The Church Of The New Testament Theology Religion
The Church Of The New Testament Theology Religion

The Church Of The New Testament Theology Religion

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The intent of this paper is to look at the church found in the New Testament. This paper will concentrate on the five Ps that relate to the consummation of the church of Christ. The five P 's that relate to the church are: Purposed, Promised, Prophesied, Prepared, and Perfected.

This universe is filled with spiritual confusion. The telecasting plans proclaim faith to be one thing while the newspaper portrays it as another. The universe is besides filled with many spiritual groups that each have different patterns, instructions, and thoughts about faith. Yet, the Bible is God 's usher to Him. Man could look at the Bible as a roadmap to heaven. By its ain admittance the Bibles contain all things that pertain to life and godliness. Therefore, It contains the demands for practising right faith and it entirely teaches the right trues associating to adult male 's redemption. The Bible besides shows mankind the one true church. The church found in the New Testament is the church of Christ ; the blood bought establishment belonging to Christ.

The church of Christ has ever existed. It has ever existed because it has ever been in the head of God. When the Bible is opened it is so singular to see that from the beginning of the Bible to the terminal of the Bible the church of Christ is seen in assorted phases. The Bible nowadayss the church in assorted phases of disclosure by first get downing with the promise of the church and so reasoning wi


th the church in flawlessness. No uncertainty there could be many ways to show this information and there genuinely could be more P 's to elaborate upon than the 1s to be reference, but this paper will cover with 5 of them to demo the beauty, the world, and the flawlessness of the church of the New Testament.

The Church was Purposed.

First of wholly, the Bible affirms that the church of Christ was purposed by God. Paul affirmed this truth in Ephesians 3:11. He wrote by inspiration and said: `` aˆ¦according to the ageless intent which He purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord. '' The Bible shows clip and clip once more that God is a God of intent. In Genesis 1:1, the Bible opens up with God and instantly shows God at work. He ne'er re-acts but God acts. In visible radiation of that statement, it is of import to see that God has the power to carry through His intents and the Bible clearly shows that God does carry through His intents. In Job 42:2, Job held to this rule by sayingaˆ¦ `` I know that 1000 canst do everything. '' With an apprehension of God 's ability and intents, the church of Christ is no exclusion. Before the beginning of the universe the church was in the head of God. God purposed the church of Christ in His boy Jesus Christ. Before the foundations of the universe were laid God predetermined to salvage those who would obey the Gospel and therefore bask redemption inside the church. God chose to salvage a category of people- th

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church, non specific people as Calvinism would confirm. Therefore, the church has so ever existed.

In visible radiation of the church being the ageless intent of God, it existed foremost in the head of God. Before the church of Christ became a world through promise, prognostication, or flawlessness, the church was a world in the head of God. F.W. Mattox commented on this truth by stating:

`` The Apostle Paul says the enigma of Christ was non made known to other coevalss ( Eph. 5:3 ) , but instead it was hidden in God and was to be revealed harmonizing to His ageless intent '' ( pg.41 ) .

The words that Mattox used are really accurate. Indeed, the church existed in the head of God in the dark ages of infinity. At the beginning of clip, God began working towards His ageless intent in Jesus Christ. From that point forth, the church can be seen in its assorted revealed phases. In Wharton 's book, The Church of Christ, he commented in that respect by stating:

`` from the get downing the church has existed, non merely in its nature as the saved organic structure of Christ but besides in a distinguishable signifier or construction in which she has been designed to work to the glorification of God '' ( pg.13 ) .

The Church was Promised.

From the head of God during the dark ages of infinity, the church is now seen in a promise. In Genesis 12:1-3, God spoke to Abraham and made some really of import promises. God told Abraham to

`` acquire thee out of thy state, and out of thy kindred, and out of thy male parent 's house, unto a land that I will prove thee: and I will do thee a great state, and I will bless thee, and do thy name great ; and thou shalt be a approval: and I will bless them that bless thee, and cuss them that curseth thee: and in thee shall all households of the Earth be blessed '' ( KJV ) .

It is clear from assorted other transitions in the Bible that the promises that are contained within these poetries came to be a world. God kept His word. He held up His terminal of the deal. Because Abraham stayed true to God, God stayed true to him. In the promises given to Abraham, there is found some extremely important messianic deductions. God told Abraham that through his seed all states of the Earth would be blessed. In Matthew chapter 1, the Bible identifies the great approval. Matthew 1 delivers the adult male named Emmanuel which means `` God is with us. '' This adult male was non merely any adult male, but He was God in the flesh. He was God 's merely begotten boy, Born of adult female, from the seed of Abraham. Therefore, as God gave the promise to Abraham in Genesis 12 the religious focal point in God 's head was upon His boy and the approval of redemption that all work forces could have through Him.

While the promise to Abraham no uncertainty has Messianic deductions, it necessarily

has deductions of the church of Christ. On the twenty-four hours the church began in Acts chapter 2, Peter preached the first Gospel discourse to Jews. After the Jews were convinced of their evil workss, in poetries 38-39, Peter spoke these words unto them:

`` repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remittal of wickednesss and ye shall have the gift of the Holy Ghost. For the promise is unto you, and to your kids, and to all that are afar off, even every bit many as the Lord our God shall name '' ( KJV ) .

Peter made mention to the promise to Abraham and made application to demo that the promise was to all. The promise of redemption is to Jew and Gentile. The point is that redemption is in Jesus Christ, being in His church, and this is available to all who will obey the Gospel. The life of Abraham and the promise to Abraham is so of import as we think about Jesus Christ, redemption, and the church of Christ. In Frank Chessers book entitled The Portrait of God, he said these words about Abraham and salvation:

`` Appropriately, the book of Genesis closes with one concluding backward expression that contains an built-in forward expression. It looks back to God 's promise to Abraham in Genesis 12 that has its background in the birth of wickedness in Genesis 3:6 and in the seed of adult female in Genesis 3:15 that became the seed of Abraham of Genesis 12:3 that became the seed of Isaac, Jacob, Judah, David, and Mary- culminating in Jesus Christ, God 's sole reply for wickedness '' ( 47 ) .

By agencies of Abraham, God promised redemption and inherently promised the church of Christ.

The Church was Prophesied.

The church began in the head of God. God so presented the church of Christ is the signifier of a promise to Abraham, but from that point until the church was perfected, there are many prognostications found sing the church of Christ. Some of the prognostications that are found in the Old Testament include that of Nathans to David, David 's to Nebuchadnezzar, and the great prognostication of Isaiah. Each of these prognostications came to be fulfilled as the church of Christ became a world. Again, God keeps His word. These prognostications are each so specific, true, and paramount.

In Isaiah 2:2-3, we find the prognostication of Isaiah. Isaiah wrote by inspiration and said:

`` and it shall come to go through in the last yearss, that the mountain of the Lord 's house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills ; and all states shall flux unto it. And many people shall travel and state, Come ye, and allow us travel up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of Jacob. For he shall learn us His ways and we shall walk in His waies ; for out of Zion goeth forth the jurisprudence and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem '' ( KJV ) .

The prognostication of Isaiah

is so of import as it relates to the church of the New Testament. First of all, Isaiah radius of the last yearss. He said that it would come to go through in the last yearss. He did n't state it may, it should, or it could come to go through. The words of Isaiah were certain and clear. Those who teach the philosophy of pre-millennialism would hold to postulate that Jesus Christ failed and that the church we read of in the New Testament in such beautiful footings is nil more than an reconsideration. They would besides hold to postulate that the church is impermanent. Their instruction is that Christ came to the Earth with the purpose to put up an earthly land but failed because He was killed. Therefore, they would postulate that He set up the church as a impermanent replacement until He could return to set up the land. However, the words of Isaiah do non do the church seem like an reconsideration. Christ would put up His land. The Kingdom of Christ is the church of Jesus and she became a world in the last yearss. The last yearss began at Pentecost in Acts 2.

Isaiah besides spoke of the Kingdom ( the church ) being established on the tops of the mountains and exalted above the hills. The thought of this subdivision of the prognostication is that the church would be exalted above all other establishments ( hills ) . Appropriately, the hills in the text refer to all other establishments and the mountain refers to the church. The contrast is great and important. The church would n't be little but it would be great and mighty. This nomenclature besides shows the indestructible nature of the New Testament church. The transition besides speaks to the cosmopolitan nature of the church. Isaiah made clear that `` all states would flux unto it '' . He did n't talk of one group of people or merely to the elite race, but the doors of the land are unfastened to all who will come in. Inspiration affirms that the door of redemption was unfastened to both the Jew and the Gentile, and for that affair still is.

There is besides a important prognostication found in Daniel 2:31-35. Daniel said:

`` Thou, O king sawest, and behold a great image. This great image, whose brightness was first-class, stood before thee ; and of the signifier thereof was awful. This image 's caput was of all right gold, his chest and weaponries of Ag, his belly and his thighs of brass, his legs of Fe, his pess of Fe and portion of clay. Thou sawest boulder clay that a rock was cut out without custodies, which smote the image upon his pess that were of Fe and clay, and brake them into pieces. Then was the Fe, the clay, the brass, the Ag, and the gold broken to patch together, and became like the husk of the summer thereshingfloors ; and the air current carried them off, that no topographic point was found for them ; and the rock that smote the

image became a great mountain, and filled the whole Earth '' ( KJV ) .

The background for this transition is a dream. King Nebuchadnezzar has had an alarming dream and therefore he calls Daniel to give him the reading sing the dream. The reading is this valuable prognostication associating to the constitution of the church of Christ. The text is talking about 5 lands. 1- The Babylonian land ( vs.38 ) , 2- The Medo-Persian ( vs.39 ) , 3-The Macedonian ( vs.39 ) , 4- The Roman ( vs.40 ) , and 5- The church of Christ. The church of Christ represents the rock that destroyed all other states and it represents the land that will last everlastingly. Daniel pointed out this really point in Daniel 2:44:

`` And in the yearss of these male monarchs shall the God of Eden set up a Kingdom which shall ne'er go through off ; the Kingdom shall non be left to other people, but it shall interrupt into pieces and devour all these lands, and it shall stand everlastingly '' ( KJV ) .

Besides, in similar mode of Isaiah, Daniel spoke of the clip of fulfilment and he spoke with certainty alternatively of uncertainness which besides destroys the instructions of many. The prognostications of the Old Testament are legion and profitable in understanding the church that we find in the New Testament. The church in prognostication is merely another phase that the church of Christ is seen in throughout the Bible.

The Church was Prepared.

The following measure to be seen in the patterned advance of the church through the Bible is that the church was prepared. In order for the church to go a world it had to hold a laminitis. The Bible affirms that the laminitis of the church of Christ came away in `` the comprehensiveness of times '' ( Gal. 4:4 ) . Jesus came away in the comprehensiveness of times because there was a cosmopolitan jurisprudence, linguistic communication, roads, and peace. These things made it to where the Black Marias of work forces could be prepared for the coming Kingdom.

An of import key to the procedure of the church being prepared was the adult male named John the Baptizer. While John did non set up the church he did hold a polar function in paving the manner for Christ so that the church could be established.

In Isaiah 40: 3-5, the Bible gives a prognostication refering the of import work of John the Baptizer. The Bible says:

`` The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, fix ye the manner for the Lord, make heterosexual in the desert a main road for our God. Every vale shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be brought low: and the crooked shall be made consecutive and the unsmooth topographic points plain, and the glorification of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together for the oral cavity of the Lord hath spoken it '' ( KJV ) .

In Marks history of the Gospel, this transition is seen about direct. John had a particular work and his

work was to fix the manner for Jesus Christ. Ultimately John 's work was a measure in the procedure of the church in readying.

It would besides travel without stating that a overriding measure in respects to the church in readying would be the decease, entombment, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The church could n't be a world without the Gospel and therefore the completion of the Gospel is a measure in the church in readying. An of import transition to observe in this respect is the really words of Christ in Matthew 16:18-19. Jesus said:

`` and I say besides unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this stone I will construct my church and the Gatess of Plutos shall non predominate against it. And I will give unto thee the keys to the land, and whatsoever thou shalt bind on Earth shall be bound in Eden, and whatsoever thou shall free on Earth shall be loosed in Eden '' ( KJV ) .

This transition shows Christ oppugning His adherents as to who work forces say that He is. The adherents began to give Christ replies as to who work forces say that He is. Then, Peter spoke up and state who Christ truly isaˆ¦ `` Jesus Christ the Son of God. '' It was upon that monumental confession of religion that Jesus promised to construct the church. Besides, Christ gave the promise to give unto Peter the keys to the Kingdom. Rightly so, in Acts chapter 2, the Bible shows Peter prophesying the first Gospel discourse and opening the doors to the church of Christ. Christ died, was buried, and resurrected. These three accomplished facts compromise the salvaging Gospel message- the keys to the Kingdom. Jesus did what it took to fix for the church. He laid down His life on the cross for the wickednesss of all world. The church of Christ was prepared.

The Church was Perfected.

Finally, this paper will demo the church as it was perfected. From the dark ages of infinity when the church was in the head of God, to the church being seen in promise, so prognostication, and so in readying, the church of Christ can be clearly seen in all of her many phases. The concluding phase to be reference is that of the church being perfected. This phase is seen on the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2.

In Acts 1, the Apostles were endued with power from on high. As Christ had commanded them to remain in Jerusalem they received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as Christ had promised. With this going a world, the Bible clears to the Day of Pentecost of Acts 2. At this clip there were many people in attending, even some of the really Jews who had crucified Christ. As a consequence of all of the prognostication and readying, the church of Christ was ready to be established. The Gospel was a world, Christ was reigning in Eden, and the Apostles had received the Holy Spirit.

In Acts 2, Peter preached the 1st Gospel discourse to the really 1s who crucified Jesus Christ. As a consequence of

the powerful discourse and Gospel message, some 3,000 psyches were added unto the church ( vs.41 ) . The Gospel was preached, the Gospel pricked the Black Marias of work forces, and the Gospel was obeyed. Those 3,000 psyches were baptized into the Body of Christ. Their wickednesss were washed from them and the Bible says that the Lord added them unto the church. This measure is the consummation of the church of Christ. At this clip the church is now a world. The promise has been kept. The prognostications have been fulfilled. The readying has been a success. The church of Christ is now perfected. She is now the Kingdom exalted above all other lands and she will stand everlastingly. From the dark ages of infinity as the ageless intent in the head of God, the church of Christ now stands on Earth as a seeable and perfected world.

In decision, the Bible demonstrates 2 things for adult male. The Bible shows adult male the glorification of God and the salvation of adult male. From the really beginning of the Bible the glorification of God can clearly be seen. The Bible Begins with the creative activity work of God and it so shows the singular glorification of God. Yet, about instantly after the creative activity we begin to see the demand for the salvation of adult male because of the world of wickedness in Genesis 3:6. From that point forth, the Bible shows adult male the journey from wickedness to salvation found in the culminating act of Jesus Christ being crucified on the cross, being buried, and so originating winning from the clasp of decease. Therefore, the glorification of God and the salvation of adult male are seen as the cardinal subjects.

In position of this subject and journey to the cross, the Bible shows existent people who help adult male understand the glorification of God and the salvation of adult male. The divine Word teaches adult male of these heroes in history who helped to pave the manner for Christ and the cross, and so what a approval to be found in analyzing the lives of these work forces and adult females of old. Yet, powerful illustrations and lessons are non the lone thing to be noticed as adult male ponders the Bible and the strategy of salvation. The Bible besides shows us the church of Christ ; a polar facet of the glorification of God and the salvation of adult male. From the beginning of Genesis to the decision of the book of Revelation the church of Christ is clearly seen in her assorted signifiers of being revealed. The church of Christ can be viewed in assorted phases by sing 5 P 's. The church was purposed, promised, prophesized, planned, and perfected. The church is no myth or after-thought, but she is a world that has been instituted by God himself. The church is a critical portion of the mystifier called `` the glorification of God and the salvation of adult male. ''