Philosophy of music ministry Essay Example
Philosophy of music ministry Essay Example

Philosophy of music ministry Essay Example

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  • Published: October 12, 2017
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As a church instrumentalist, I 've served as a music manager and accompanyist of local churches for many old ages including the life in S. Korea. I ever thank God that he gave the music as my endowment to praise and idolize him. Besides, God has ever given me the opportunities to make something for the church, and my spirit has grown stronger through functioning the church.

However, when I merely started my ministry at the church, my doctrine was more like a regular instrumentalist. I think I sometimes pride myself on my musical endowment at church. I was inflated with pride. At that clip, I dreamed fancy concert phase for the church service. I was a avaricious music manager to do something with utilizing church members. Therefore, I sometimes got angry a bat


ch when particularly my ministry did n't work good with the people. Now I realize that I was musically qualified but non theologically. I merely had proficient attack to my ministry, but my doctrine of ministry was non organized yet. Therefore, here is my doctrine of music ministry even though I am still cub of the country.

For many old ages, the music in the church has been debated a batch. There have been folds who have built immense churches in a comparatively short sum of clip and have attributed the function of music as a taking factor in their growing. Others have avoided this tendency and their music seems to be stuck in another epoch. How should we see music in the evangelical church? What sort of music curates are needed for today 's church? And how should this be fleshed out in

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the life of the local church? These inquiries are necessary to be answered if the church is to carry through its function for the glorification of God. Evangelical worship music should be both nonsubjective and subjective, showing our amazing admiration and congratulations of God who is beyond our imaginativeness and besides our love of, and Communion with, God in Jesus Christ who lives in us through the Holy Spirit.

Use of Music in the Worship and Biblical Foundations

Should we hold music in the church? In Corinthians, Paul told the Corinthians to sing with the spirit and besides with the head ( I Cor. 14:15 ) . In Psalm 33, the Psalmist exhorts us to `` sing to the Lord a new vocal '' , and `` give thanks with the lyre '' . In add-on, Paul encouraged the trusters to `` talk to one another in Psalms, anthem and religious vocals, singing and doing tune with your bosom to the Lord '' ( Eph. 5:19 ) . In Revelation 5:9, when the book was given to the Lamb, the environing seniors and animals sang a new vocal. This vocal is acknowledgment of the individual and work of Christ and that He entirely is truly worthy. After the first Lord 's Supper, Christ sang a anthem with his adherents ( Mark 14:26 ) . We do non cognize the exact significance of this vocal, but the illustration of vocalizing is evidenced by our Lord, Jesus Christ.

In Exodus 15, after the Israelites were protected from Pharaoh and his ground forces and were led safely through the Red Sea, it shows that Moses sang a vocal. He had merely

witnessed the great rescue that God had of all time performed on behalf of His people and Moses burst Forth in a vocal to mean the event. In Isaiah, we see many prognostications about the coming Messiah. One of the plants that he will execute is losing the lingua of the deaf-and-dumb person and enabling them to sing for joy ( Is. 35:6 ) . The 1s who have been redeemed by Christ will hold a vocal in their bosom and on their lips as a response to his salvaging work. This list could go on for many pages, but I believe the point is adequately made, so music is a right look for the trusters to react to God. It has been employed by the people of God throughout the bible from Moses to David and to even Christ Himself.

Our Attempt to be a existent Believer

I have frequently struggled to happen most of import elements in the worship. I feel the demand of turning myself more as a worship leader to assist others see great worship. By the manner, what is great worship? Possibly, it is still hard to state shortly, but I was able to experience some cardinal constituents of Christian worship through the categories I have taken at SWBTS. Not merely academic elements, but besides I was able to larn practical attack to idolize.

Today 's Church and Where Should Our Ministry Go from Now?

There are still a batch of churches where losing the bosom of worship although their outward visual aspect seems rich and superb. God wants our existent bosom of worship, and we, worshippers, have to be ready to set all

of our attempt to happen that for God. Besides, we, curates have to be ready to give ourselves for others in the service. Since my philosophical attitude got organized more than past, I would wish to advert one clear sentence that `` the great worship should be about God non about us. '' God will be moved by our existent bosom of worship, non by fancy concert or theoretical accounts that impress people.

There are some similarities in many churches ' service. The similarities are sort of tendency in modern-day churches. They use a batch of modern-day Christian music for their ain worship service. In fact, I agree that utilizing modern-day stuffs are perfectly recommendable for today 's churches. It can be good motivation to convey out younger coevalss ' Black Marias. However, it is non ever good elements for true worship. Possibly, the job is coming from worship leaders. Today 's worship leaders should acknowledge that we are non pop stars or dad instrumentalists. Worship leaders sometimes misunderstand that powerful sound and energetic passion make true worship. It may catch the attending of audiences in church, but it is non traveling to catch God 's attending. I believe that true worshipper should give a span to link between worshippers and God. Are worship leaders today interested in doing the span? Or are they are merely interested in reaction of audiences? Unfortunately, most of today 's immature worship leaders are interested in the response of audiences non God 's response.

Once more, Worship has to concentrate on God 's glorification, and besides true worship will give recovery of our psyches. In other words, we will necessitate to

see alterations of worshippers if the worship was received by God. Not merely nearing the tendency of today 's Christian music for worship, but besides we need to near to worshippers ' psyche.

As mentioned, some of worship today suffers from the superficiality of those who are prone to flashy shows. Worship does n't hold to be epicurean or superb for audiences. However, I was besides one of them who had misinterpretation of worship. When I merely started my ministry at the church, my doctrine was more like a secular instrumentalist. I was sometimes pride myself on my musical endowment at church. I was inflated with pride. At that clip, I dreamed fancy concert phase for the church service. I was a avaricious music manager to do something with utilizing church members. Therefore, I sometimes got angry a batch when particularly my ministry did n't work good with the people. Now I think I got more peace in my head than past. Even though, my doctrine of worship became simpler than past, I feel more The nazarene from my recent service. Now I understand why I need to seek to do my ministry becomes all about the `` province of the bosom '' for worship foremost, and so province of the art. God wants our bosom of worship that can do connexion between God and us, and I am ready to set all my attempt to happen it for God.

Qualities for the Minister of Music

The curate of music should be characterized by the guidelines found for those charged with church leading in Timothy and Titus. He is to be `` above reproach, the hubby of one

married woman, temperate, prudent, respectable, able to learn, non addicted to wine, or hard-bitten, but soft, peace-loving, free from the love of money, he must be one who manages his ain family good, maintaining his kids under control with all self-respect, non a new convert... . and he must hold a good repute with those outside the church '' ( I Tim. 3:2-7 ) . None of the above qualities can be missing because the testimony of the church and its Savior is at interest.

He, music curate, should see himself non as a instrumentalist who happens to be employed by a church, but a curate who happens to be a musician. He must be gripped by the great committee and see his naming foremost as doing adherents by learning them to obey the things of God. His primary focal point should non be on holding larger musical productions for the interest of musical productions, but learning the word through music and besides through his life style and behavior ( 2 Tim. 4:2 ) .

The preparation of the curate of music should include musical preparation, but more of import component is that we must hold a solid scriptural foundation. What is worse, singing a vocal with bad tone quality or with bad divinity? I would suggest the latter is much worse. The curate of music must be able to descry the deceptive impression in the texts of music and clean them up from congregational usage. Does this mean that the musical growing under his attention is of no value? The reply is evidently no! But theological lucidity is the most of import end for the music

curate ( Titus 1:9 ) .

In add-on, the curate of music should be involved in the pastoral ministry. The curate should seek to soothe the sick and bereaved. He should happen to do adherents on intent. His ministry must be one of constructing the organic structure in many ways. The load of the flock must non be laid on one adult male entirely, but on several superintendents of which the curate of music should measure up to be a portion. The music curate should take great attention to curate to the 1s aching even if they do non go on to be involved in the music ministry of the church. He should besides be actively involved in the community with the local schools and other events and organisations in order to construct a relationship with the lost in the environing country ( 2 Cor. 5:11 ) .

The curate of music should besides be a adult male of understanding ( Phil. 1:9 ) . There have been many work forces who have tried to alter things excessively fast. He or she must take clip to see the current state of affairs and travel prayerfully and easy to establish alterations. The music curate 's concern must be for the good of the people and he must be careful non to needlessly pique them. He should cognize that people do non care what you know unless they know how much you care.

He besides must be a adult male who knows how to pull off his clip and attempts good. He must be driven by a desire to carry through certain undertakings by explicating a day-to-day agenda to put

to death the inside informations. He should larn how to manus over duties throughout the church without losing his duty.

Team Ministry

As music curate, the ability of sociality is one of the most of import elements. I have seen many curates who sometimes failed in their ministry country due to their limited socialization accomplishments. Our natural personality is besides one of the elements that are really effectual a batch to our squad ministry. Some might state that bad personality or unopened head will ne'er be able to success in squad ministry. Nevertheless, I believe that there is still possibility, although he or she does n't hold natural-born like good personality as curate. We can set our attempt to better our weak country, and here are my thoughts to be better a leader in squad ministry.

First, maintaining the religion one another is most of import component in our squad ministry. We sometimes doubt about others ' abilities. Therefore, sometimes we tend to make excessively many things entirely for any event in church alternatively of sharing the work one another. Even though, there is sometimes disbelieving minute in our squad ministry or person 's ability seems weaker than others, we should remind ourselves that everyone in our church are called by God non by you or me! . We should seek to give a opportunity to others to acquire involved in. Since they got opportunities, they might hold some test and mistake procedure which is natural. Then it is clip to assist them. Helping their failing is curate 's another occupation, and it is get downing point of squad ministry.

Because the squad ministry is organized by people non

by merely one individual, there might be some problem one another. Some might demand excessively strongly, and do non hold with others. If their sentiments are different with yours, so we should take a clip and believe once more alternatively of merely being against to them. If you believe your sentiment is still right, so you need to hold specific program to carry them. We should ne'er bury that people in your squad ministry are supposed to be on your side, and you need to utilize them in a good manner. They are non at that place in order to be against to you. They are with you to be helpful for squad ministry.

As I suggested, we, music curates, need to better our weak part. Do non merely give up the part which has been weak to you. It is like an assignment from our God. We need set our energy and attempt, so that your leading will turn. We are in the place of leader in our squad ministry, and all the assignments are already given since we became curates. As mentioned in the debut portion, our cardinal thing such as natural personality is non that large affair. All we need to make is seting our attempt and devotedness as a leader in the squad ministry. Ministry is demonstrated within the community of religion with the love and sophistication of God 's people-brotherly love and common benefit. Music of sophistication is an amazing tool in learning and in conveying people together. Church is like a tumbler and stones bump into each other and acquire refined: bad stones becomes pulverization, good stones become more glossy.


Ministry in the Local Church and Functions of Church Music

The local church 's most seeable facet is frequently music plan. The first component that is visitant will probably detect could be something about the music. When that individual leaves, what feeling will he or she have of the service? The end for the church is that people leave non with the thought of how fantastic the production was or how finely the choir or soloists sang, but with a sense of the power and stateliness of God.

Knowing that music should be a portion in the worship of God, what should it sound like? The music in scriptural times did non cognize of electronic sounds. Their focal point ever seemed to be on what was sung instead than how it is was sung. When Paul instructs his readers to sing with their Black Marias, he was stressing the personal nature of right vocalizing.

We know that while work forces look at outward things, the Lord looks at the bosom ( I Sam. 16:7 ) . Music that is acceptable to God must foremost happen its root in the bosom. The disbeliever does non hold a bosom for God. His bosom is wicked and needs to be changed by the grace of God ( Rom. 3:11 ) . Right music should come from a bosom that is right with God due to the fact that God changes its nature.

I use the word curates because this duty lies non merely with the curate of music, but with the senior curate as good. The curate must mind his call to give his people the invariable, blunt word of God. A

biblical worship service must hold scriptural expository messages ( Acts 20:27 ) .

The curate and music curate relationship is critical for the wellness of the church. A curate must non put unhealthy demands upon the curate of music by inquiring him to do certain certain emotional chords are struck with the fold. The curate of music must see the sermon of the word as a critical portion of the growing of the church. Both work forces must hold a common position of the worship in the church and if this is non developed, there must be a naming to different topographic points of service unless these differences can be reconciled.

When those involved with the service Begin to explicate it, there must be a concern for the glorification of God. There is a demand for the service to be relevant for the participants, but what is a more relevant get downing point than coming face to face with the God who made them and calls them to atone and swear in Him ( Rom. 10:9-10 ) ? He entirely is the provider of every demand and deserves all the attending. He has spoken sufficiently through His Word and everything that takes topographic point must hold its root in the instructions of Bible ( John 17:17 ) .

The focal point on the musical terminal of the service should be on congregational vocalizing. Calvin justly stated that the first choir is the fold. This should be fleshed out by much corporate vocalizing. Included should be vocals of congratulations, confession, speculation, invocation, stewardship, dedication, thanksgiving or recollection and dismissal. These vocals do non hold to be present in every

worship service, but over the life of the church all should be found. The inclusion of all these signifiers will assist the truster have a full worship experience before God and will take at transmutation of the truster.

A full-orbed regard upon the music ministry should see that many vocals are being used in the worship of God. If merely a few vocals are used over and over, there is a inclination to fall into the trap of singing merely what is known and can steal into mawkishness. The usage of vocals merely to arouse an emotional response should be avoided and the people must be taught to larn new texts and tunes. There must be careful attending to put new and fresh applications of favourite vocals. Those versions must seek to convey the focal point of the vocal back to the text ( Matt. 15:8 ) . The attitude of the bosom must fit the words of the lips.

Before a music curate makes important alterations he should acknowledge where his people are musically. Then, he should be after and get down to see that religious and musical growing will take topographic point. There should be a moving in the way of bettering vocal quality and promoting the vocalizing of vocals where the music is good played and good crafted. God deserves our best and we should endeavour to accomplish the best of our ability, but this end should be secondary for the scriptural development of the people ( 2 Peter 3:18 ) . When a curate of music leaves a church or after a period of clip has passed since his reaching, the people should

hold learned the value of texts and quality music. The curate of music should non seek to pull strings the people by utilizing vocals that exhilaration for the minute, but promote a deeper religious attempt for an infinity.

When the curate of music is developing the worship service, it is of import that he maintain in head the varied musical gustatory sensations of his fold. He must be careful to use many manners in the service, non with the hopes that a few people will be satisfied portion of the clip, but so that he can reflect the diverse ways in which God created us. No church should seek to delight merely one group of people, for that is antithetical to the fact that God calls people from all walks of life and of all nationalities ( Rev. 5:9, 14:6 ) . There is much value in selected vocalizing by choirs or particular groups provided the focal point on such vocalizing is non on amusement but on true looks of worship. The choir serves as a great aid for the overall vocalizing of the people and provides necessary leading. It is promoting for the fold to hear ordinary people utilizing their voices corporately to idolize the Lord, but the focal point of the group must non be on manner or feeling, but on what they are singing. Musically, the words must be clearly articulated and at that place must non be any obvious musical defects that would take away from the text. That is why it is of import to include the text of the music in the bulletin for the fold to follow. It would

be a travesty if the fold went off humming the melody without retrieving the words. The soloist is in peculiar danger here. When the mean individual is choosing a vocal to sing, the footing of pick is frequently merely what they like or what will complement their voice. Much cautiousness should be employed and the text must hold premier value. St. Augustine good said that if he enjoyed the voice of the vocalist more than the words that were sung, he confessed to hold sinned.

The outward visual aspect of our music, every bit good as other religious exercisings, must non hold showy, egoistic characteristics ( Matt. 6:2, 5, 16 ) . The vocalizing of vocals that provide themselves to the brassy nature of the voice or that is chosen to showcase the endowments that God has given can grounds this. It will besides be an obstructor to true worship when the intent of singing becomes driven by amusement instead than an look of the bosom. Many churches have a ocular accent for the musical public presentation with the hopes that they will do the audience 's emotions into a certain province that allows them to react to God.

When it comes to the worship of God, we must be careful to acquire out of the manner and topographic point the focal point on the 1 who is worthy to be praised ( Rev. 4:11 ) . Today, there have been two tendencies in church music. One is to reject all that is new and the other is to reject what is old. There is so much rich heritage in what has passed before us that we

abandon it to our danger. These Hagiographas are non perfect, but they do take the weight of centuries of God 's fidelity to people. The observation of many coevalss is of import. With the new stuff, there must be proper favoritism because we do non hold the testimony of clip on its side. We must measure the content and musical elements and so utilize it frequently. There needs to be an encouragement of new stuff as we live our lives of religion and trust, but it should be carefully selected.

Planing My Music Ministry

On contemplation, my music ministry has had a batch of errors and fails. I was a wholly cub as a music curate when I foremost started it. Without adequate experience, my ministry did non work out good, and there was frequently no specific planning on every Sunday. I was a sort of self-educated music curate, so that it was non frequently adequate to be a well-prepared music curate. With all the experience, now I feel the importance of planning as a music curate. The first thing should be doing a program. We all know God will give us a mission and even be after our stairss for us, but we have to make our portion. We should non merely sit around, and waiting on God to convey everything for our ministry.

Planing the service must non seek to pull strings the people by appealing to their emotions entirely. They must diligently elaborate the Bibles. The edifice up of the organic structure should be the end of the whole service. The ministry of the church must be viewed non by what is merely externally successful,

but by an attachment to the Word of God. There must be an understanding that true worship is non the one-hour event on Sunday forenoon, but the whole life of the truster that is poured out and sacrificed before the Lord ( Rom. 12:1 ) .

I have planned many events for my church and local communities. Most of the events were successful, and I thank God that he gave all the approvals for my attempt. The most of successful events were made by well-planned agreements. By the manner, what is the well-planned agreement? When I was a younger music manager, I thought that it was all about my item readyings and attempts. However, I frequently missed most of import portion for the planning. The first measure had to be praying. I believed myself and my cognition foremost so I pray after everything had already done by my program. Yes, it was the ground why some of my events impressed merely work forces non God. I should n't bury that in a Christian music ministry, I am stand foring God, so I have to be with him before I start my journey. However, the first measure is frequently missed and forgot by a batch of curates in the universe today. After the first measure which is inquiring God before we plan something, we can get down all other stairss. The stuff we received in the category would be fantastic resources to be after any event, and besides you can happen 1000 of stuffs that can assist our practical program for music ministry. However, once more, we should ever non bury the first measure that is praying,

and take that first measure with all of our religion. In fact, there are many large musical events coming up this twelvemonth and following twelvemonth I have to be after and direct, but I know that anything will non be successful plenty if they are non planned by God non by me.

Harmonizing to Bennett, in his book `` You Can Plan and Select Music '' , he says `` Even those who have extended musical preparation and grades are frequently found missing in the tools to be after and choose music for the church '' . Besides, Bennett says `` Too frequently, the church instrumentalist is one who may be good trained in music but may non understand the relation between music and worship in the church state of affairs '' . In fact, when I foremost started the music ministry at my current church, I struggled a batch because there was a deficiency of practical cognition although I was reasonably well-trained instrumentalist. However, since I started to analyze and read some practical music ministry books, my ministry has been better. Even though we are well-trained instrumentalists, there can be a batch of variables during our music ministry lives. Therefore, we truly necessitate to cognize and be ready in more practical manner than stiff theory. Bennett besides mentions that `` We all need reminders ; like all humanistic disciplines, we learn our basic accomplishments and processs from books but we learn best from really making it '' .

Learning music ministry in the U.S. might be a small different than music ministry in my native state. Therefore, it may be applied in different manner a spot,

depending on what state 's church you serve and each church 's background or denomination.


Music ministry is disputing, and honoring experience. It must be driven by a desire to delight God and non work forces and seek to laud Him in all facets of life. When we look at the environing households and see their demand, we realize that it is non a demand for a more exciting church service, but a economy relationship with Christ ( John 3:16 ) . Merely when we have a passion for God 's glorification and true passion for those persons without Him will we exhibit a scriptural apprehension of music ministry ( I Cor. 10:31 ) . It has been many old ages since I was involved in church as a music curate, and now I think I got more peace than past. My doctrine for music ministry might hold become simpler than past, but I feel more The nazarene from my recent service. I try to do my ministry becomes all about the `` province of the bosom '' for worship foremost, and so province of the art. Besides, I have to be ready to give myself for others in the service. I am a instrumentalist, but besides preacher who can talk in music. The church has ever been really good topographic point to me, and I thank God for giving me the most fantastic topographic point for me to show my music to mend and salvage the psyche. I will utilize my endowment every bit much as I can in my life, and congratulations him where of all time I may be.

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