The legalization of heroin Essay Example
The legalization of heroin Essay Example

The legalization of heroin Essay Example

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There has been much argument over the legalization of diacetylmorphine over the past old ages, which includes many theories on why some people believe the legalization will assist to work out jobs that are related to heroin usage. But with these theories comes little if any grounds [ really, there is rather a batch of grounds ] . If you take into history all of the pros and cons in loosening uping current drug policies it becomes really evident that the negatives outweigh the positives. Though condemning drug users for the ownership or usage of diacetylmorphine has non proven to be effectual, legalizing diacetylmorphine will merely lend to the job.

The Effects of Heroin

Heroin usage or drug usage, in general, has deep effects on non merely the user but the user's household every bi


t good as the society/community in which the user is populating. Drug usage is closely associated with offense rates with a great bulk of offenses committed attributed to heroin users. Maginnis ( 2001 ) says that `` [ m ] ore than 80 per centum of the instances of physical maltreatment of kids now involve drugs '' ( 3 ) [ I wonder if this is true ] . Cases affecting drug maltreatment cause highly high wellness attention costs which lead drug maltreatment to be the figure one wellness job over all other jobs ( Maginnis 2001 ) . [ non a peer-reviewed beginning, so his 'facts ' have non been scrutinized by experts in the field ]

Harmonizing to Marneffe ( 2003 ) , `` habitual diacetylmorphine usage typically lowers an individual 's outlooks of himself and decreases his concern with what others

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expect of him; it typically weakens an individual 's motive to carry through things and to run into his duties to others '' ( 34 ) . & Atilde More specifically the usage of heroin/ drugs can harm a turning babe inside the uterus of a female parent that is utilizing and it strengthens the opportunity of an early decease while in utero, holding defects at birth, or being addicted to drugs. And a big sum of instances where kids have been abused was straight linked with the usage of drugs ( Magginis 2001 ) . With all of these harmful effects to the user every bit good as the people and environment that surround them, it becomes copiously clear that to legalize diacetylmorphine would merely foster the inexorable effects that are already attributed to the usage of diacetylmorphine.

The Potential Effects of Legalizing Heroin

The jobs associated with the usage of diacetylmorphine would merely turn larger if diacetylmorphine were legalized and people were under the premise that the sale and usage of diacetylmorphine are in a sense condoned. If there is an overall consensus that the usage and sale of diacetylmorphine are all right, people would be more likely to prosecute in making so ( Rangel 1998 ) . And with the destigmatization of diacetylmorphine would come the easiness of obtaining the diacetylmorphine and the lessening in the overall cost ( Marneffe 2003 ) . If the costs of utilizing diacetylmorphine were to be lower then there may potentially be an increased figure in people doing the determination to seek diacetylmorphine or the ability of diacetylmorphine users to increase the sum that they already use. [

possibly ]

With overall relaxation and bargain rate of drugs would come greater effects of dependence. Such effects may include violent offenses which can be straight associated with heroin utilization itself. [ Well, possibly less offense if the drug was available and low-cost like liquor is now. Few offenses are associated with the effects of diacetylmorphine per Se, instead, users commit offenses in chase of the expensive drug on the black market. On the other manus, the effects of intoxicant per Se frequently do take to violence ] The rate addition of both users and the measure in which users consume would hold a great impact on the sum that wellness attention will be ( Magginis 2001 ) [ possibly, but the costs of prisons, guards, attorneys, Judges, constabulary squads, etc. will travel down ] . And the handiness of diacetylmorphine can present a great hazard to kids that are brought up in an environment where diacetylmorphine is being used around them [ as it does now, with their parents labeled as 'criminals ' every bit good ] . If a kid's parents are utilizing heroin their ability to be a good parent diminishes and the kids will turn up without the proper influences that are needed to go on in life with proper ends, which are needed for obtaining good instruction every bit good as organizing relationships with other people ( Marneffe 2003 ) .

If heroin were to be legalized, it doesn't intend that all drug offenses would come to a complete arrest, or that jobs that are associated to the current drug Torahs would discontinue being. For illustration, the proposition of revenue enhancements being

placed by the authorities on the sale of diacetylmorphine would merely ensue in a greater copiousness of Organized Crime in order to smuggle the drugs into the state without holding to follow with the revenue enhancement Torahs [ might be similar to the jobs we now have with smuggling of coffin nails and liquor, which is a bantam job compared to organized offense's present monopoly over the illegal drug trade ] . And unless the diacetylmorphine will be available to all, including persons such as pregnant female parents and those that are in charge of protecting our safety ( police officers ) , the excess undertaking of holding to supervise who the diacetylmorphine is sold to and what sum will merely increase the concern that is associated with diacetylmorphine usage ( Magginis 2001 ) .

It is apparent from past experiences in other states that legalization will non work ( Rangel 1998 ) . When China legalized opium there was an over copiousness of people that became nuts. And when Egypt permitted the exchange of diacetylmorphine it had the exact same consequence. Along with a happening dependence job in Amsterdam, there has besides been a slope in drug-related offenses which has resulted in the demand for a larger constabulary force ( Magginis 2001 ) .I think that in some ways the state of affairs in Amsterdam has been stable for some clip With all of the grounds that suggests the chance of increased jobs that will follow the legalization of diacetylmorphine and the inability for it to better the current drug jobs in other states, it is really clear that to legalising diacetylmorphine is non a

valid solution to work outing current drug jobs.

Is Punishment the Answer?

Though legalization isn't a reply to the issues environing diacetylmorphine usage, selling the diacetylmorphine users in gaol decidedly does non work out the job either. When diacetylmorphine users are placed in jail the resources of the Criminal Justice System are being wasted. Harmonizing to Rangel ( 1998 ) , `` [ T ] he existent jobs are our accent on captivity, including compulsory minimal sentences, the unjust application of drug Torahs... and the failure to concentrate on the root causes of drug maltreatment '' ( 2 ) . An illustration of compulsory sentences being enforced is the C-15 Bill which poses that there will be lower limits in condemning when covering offenses that are related to drugs. The Bill places an immense sum of people in jail which has no overall consequence on the jobs at manus ( Magginis 2001 ) .

The job of imprisoning people who have been convicted of ownership or the usage of diacetylmorphine is that it puts the user in greater hazard of wellness jobs. Harmonizing to Allard ( 2009 ) , `` [ T ] he HIV prevalence rate in Canadian prisons is at least 10 times that found in the population as a whole. Furthermore, captivity has been shown to take to injection drug usage among some incarcerated people who did non antecedently utilize drugs or usage by injection '' ( 1 ) . And the incarcerated users do non hold any entree to sterilized acerate leaves, which leads to the further spread of HIV. When the diacetylmorphine users are so released they are a bearer of HIV and

put the remainder of the endovenous users in the populace in danger of undertaking it every bit good ( Allard 2009 ) . Although at that place needs to be drug Torahs in topographic point to forestall the possibility of dependence going a bigger job, imprisoning the diacetylmorphine user can hold an inauspicious consequence. This is non to state that if heroin users hurt a person or commit another offense they shouldn't travel to jail, it merely means that they should non travel to imprison for the usage of diacetylmorphine. [ I agree ]

Is There an Option

Alternatively of imprisoning the user, we need to seek to understand them and assist them. Alternatively of penalizing the person we need to get down offering more intervention plans that are highly accepting and offer support to the nut even in times of backsliding ( Trebach 1990 ) . Puting a harm decrease policy in topographic point will non direct out the message that it is all right to utilize diacetylmorphine, instead of trade with the diacetylmorphine job that is already at manus ( Maginnis 2001 ) . And holding a larger presence of safe injection sites would be of benefit, like that of `` INSITE '' , non to excuse the usage of diacetylmorphine but to supply a safe topographic point to shoot that can forestall the spreading of HIV every bit good as prevent the early decease of the user. A surrogate to the usage of diacetylmorphine would be for the user to travel on a methadone care plan, which is an unwritten option to heroin that can be easy decreased and can finally assist the diacetylmorphine

user to halt the usage of both the diacetylmorphine and the dolophine hydrochloride wholly ( Trebach 1990 ) . An attack used today


When looking at how to cover the usage of diacetylmorphine we need to take into history all that has occurred from the legalization of diacetylmorphine [ but it hasn't been legalized ] . Evidence shows that legalizing diacetylmorphine does non better any of the issues that surround heroin instead it increases them. Society as a whole would hold a definite job with the legalization of diacetylmorphine, and groups such as MADD and others of the same type would object to it every bit good. As an option, there needs to be more accent on the handiness of intervention plans and instruction offered to the diacetylmorphine user, every bit good as informing persons who have yet turned to drugs of the injuries associated with diacetylmorphine usage. Though penalty doesn't look to help in working outing the jobs of diacetylmorphine usage, the legalization of diacetylmorphine is non a surrogate option.

Very clear and well-supported statements

I disagree with you in a batch of topographic points -- - This is partially due to the fact that you province your statements and grounds clearly plenty that it is easy for me to happen points of dissension. Stating your statements clearly like this makes a positive part to arguments and treatments around these issues.


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