Symbolism and metaphor are two important literary devices used to create depth and meaning within a work of fiction. In the novel, symbolism is often used to represent characters, ideas or emotions while metaphors can be used to communicate a deeper understanding of concepts that may otherwise be difficult to describe. The most obvious example of symbolism in the novel is in its title The Great Gatsby which references Jay Gatsby, who symbolically represents the American Dream. The green light at the end of Daisy’s dock also serves as a powerful symbol throughout the story; representing hope, longing, and Gatsby’s dream for Daisy. Additionally, other items such as clocks being symbolic of time running out (in relation to Gatsby’s death) or cars representing progress further allude to bigger themes in the narrative. Metaphors are regularly employed throughout The Great Gatsby too; allowing readers an even more nuanced look into various scenarios. For instance when Nick Carraway questions his role as narrator: So I went there feeling that whatever it was should be found without much difficulty…..I had taken leave somehow of Mrs Roosevelt but apparently she had not taken leave of me – this complex sentence embodies both metaphor and symbolism as Nick compares himself with Eleanor Roosevelt ” hinting at his need for greater purpose than simply observing others around him. In conclusion then we can see how F Scott Fitzgerald makes great use of symbolism and metaphors within The Great Gatsby; utilising them effectively in order to bring new levels of meaning and interpretation into the text from start to finish.

Modern Dance During The 20th Century Essay Example
495 words 2 pages

Modern dance was aiming at increased freedom within the styles it used as well as use of increased gravity. Modern dance for instance would make use of the floor while dancers in ballet are known to stay on their feet (Foulkes 5). With the emergence of modern dance, performance themes changed. Another dance by name […]

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Annotated Bibliography on Multicultural Education Essay Example
332 words 2 pages

This article by Zirkel Sabrina expressed concern on the influence of multicultural education practices on student performance and intergroup relations. In this journal, Sabrina explored specific multicultural educational practices and the extent to which those practices are utilized to attain high academic performance and improving intergroup relations in schools. The main idea explored by the […]

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The On Manifest Destiny Essay Example
332 words 2 pages

Manifest destiny is a doctrine that the expansion of America to Mexico was preordained by God. In fact the Americans believed that their destiny was to spread across the continent enlightening the primitive nations by spread their cultures and traditions. The American settlers of the time thus considered Hispanics and Indians as inferior hence inn […]

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The On Volcanic Rocks Essay Example
311 words 2 pages

Igneous rocks are found abundantly in the earth’s crust. Two processes lead to the formation of Igneous rocks. The first process results when the molten or liquid rock(magma) cools and crystallizes deep inside the earth thus forming the characteristic rocks. They can also be formed when the molten rock(lava) erupts from a volcano and hardens […]

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Boyond Convention: Beyond Expectation Essay Example
290 words 2 pages

Today, Grand Wayne Convention Center an Indiana based company specialized in holding conventional meetings has introduced a new classroom collaboration suit by the name CONVERG. The new production is as a result of the challenges earlier faced by the company in holding meetings whereby the users were to be limited to a certain amount with […]

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Informing Mary Smith of Her Termination Essay Example
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As the human resource manager of ACME Widgets, it is my duty to deliver information to all employees about the current situation of our company that will affect them. Very soon our ACME Widgets will go through a corporate restructuring which will lead to cutting down the number of employees working in production department by […]

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