The Rape of Women in Open It by Saadat Hasan Manto
The Rape of Women in Open It by Saadat Hasan Manto

The Rape of Women in Open It by Saadat Hasan Manto

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Where there is war. there is the colza and maltreatment of adult females. From the Trojan War to the Middle East struggle. colza has been a tactic of war. Rape is normally viewed by society as a symbol of female debasement. female entry. and the denudation of award and humanity. “OpenIt. ” by Saadat Hasan Manto. the colza of adult females is a common subject. In Manto’s “Open It. ” a immature miss. Sakina. is raped by immature work forces of her community. the writer uses the disrobing of garments to make a dramatic flood tide. However. the several flood tides convey contrasting thoughts about the colza and debasement of adult females. In “Open It. ” the disrobing of garments reveals incapacitated female entry. the act of undressing consequence in a dramatic male reaction and typify the singular endurance of this battered and abused adult female.

. a male parent is urgently looking for his girl. Sakina. in the thick of the pandemonium and upset of Partition. He asks self appointed societal workers of the community to assist him happen Sakina. When Sakina is approached by these work forces. her initial reaction is one of fear: “The minute she heard the truck. she began to run” ( Manto 360 ) . She agrees to travel along with the work forces. merely after being repeatedly reassured and treated kindly by them. Despite her loath conformity she still feels uncomfortable for “she tried to cover her chests once more and once more with her hands” ( Manto 361 ) . In this context. Sakina sees her bleakness as a failing and a symbol of


her submissiveness. The author’s initial presentation of Sakina as a panicky. hesitating immature miss seeking to cover herself in forepart of intimidating work forces is dramatically contrasted with her behaviour at the terminal of the narrative.

In the last scene of “Open It. ” Manto nowadayss an highly powerful and climactic decision. Sakina. merely half witting and hardly alive. responds to the doctor’s bid ( mentioning to the gap of a window ) . “open it” by unveiling herself: “The miss on the stretcher stirred a small. She moved her manus distressingly towards the cord keeping up her salwar” ( Manto 362 ) . The vernal artlessness and conservative. hesitating idiosyncrasies that Sakina expressed in the initial scene of the narrative is replaced by a shocking submissiveness. The horror and maltreatment that Sakina experienced stripped her of her humanity and award. The writer implies that the violent colza and maltreatment that she endured. transformed this one time naif miss into a automaton anticipating to be raped and ready to deprive on bid. Sakina’s reaction to her colza confirms the common construct that colza degrades adult females and strips them of their award and humanity.

This highly loud and despairing reaction to her at hand state of affairs is really different from Sakina’s shy and hesitating behaviour when she is approached by the work forces.

In the narrative the disrobing of garments stimulates powerful male reactions. In “Open It. ” “The physician broke into a cold sweat” ( Manto 362 ) . The

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significance of this reaction is problematic. Many interpret the doctor’s perspiration as a reaction to Sirajuddin’s ignorance of and naivete to the force and colza that his girl experienced. However. the doctor’s cold perspiration could be a reaction to Sakina’s dismaying submissiveness. symbolized by her opening her garments. Unlike Sakina. who accidentally instigates a reaction from the physician. he has dramatic reaction when the unmistakable ferociousness of colza is straight in his face. he is non able to see colza as a political war tactic any longer. The physician. recognizing the gravitation of the state of affairs. interrupt into a cold perspiration with the world of colza. The several reaction demonstrates the intense horror and actuality of a adult female being raped.

Although Sakina reacts to her colza in submissiveness. she survives. The disrobing of her garment is most significantly a symbol of her singular endurance. Although society will ever hold prepossessions of colza and how a adult female should and will respond to being raped. it is evident through “Open It” that being raped is a really personal experience. It is an experience unique to adult females that can give really different reactions. Rape can interrupt a adult female like it did Sakina. Because being raped is such a personal experience. a woman’s reaction to such a injury should non and can non be judged. Whether a adult female is strengthened or weakened through colza. it does non count. What matters is that she survives.