Christianity And The Other Religions Theology Religion Essay Example
Christianity And The Other Religions Theology Religion Essay Example

Christianity And The Other Religions Theology Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: October 6, 2017
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Scientists said that the existence started by a large detonation which is called Big Bang. They said that everything is started after the occurrence of this detonation ( Robert Jastrow n.d ) . But, harmonizing to Steven Weinberg, who get the Nobel award of Physic, ai the minute of the detonation, the unniverse is the pandemonium of visible radiation and the grade is about hundred million Centigrade. It 's means that the existence has the start. So, the inquiry is: What caused it? ? Sciences could n't state precisely what the beginning of the Earth, but the Bible answered that God created the universe ( Genesis 1:1 n.d ) .

Second, Marilyn mentioned to the Earth. First is its ' sized. Its ' size is perfect for the life of animate being and humanity. S


he said that if the Earth is smaller or larger, the life will non be existed. Second, she talk about the place of Earth. The place of Earth is perfect to the homo 's life. If the Earth is a small farther or closer, the Earth could be glaciated or burned. And she besides said something about the speed of the Earth revolve around the Sun. And the Earth besides whirl around its ' axle. The velocity and the motion around the axle of Earth made the Earth cool and warm everyday, so that make the humanity possible.

Following is about the H2O, it 's has the none of colour, smell ad gustatory sensation but all of the animal ca n't populate without H2O, including human. Water is really interesting. It has a astonishing country tenseness. In works, H2O can flux to the

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top regardless of the gravitation. Water is about in the ocean, but the Earth has the system to purification the H2O to utilize ( Marilyn Adamson n.d ) . So why anything is perfect without the swayer of it? Did anyone create and regulation it?

Some of the things in the existence has the jurisprudence that ne'er change such as the gravitation, the speed of the Earth when rotate around the Sun, ... The inquiry here is why the existence has this order. It 's truly fantastic, anything is ordered as though these have the regulation or person create and regulation these things ( Marilyn Adamson n.d ) .

The following grounds that Marilyn has shown is about the cell in human organic structure. She said that the DNA codification of all people in the universe is similarity. It 's is include A, T, G and C. These are non merely chemicals but besides the usher for the organic structure to turn up. It 's so astonishing.

Marilyn says that she is an atheist, it 's agencies that she is the 1 who does n't follow up to any faith, but now she truly believe in the being of God. She besides said that Jesus Christ is the most clearest grounds about God. Because, the heading of all faiths in all over the universe such as Buddha, Muhammad, Moses, ... present them as the prophesier or foreteller. None of them are non name them God. But the Jesus did. Although Jesus told people that Father is in the Eden, but Jesus is the incarnation of the Father. Jesus could make anything, either the thing that no 1 can

make. He could repair garrison he people who ca n't see or can'r hear, even revive people from the dead. He could do the nutrient from the air and do many miracles things such as walk on the surface of the lake or do the grant storm. Peoples believe in Jesus because he give them what they need and do manything that is over the cognition of humanity. There is some grounds to turn out that God is truly exist. So, how does God impact homo 's life?

Peoples, particularly Christian, have a strong religion to God. It 's nil to delight God than religion and religion is the thing that God related to human.

In fact, Jesus is to us merely who we say He is. He is our Savior merely when we declare that He is. He is our Healer merely when we say He is. He is our Baptizer in the Holy Spirit merely when we say He is. We are the 1s who set up how much of Jesus ' influence

A A A A A A A A A The strong relationship we have with God can non be broken by any day-to-day issues we face or any job arises in our life at all of the sudden. When we believe in God, we can bask life to its comprehensiveness with true contentment and freedom.

A A A A A A A A A Psalm 91:16 sets the mark for us. God said of the individual who will prosecute Him: `` With long life I will fulfill him, and show him My redemption. ''

A A A A A A A A A God 's

promise of long life is n't simply mentioning to populating a long clip. Battalions of people become defeated with life and, as the old ages base on balls, turn old and acrimonious. They may hold lived a long clip, but they have besides been suffering and most likely have made those around them suffering every bit good. In contrast, God 's promise is non merely for a long life, but one that is full, peaceable, and contented every bit good.

Researcher Tom Smith said: 'Looking at differences among age groups, the largest additions in belief in God most frequently occur among those 58 old ages of age and older.

'This suggests that belief in God is particularly likely to increase among the oldest groups, possibly in response to the increasing expectancy of mortality. '

In the most basic manner, a belief in God saves our life. God tells us if we believe in Him, and in His boy, Jesus Christ, we will be saved from diing. John 's Gospel tells us,

For God so loved the universe that he gave his 1 and merely Son, that whoever believes in him shall non die but have ageless life. ( John 3:16 )

The Apostle Paul subsequently reinforces this message stating,

But now God has reconciled you by Christ 's physical organic structure through decease to show you holy in his sight, without blemish and free from accusation-if you continue in your religion, established and house, non moved from the hope held out in the Gospel. ( Colossians 1:22-23 )

Our belief in God gives us a hope of ageless life. If we believe in God, He will give us life. If we turn

our dorsum on Him we will inherit decease as the merited effects of our actions.

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