The History of Chocolate Essay Example
The History of Chocolate Essay Example

The History of Chocolate Essay Example

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The first recorded grounds of cocoa as a nutrient merchandise goes back to Pre-columbian Mexico. The Mayans and Aztecs were known to do a drink called “Xocoatll from the beans of the chocolate tree. In 1528. the conquest Spaniards returned to Spain with cocoa still consumed as a drink. A similar cocoa drink was brought to a royal nuptials in France in 1615. and England welcomed cocoa in 1662. To this point “chocolate” as we spell it today. had been spelled diversely as “chocalatall, “jocolatte”, “jacolatte” and “chockelet.

In 1847. Fry & A ; Sons in England introduced the first “eating cocoa. ” but did non pull much attending due to its acrimonious gustatory sensation. In 1874. Daniel Peter. a celebrated Swiss chocolateer. experimented with assorted mixtures in an attempt to equilibrate cocoas unsmooth spirit. an


d finally stumbled upon that abundant merchandise — milk. This changed everything and chocolate’s credence after that was speedy and enthusiastic.

Turning Cocoa Beans

Cocoa beans are normally grown on little plantations in suited land countries 20 grades north or South of the Equator. One mature chocolate tree can be expected to give approximately five lbs of cocoa per twelvemonth. These are planted in the shadiness of larger trees such as bananas or Mangifera indicas. about 1000 trees per hectare ( 2. 471 estates ) .

Cocoa trees take five to eight old ages to maturate. After reaping from the trees. the cods ( which contain the chocolate beans ) are split unfastened. beans removed. and the beans are put on trays covered with gunny for about a hebdomad until they brown. Then they are sun dried until the wet content is below

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% . This usually takes another three yearss. After cleaning. the beans are weighed. selected and blended before roasting at 250 grades Fahrenheit for two hours. Then shells are removed go forthing the “nib. ” Nibs are crushed to make a cocoa “mass. ” This is the basal natural stuff from which all cocoa merchandises are made.

Kinds OF Cocoa

Milk Chocolate

This consists of at least 10 % cocoa spirits ( “raw” cocoa pressed from algarroba bean nibs ) and 12 % milk solids combined with sugar. chocolate butter ( fat from nibs ) . and vanilla. Sweet and Semi-Sweet Chocolate Are made from 15-35 % cocoa spirits. plus sugar. chocolate butter. and vanilla. Impreciseness of the two footings causes them to normally be called “dark” or “plain” cocoa. Dark cocoa has a big following among dessert shapers. and for this ground is referred to as “baking” cocoa.

Bittersweet and Bitter Chocolate

Bittersweet normally contains 50 % cocoa liguor and has a distinguishable “bite” to the gustatory sensation. Bitter or unsweetened cocoa spirits besides is used in baking and is besides referred to as “bakers” cocoa.

Creams and Variations

Bite sized and cocoa covered. They are filled with caramels. nuts. picks. gelatins. and so forth.

White Chocolate

Is non truly chocolate as it contains no cocoa spirits. Carob This is a brown pulverization made from the powdered fruit of a Mediterranean evergreen. It is used by some as a replacement for cocoa because it can be combined with vegetable fat and sugar. and made to about the colour and consistence of cocoa.

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