Kingdom of God Reaction Paper Essay Example
Kingdom of God Reaction Paper Essay Example

Kingdom of God Reaction Paper Essay Example

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  • Published: May 10, 2017
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The term disciple, originating from Greek, carries a literal meaning of being "a learner." In its essence, discipleship entails being a follower, someone who accepts and aids in disseminating another person's teachings. According to, a disciple can be understood as both a pupil or adherent of someone's doctrines, actively embracing and supporting their teachings. Furthermore, a disciple can refer to any individual who follows another person. However, for us Christians, a disciple is someone who not only acknowledges but also actively participates in the propagation of Jesus Christ's good news.

Discipleship involves the acquisition, assimilation, and application of teachings from a chosen figure. In my perspective, discipleship specifically pertains to Christians. It is an invitation to live a fulfilling existence by emulating Jesus Christ. While some characterizations compare discipleship to traditional academ


ia, where students absorb concepts and information, I respectfully disagree. To me, discipleship resembles being a devoted adherent who not only learns but also integrates those teachings into everyday life.

People can follow different individuals and ideas, such as those pertaining to religion, politics, science, and economics. Our duty is to be followers of Christ by attentively listening with our hearts. It is not obligatory to perform extraordinary miracles or accomplishments in order to show our discipleship. Acts of kindness and unwavering faith in God are enough. According to the Encarta dictionary, a kingdom refers to a sovereign state or population governed by a king or queen. The Greek term for kingdom, basileia, may have originated from the Aramaic word malkut that Jesus possibly used.

Malkut primarily refers to the activity of the king himself, the exercise of sovereign power, rather than a geographical area,

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realm, or its inhabitants. In English, this concept can be better conveyed through words such as kingship, rule, or sovereignty. The notion that God's throne is in heaven and that His kingdom resides there is consistently emphasized. This may explain why St. Matthew favors the expression "kingdom of heaven," as it would be more familiar to the Hebrews he intended to address. The prophets often emphasize that God is the Supreme King and that all kings rule solely by His authority.

Jesus’ teaching on the Kingdom of God and its relation to the developed view of the church has been a topic of wide debate. Despite differing views, the Kingdom of God is generally considered to be the central theme of Jesus’ teaching. Many Christians mistakenly associate heaven with the Kingdom of God, but this is incorrect. To summarize various definitions, the Kingdom of God represents the fulfillment of God’s promise of everlasting life, happiness, and salvation. Based on these definitions, discipleship involves following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ: proclaiming the good news and living a simple life with Him.

By listening to the words of God, living according to them, and demonstrating compassion as Jesus did, we can prepare ourselves for the forthcoming kingdom of God. Jesus' ministry revolved around bringing about the kingdom of God through discipleship. Although the kingdom of God is already partially present, it remains inchoate - not fully realized. The reality is that we have the ability to experience the kingdom of God each day by inviting Him into our hearts and minds. Unlike a physical location such as a favorite hangout spot, the kingdom of God represents a state of

existence where His reign becomes apparent in our everyday lives.

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