, widening pools of talent can improve employer choice and retention while enhancing thought quality, behavior, and outcomes. Finally, it is worth noting that diverse teams make more informed decisions than homogeneous ones (Flexibility and 2006).

According to the UK government, employers should acknowledge that part-time work does not equate to lack of commitment. Allowing employees to prioritize their families or other meaningful activities can result in better job performance during work hours. Additionally, work-life balance is a beneficial arrangement for both employers and employees since it leads to increased productivity and overall job satisfaction. (Work-Life 2006).

The government recommends various measures to promote work-life balance among employees, such as granting full holiday entitlement, facilitating work from home, job sharing, flexible hours during school holidays, and full

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paid paternity and maternity leave. These suggestions aim to benefit all parties involved and are highly regarded. The efficiency and effectiveness of flexible working time for work-life balance were tested in Cloisters, a barristers’ chambers offering legal services, as demonstrated in a case study.

According to the Flexible Working report of 2006, the Cloisters, which consists of 40 barristers and 10.5 staff, launched a project aimed at addressing specific issues such as absenteeism, morale, compliance with employment law, and business improvements. To achieve its objectives of enhancing the company's reputation, becoming an employer of choice, reducing staff absence, and improving time-keeping, a flexible hours framework was drafted and developed to meet the needs of the Cloisters. The framework included providing more manageable working hours, introducing robust telephone and reception coverage, and improving staff morale.

After implementing the Cloisters' project, staff discussions revealed that the majority believed it had a positive impact on their lives. Even those who were initially skeptical admitted that the scheme had benefits for both colleagues and themselves. As stated in Flexible Working (2006), all staff have now joined the flexitime scheme, albeit at their own discretion with some members joining after witnessing the benefits experienced by their peers. To conclude, I would like to share some quotes from the Cloisters' staff regarding workforce flexibility: "I feel so much better. The week is no longer never ending."

According to Flexible Working 2006, having the ability to attend daytime school events for my children and having more time to relax in the evenings has made me feel healthier and less stressed. Additionally, not having to rush around when getting ready to go out has also

contributed to this positive change.

According to Flexible Working and The Law (2006), flexible hours at Barristers' Chambers can be found at http://www.flexibility.co.uk/cases/cloisters.htm.

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