Detention is a form of punishment used in schools and other educational institutions. It is typically given as a consequence for breaking school rules, such as disrespecting faculty or engaging in disruptive behavior. While detention is generally seen as an effective way to reprimand students for their bad behavior, it has come under criticism in recent years due to its potential negative effects on student outcomes and mental health.Detention can be beneficial when used properly. When administered correctly, it serves to remind students that there are consequences for their actions and can encourage them to make better decisions in the future. Detention also provides additional time for the student to reflect on their misbehavior and consider how they could have handled the situation differently next time. Furthermore, giving students detention instead of using harsher punishments like suspension or expulsion allows them to stay engaged with academics instead of falling behind by missing out on class activities and instruction.On the other hand, research indicates that excessive use of detention may not be productive when it comes to fostering academic success or positive behavioral changes among students. Longer periods of isolation from peers can lead to feelings of loneliness and alienation which can further impact a student’s motivation levels, leading them down a path towards lower grades and more disciplinary issues over time. Additionally, many studies have found that young people who receive frequent detentions tend to view teachers negatively, making it difficult for those educators create relationships with their pupils based on mutual respect and trust going forward. Overall, while detention may be useful in some cases as a means of discipline at school settings , educators must exercise caution when administering this form of punishment so that it does not become overly punitive or emotionally damaging . Instead , they should seek alternative strategies such techniques like restorative justice practices which focus more heavily on repairing harm rather than punishing offenders.

Arizona Supreme Court Management Policy and Practice Essay Example
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Overview Arizona Supreme Court was founded in February 1912. It is the last resort of the justice system of Arizona. The court oversees all the other courts in the state and offers administrative supervision. It listens to appeals regarding decisions from the Court of Appeal. Arizona state court program encourages a juvenile justice system that […]

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Detention Supreme Court
Hamden versus Rumsfeld Essay
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Summary of Facts It was alleged that between the years of 1996 and 2001 Hamdan took part in actions that aimed at preparation of the September 11, 2001 attacks against the United States. Militia groups in Afghanistan that were fighting the Taliban captured Hamdan and handed him over to the U.S. Military in 2002. He […]

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Stanford Prison Study Essay Example
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Abstract Philip Zimbardo used twenty-four insane and normal Stanford college learners to do the experiment: a lesson in the influence of condition; he separated the student into prisons and guards. Zimbardo did this experiment using variables of duties, laws, supremacy, group segregations and mental torture. After only two days the experiment backfired, students could not […]

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Detention Stanford Prison Experiment
Role of Corrections Officers Essay Example
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A corrections officer also known as a correctional officer, jailer, prison officer or penal officer is a person responsible for supervision, safety and securityof prisoners in prison, jail or similar form of secure custody. This also refers to a person who enforces confinement in a jail or a prison. They are ordinarily, appointed by their […]

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Detention Welding
Juvenile Justice and Detention Essay
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Current conflict surrounding the responsibility and way forward of the juvenile system makes more sense when one takes into consideration the way the system has progressed since it began. Juvenile system was introduced in the late 1800s to change the United States policies regarding the young people offenders (Hess et al, 2012). Since that moment […]

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Detention Juvenile Justice System
Episode in American History Essay Example
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The episode relates to a case in the United States, Korematsu v. United States (1944). This case regards the constitutionality of the order produced by the Executive arm of the government, empowering the United States military to ban many American citizens from Japan. In the ruling of the case, the team of judges declared that […]

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American History Detention Pearl Harbor
How High Schools are Not Preparing Students for College Essay Example
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The issue of punishments and lack of proper strictness when it comes to suspensions and extra hour detentions is something that students have taken up lightly. When it comes to having detention, nowadays students do not feel the urge of being punished and aside from their routine being disrupted most have adapted it as a […]

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Detention High School Middle School Public School
Illinois v. Wardlow US Supreme Court Essay Example
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Illinois v. Wardlow was a US Supreme Court case involving criminal procedure pertinent to seizures and searches. On 9 September 1995, the defendant, William Wardlow, was carrying an opaque bag in an area renowned for the trafficking of narcotics and decided to flee after seeing a convoy of four police vehicles that were on patrol […]

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Detention Supreme Court
National Security and the Constitution Essay Example
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On September 11, 2001, brutal attacks took place in the United States where about 3000 Americans lost their lives in hours. In the wake of the attacks the congress had to pass a law that widens the definitions of terrorism, makes sentences for convicted terrorists tough and make it easier for intelligence and law enforcement […]

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Civil Liberties Detention
The Military Order on Detention, Treatment and Trial of Certain Non-citizens Essay Example
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The horrors of September 11 2001 still linger in our minds and to some of us, it is just like yesterday. America stood united in its desire to apprehend the perpetrators of this terrifying act.Osama bin Laden (who has already been terminated) and his al Qaeda terrorist organizationwere identified as the one responsible for this […]

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Popular Questions About Detention

What do you do in a detention?
Being Productive Complete any required activities. If you have to do certain activities during detention, try to take them seriously. Do your homework. While doing homework may not seem like fun, it's a good way to pass the time. Do extra credit. You may not have homework to do during detention. Set some goals for yourself.
What is the legal definition of detention?
Detention Law and Legal Definition. Detention is a short period of custody, often occurring while the police are deciding whether or not to arrest you. In order to detain you, the police are supposed to have a reasonable suspicion that you’re involved in a crime.
What are the alternatives to detention?
Alternatives to detention (ATD) are any legislation, policy or practice, formal or informal, that ensures people are not detained for reasons relating to their migration status. Under international law, immigration detention must only ever be used as a last resort.
What is the noun for detention?
Noun (wikipedia detention) (uncountable) The act of detaining or the state of being detained. (countable) A temporary state of custody or confinement, especially of a prisoner awaiting trial, or of a student being punished.
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