The On Manifest Destiny Essay Example
The On Manifest Destiny Essay Example

The On Manifest Destiny Essay Example

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  • Published: March 31, 2022
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Manifest destiny is a doctrine that the expansion of America to Mexico was preordained by God. In fact the Americans believed that their destiny was to spread across the continent enlightening the primitive nations by spread their cultures and traditions. The American settlers of the time thus considered Hispanics and Indians as inferior hence inn need of through cultivation. By conserving United States as the as the best country, the only way to restructure and reorganize the world was through their country. This believe lead US to expand westward to Mexico. This notion was clearly seen explorer such as Kit Carson and Daniel Boone in their triumph of exploring the wilderness. They believed to enter the earth’s untrodden space in truths of God. In fact, this believe was the source of racism rampart in United States in 19th century. They believe t


o be the perfect nation of God destined to change humanity. A number of Americans entering Texas grew higher than Mexicans, they demanded full statehood of Texas. This was in the spirit of bringing better governance and development guided by the doctrine of manifest destiny.

The America settlers were mistreating Mexican slave even though the Mexican government had abolished slavery. As a result, the American-born Texans supported Santa Ann who they though would fight for statehood. Revolution was declared and David G. Burnet as the new president triggering the Mexican government to respond swiftly. This marked the on-set of Mexican war. The idea of manifest destiny made Americans to believe that they were superior to other nations. This caused differences between south and North. As they enlarged their territory, there was a dispute between sout

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and north on whether the new territories should be slaves or free. It is this division that eventually led to civil war. In the America are still following the concept of manifest destiny. This is clear seen in the influence the US is imparting on the third world countries especially the African nations. Since Africa

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